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Chapter 814: Remove the Mask

A faint dragon roar could even be heard in this screech, which pierced through the clouds and fog.

The legendary three-eyed eagle’s robust body was covered with black cascading feathers—Chu Liuyue could even see each and every one of its polished feathers clearly. When it spread open its wings fully, it could almost cover the entire sky. Its two eyes were black, while its third eye was a gorgeous purplish-gold color. It looked absolutely magnificent.

This was the true legendary three-eyed eagle. Its aura was even several times stronger than before and slightly overpowered Tuan Zi’s.

Chu Liuyue was secretly amazed to know this. Although the legendary three-eyed eagle was also a legendary fiend, it wasn’t the highest-ranked. The two ancient legendary fiends—the red-gold heavenly phoenix and the great phoenix dragon—were the most distinguished of all. They were divided into several clans, whose ranks varied according to the bloodline power in their bodies.

Take Tuan Zi for example. Being a red-tailed phoenix, it was the closest existence to the red-gold heavenly phoenix. Thus, it should be ranked higher than the legendary three-eyed eagle. However, the legendary three-eyed eagle was ranked higher in this case because it had fused the great phoenix dragon’s bloodline power into its own body and had inherited two bones from the great phoenix dragon skeleton.

The legendary three-eyed eagle was quite surprised itself. It could feel the existence of its body and the surging power within its chest. We succeeded! We really succeeded! Being trapped in that dark place for a thousand years, I myself had lost hope in regaining my freedom and my body. However, I never thought I’d live to see this day, and it’s all thanks to Chu Liuyue! If she didn’t take me away, made me her contracted fiend, and helped me to find the purplish-gold Buddha leaf, I would still be trapped there and eventually die just like that!

The legendary three-eyed eagle gathered its wings and slightly bowed its head in Chu Liuyue’s direction. In a clear, powerful, and sincere voice, it pledged, “I—Zi Chen, the 287th leader of the legendary three-eyed eagle clan—am willing to follow you as my master through life and death!”

“Y-you’re the clan leader?!” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in shock. Isn’t that the top existence in the legendary three-eyed eagle clan?!

“Please forgive me for hiding my identity from you,” said the legendary three-eyed eagle, its voice sounding like a young man in his twenties, which was very different from before.

S-so I didn’t just contract a legendary fiend but a clan leader at that? Chu Liuyue was bewildered. “…Zi Chen? Is that your real name?”

The three-eyed legendary eagle nodded.

The legendary fiends that had contracted with humans were far and few between. Zi Chen—being a former clan leader—was even more particular about this because it had to consider the entire legendary three-eyed eagle clan on top of itself. Although it previously formed a contract with Chu Liuyue, they didn’t see it through to the last stage.

But Chu Liuyue had now helped it reconstruct its body, which was equivalent to giving it a new lease on life. Giving her its loyalty under such circumstances allowed it to account to the legendary three-eyed eagle clan properly if it ever returned to them. It wouldn’t need to feel sorry toward itself, Chu Liuyue, and its clan members.

Chu Liuyue blinked, taking a moment to snap back to her senses. Her eyes curved as she said, “Why would I blame you when you have your own reasons for doing so? I’m more than happy to know about this!”

Zi Chen is the leader of the legendary three-eyed eagle clan! I’ve lucked out! Although Chu Liuyue didn’t know much about legendary fiends, she understood that it was her blessing that the clan leader agreed to form a contract with her. “Zi Chen? Can I call you that in the future?”

“As you wish, Master,” answered Zi Chen.

The smile on Chu Liuyue’s face deepened as her eyes lit up like the sparkling stars in the night sky. She knew that Zi Chen hadn’t been particularly close to her, especially since they had first met each other as enemies. They had been through so much together during this period—from holding each other back to working together.

Getting a legendary fiend that had been suppressed for a thousand years to completely submit to oneself was indeed a very difficult thing to do. Even though their lives eventually became intertwined with each other because of their contract, she knew that there was a barrier between them.

That invisible barrier, however, had been completely shattered today. It was only from this moment onward that Zi Chen was considered to have completely placed its loyalty in her.

Knowing that Zi Chen had shown its greatest sincerity by revealing its true identity to her, all Chu Liuyue felt at the moment was joy.

Zi Chen, upon realizing that Chu Liuyue didn’t mind it at all, finally put its mind at ease. With a flash, it returned to her body again.

Chu Liuyue slowly exhaled. She couldn’t help but be amazed when she realized that she had somehow contracted the legendary three-eyed eagle’s clan leader as her fiend. She wanted to ask Zi Chen about the events that had happened years ago that led to it being trapped, but she felt several scorching gazes on her before she could do that.

Only then did she remember with a start that she wasn’t alone here. She slowly looked over to see the black-clothed man on her right and the three seniors who had called her Yue’er on her left.

They were all looking at her.

“I’ve repaired your armor,” said Rong Xiu lazily while leaning against the stone wall.

Delighted, Chu Liuyue wanted to go over to him immediately.

“Yue’er,” Dugu Mobao called her name just then. “You haven’t answered my question.”

Chu Liuyue stopped, looking conflicted as she glanced in the black-clothed man’s direction before shifting her gaze to the seniors. For some reason, she could feel a faint murderous aura in the air.

Should I retrieve my armor first or ask the seniors how we were related first? Chu Liuyue felt torn. I have this nagging feeling that these seniors are very important people to me… But I don’t know where this feeling came about from.

She hesitated for a moment longer before eventually deciding to collect her armor first. I’ve met Hundred Herbs Building’s owner twice, so he’s more credible in a way.

Rong Xiu’s lips hooked up slightly as he looked at the people opposite him.

Dugu Mobao’s countenance was dark, while Lan Xiao couldn’t resist touching his face and wondering, That’s strange. How did Rong Xiu still end up winning when his face is hidden underneath a mask? Have I become ugly?

A faint ominous feeling crept into his heart. Yue’er might’ve really changed since she’s now in a new body and her memories are fragmented.

Chu Liuyue had already walked up to Rong Xiu, who held the pure gold armor out toward her. She carefully took it from him and examined it, only to realize that the shattered portion had indeed been repaired. She looked up in gratitude. “Thank you!”

No sooner had the words left her mouth than she heard a voice saying, “Not many people in the world can perfectly restore a Yuan instrument of this grade. Since fate has brought us together, why don’t you remove your mask and show us your true face?”

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