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Chapter 813: Success!

Just like that, the marriage between Xiahou Tingan and Jiang Yuzhi fell through.

After the fiasco at Chun Feng Restaurant, the former was kicked out of his home, while the latter became engaged to the Xiahou family’s third young master—Xiahou Yushu—instead. This series of events not only exceeded everyone’s expectations but also left everyone in Xi Ling City—who was waiting to see the two families become the butt of the joke—baffled. They couldn’t help but wonder why the marriage between the two families could still go on despite what had happened.

Had this happened between two ordinary families, they probably would’ve fallen out with each other. Not to mention that even if these two prestigious families had many factors to consider, it was still surprising that they came to this conclusion.

Despite the various speculations about Jiang Yuzhi insisting on marrying into the Xiahou family and the Xiahou family insisting on having Jiang Yuzhi as their daughter-in-law, nobody knew the truth. People just wanted something to gossip about.

That said, regardless of whichever version of the gossip it was, everyone knew that the person at the losing end was ultimately Xiahou Tingan.

Knowing that Jiang Yuzhi was Jiang Yucheng’s biological sibling, everyone wanted to get into their good graces—the Xiahou family was no exception.

Logically speaking, Xiahou Rong—being the Grand Tutor—had no need to pay attention to such matters. However, almost all the power was now in Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng’s hands because the Emperor had been unconscious for nearly two years.

The Xiahou family had no members with outstanding cultivation talent among the younger generation, so all the more they needed to get into the Jiang family’s good books—a marriage alliance between the two families was the best way to do so.

Previously, Xiahou Tingan was always seen together with Jiang Yuzhi. Hence, everyone thought that they would hear the wedding bells soon and thus treated the Xiahou family with extra courtesy.

Xiahou Tingan’s status was also elevated because of this.

But in just one night, Xiahou Tingan was expelled from his family, and his position was replaced by the unknown third young master, Xiahou Yushu.

Everyone thought Xiahou Tingan was crazy for giving up everything that he had.

“Second Young Master.”

In a mansion in Xi Ling City, Xiahou Tingan was lying on the bed in his room. His good-looking face was swollen, and his body was battered and bruised.

Xiao Die entered the room holding a tray that contained a few jade bottles and gauze and sat down at the bedside. Her delicate eyebrows were knitted together as if she were very worried about Xiahou Tingan. “I’ll help you change your dressing, Second Young Master.”

Xiahou Tingan actually didn’t want anyone to see him in his current state, but he really needed someone to take care of him. Holding Xiao Die’s hands, he said emotionally, “Xiao Die, it’s clear to me now that you’re the only one who’s sincere toward me.”

After being chased out of the Xiahou Residence with nowhere to go, Xiahou Tingan had intended to seek refuge at one of his friends’ houses. But alas, none of his friends even opened their doors to him.

He had no choice but to go to Chun Feng Restaurant, and the staff there told him where Xiao Die lived. Being at his wits’ end, he could only go look for her. Much to his surprise, not only did Xiao Die not mind his disheveled appearance, but she even did her best to take care of him.

Nobody—not even those people who claimed to be his good friends—visited him over the past few days, which made him realize that he had experienced enough of the fickleness of human nature.

“This is part of my duties. I just hope you won’t dislike me,” answered Xiao Die with a smile. She then pulled her hand out to take the bottle of medication. “Your injuries are getting better and will be fully healed soon.”

Xiahou Tingan nodded absent-mindedly. Although his injuries seemed pretty serious, Xiahou Rong hadn’t actually beaten him up too badly on account that they were father and son.

At the thought of this, a hint of worry surfaced in Xiahou Tingan’s eyes. Now that he had cooled down, he realized that he had been a tad too impulsive. However, he still didn’t want to admit his mistakes because he didn’t want to put up with Jiang Yuzhi anymore nor continue to be such a useless coward.

Xiao Die sighed and advised him. “Second Young Master, you can’t stay outside forever. The Grand Tutor is still your father no matter what. Once your injuries have healed, you should go back and admit your mistakes to him.”

Xiahou Tingan didn’t answer her, although he surely would’ve shot down her suggestion immediately in the past. But over the last few days, he came to realize that life was hard to get by without his family’s support. Moreover, he didn’t want to lose everything he had before just because of Jiang Yuzhi.

Xiao Die then said, “Don’t worry. The word out there is that Fourth Missy Jiang has gotten engaged to Third Young Master Jiang instead. They’ll be holding their wedding soon—”

“What?!” Xiahou Tingan’s eyes bulged in disbelief. Among his peers in the Xiahou family, he hated Xiahou Yushu the most. But Jiang Yuzhi has always liked me! Since when did that concubine-born b*stard replace my position? How did things turn out this way in just a few days?!

Xiao Die covered her mouth in shock. “S-shouldn’t you… be happy about this?”

Xiahou Tingan wasn’t sure how he was feeling either. His expression changed as he clenched his fists tightly. Jiang Yuzhi can get married to anyone, but just not someone from the Xiahou family! Otherwise, what would that make of me? Is Father really intending to give my position to Xiahou Yushu?!

Xiahou Tingan had always been his father’s most favored son, so he got everything he wanted very easily. This was also why he couldn’t accept the fact that someone had snatched the things which belonged to him in the first place.

“When did this happen?” he asked darkly.

Taking a step backward out of fear, Xiao Die said hesitantly, “I-I think… it was the day after you left your home… The rumors say that the Xiahou family has prepared very generous betrothal gifts to express their deepest apology…”

The Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill! They’re planning to return it! Xiahou Tingan raised his eyebrows angrily. I wanted to keep that pill for myself!

The members of the Xiahou family had been upset with him due to his average cultivation talent, so he had been patiently putting up with the humiliation for the sake of the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill. However, his wait and efforts turned out to be in vain in the end.

Lifting the blanket off him, Xiahou Tingan immediately stood up and made a move toward the door. He had just taken his second step when his legs suddenly gave way, and he went crashing to the ground.

Xiao Die hurriedly stepped forward to help him up. “Second Young Master, you—”

“Get lost!” Xiahou Tingan pushed her away and climbed back to his feet with much difficulty before limping all the way to the door. I’m going to get back the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill! That pill belongs to me! Nobody can snatch it from me!

Meanwhile, Xiao Die was watching him from behind with a surreptitious smile.

Unlike the raging undercurrents going on in Xi Ling City, it was all peaceful and quiet in the Mystic Forest and its underground.

After their brief chat, Dugu Mobao and the others began waiting by the side together with Rong Xiu. There wasn’t much they could say on this matter since what happened had already happened. Besides, Yue’er was still Yue’er. All they could do was continue doting on her.

Time slowly trickled past, and Chu Liuyue finally managed to reconstruct the legendary three-eyed eagle’s body.


The legendary three-eyed eagle spread its wings as it let out a screech.

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