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Chapter 815: At Least You Have Conscience

This was Dugu Mobao’s voice. The moment he said that, the surroundings fell silent.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind, and she couldn’t help but glance at him. It’s impossible if I say that I’m not curious. But according to the Master’s temperament, he wouldn’t agree to it. If he was willing to show his true appearance, he wouldn’t have come with a mask.

As expected, the moment this thought flashed across her mind, she heard Master saying lightly, “It’s precisely because not many people can do it in the world that I have to be more careful, right?”

Dugu Mobao sneered. “You’re so insistent on rejecting us. Is it because you’re feeling guilty?”

Rong Xiu raised his brows. Is he transferring his anger to me?

“Most of the time, only ugly people won’t be willing to show their true appearances,” Lan Xiao calmly interjected. “Yue’er girlie, you can’t trust that man. Come over quick.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Why did I suddenly become a part of them?

She coughed and explained, “S-seniors, I know this Master. He has helped me several times before… Seniors, you don’t have to be too worried.”

If this man really had ill intentions toward me, then he’s too patient in preparing for the trap.

Lan Xiao was stumped. Looking at the way Chu Liuyue trusted Rong Xiu a lot, he couldn’t help but softly scold, “…Cunning!”

This kid, Rong Xiu, wore a mask and refused to show his true appearance to Yue’er girlie, and we really thought that he didn’t interact with her much! Who knew that… he had taken action a long time ago?! Considering her words, he has even used this identity to help her a few times? Anyone can tell that his ‘so-called helping her openly and secretly’ was clearly done to gain the girl’s trust. This way, the girl still trusts him greatly even if he doesn’t show his true appearance. Pfft, how shameless!

Actually, Chu Liuyue really wanted to see what this Master looked like. But since the few of them couldn’t convince him, she naturally couldn’t bring it up.

Everyone present is stronger than me, and I’m the weakest one. Why would I have the right to speak?

Sensing the stiff atmosphere, Chu Liuyue swiftly changed the topic and asked, “I… how do I address you?”

Lan Xiao pointed to himself. “I’m—”

“Say who you are first; then, we’ll naturally say who we are,” said Dugu Mobao suddenly as he interrupted Lan Xiao.

Lan Xiao glanced at him strangely. Didn’t Rong Xiu already say that the girl remembers herself? Why did he still ask?

Diwu Zhangze exchanged glances with Lan Xiao. Big Baby isn’t asking for an answer. He’s asking for the girl’s stance! If she admits to it, it means that she trusts us. If she doesn’t… there will be trouble today.

Lan Xiao then understood and calculated it in his heart. Instantly, he felt that this question was necessary.

Hence, the trio looked at Chu Liuyue in unison and waited for her answer.

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. It seems like the few of them are bent on getting an answer from me.

She pressed her lips against each other and fell into deep thought. I don’t remember that I know these few people. It’s indeed too hard for me to admit my identity in front of a few strangers. After all, I didn’t even reveal myself to Weichi Song and the rest. This is the biggest secret I have! But…

I clearly remember that I did have some sort of familiarity when I heard their voices the first time. I also didn’t feel uncomfortable when I heard them call me ‘Yue’er girlie.’ It seems… as if it should be like that. Besides, my instincts tell me that these few people won’t hurt me. For me, this feeling wouldn’t come out of nowhere. Perhaps there really is something… But Master is still at the side… This is hard to say.

After a while, Chu Liuyue still didn’t speak.

Dugu Mobao’s face gradually turned cold. His surrounding aura rapidly became cold and dark as if he was about to freeze the space. Then, he actually turned around and walked away!

Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze were taken aback. “Hm? Why did he suddenly leave?”

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “What do I do if I don’t leave?”

Seeing the girl’s expression, she clearly doesn’t trust us! Thinking of how he had anxiously rushed over, Dugu Mobao was even angrier! I shouldn’t have come!

Diwu Zhangze chased after him and used a voice that only a few people could hear. “Aiya, it’s not like you don’t know that she…”

She forgot! She forgot about us, so isn’t it normal that she can’t trust us now?! Didn’t you see that she can’t even recognize Rong Xiu?

Lan Xiao couldn’t help but say, “That’s right. What’s the point of getting angry at her? We finally met after so many years, so why is there a need to cause a commotion? If you want to leave, suit yourself. I’m not going!”

If I leave, who knows what else Rong Xiu is going to do?

Upon hearing this, Dugu Mobao walked even faster.

Seeing that his figure was about to disappear into the darkness, Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. Then, a sentence suddenly escaped from her mouth. “Big Baby, stop messing around!”

Dugu Mobao suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze widened their eyes in shock.

Rong Xiu’s gaze faltered.

The entire space fell into a deadly silence.

Chu Liuyue was confused after she said that. W-what did I just say? I just called him Big Baby and even told him to stop messing around?

Chu Liuyue’s vision turned black. She herself didn’t even know why she shouted that, but after she saw that scene, she naturally said it.

any of these people are major characters who can control the weather. It’s fine if I didn’t directly answer their question, yet I still talked to them in such a tone? Chu Liuyue instantly felt that her neck turned cold.

Even though she had always been bold and unreasonable, she knew her limits. She knew very clearly who she could and couldn’t offend.

I shouted like that… According to the other party’s fiery temper, who knows how he will teach me a lesson?

Just as Chu Liuyue was panicking, Dugu Mobao turned around.

That cute face was filled with shock and… elation?

Elation?! Chu Liuyue forcefully closed her eyes and looked over. Could it be that he’s too far away, so I’m seeing things… Who would have such a reaction after being called like that?

Dugu Mobao couldn’t help but ask, “What did you say just now?”

Chu Liuyue tried her best to make her smile look sincere and genuine. “I-I don’t…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw tears welling up in Dugu Mobao’s eyes.

His pair of eyes glistened, and it seemed like… he was crying?!

Chu Liuyue was dazed. W-what’s going on?

Before she could understand anything, Dugu Mobao suddenly wiped his tears and stubbornly said, “At least you have a conscience!”

Chu Liuyue was confused.

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