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Chapter 812: Make Them Pay

Jiang Yucheng’s expression immediately changed as he stared his sister down.

Jiang Yuzhi’s heart thumped hard when she realized that she had misspoken. “I didn’t mean that, Brother. I—”

“Where did you hear that from?” asked Jiang Yucheng as he enunciated each word carefully while grabbing his sister’s wrist.

Jiang Yuzhi—who had never seen her brother look at or speak to her this way before—was terrified. “Brother, let me go first! My hand hurts!”

Out of panic, she tried prying his hand off, but it was to no avail. His hand was tightly clamped down on her wrist, and he had no intention of letting go.

“I repeat: Where did you hear that from?!” demanded Jiang Yucheng harshly, his voice rising a decibel. Everyone thought that we were a match made in heaven and that we had a tight-knit relationship. God knows how many people in the entire Tianling Dynasty were envious and jealous of me, and it was all because I was engaged to Shangguan Yue. Only Shangguan Yue and I know the truth, so nobody else should know about this now that she’s dead. When did Yuzhi know about this?!

It was only then that Jiang Yuzhi realized the severity of the matter. Deep-seated fear sprouted in her heart when she saw her brother’s terrifying expression, and she hurriedly explained, “I-I overheard it! I was looking for you in Thousand View Garden that day, b-but you were talking to the late Crown Princess. I-I only heard a bit…”

Jiang Yucheng knew which day she was talking about. As if he were interrogating a criminal, he demanded, “What else? What else did you hear, and what else do you know?”

“N-nothing else, I swear! You’re hurting me, Brother!” Jiang Yuzhi repeated this several times, her face turning a little pale as her vision turned blurry because of the pain.

Jiang Yucheng studied her expression for a good while to make sure that she was telling the truth before he finally released her.

Jiang Yuzhi stumbled backward, only managing to stabilize herself with much difficulty. She felt increasingly aggrieved when she noticed that her wrist had turned blue-black. No matter what I did or said in the past, he never treated me this way. But just because I mentioned the late Crown Princess…

Despite feeling enraged and aggrieved, she knew that she had touched her brother’s sore spot, so she couldn’t say anything more.

“This isn’t something you should know,” said Jiang Yucheng coldly. “Don’t let me catch you mentioning it again, you hear me?”

Jiang Yuzhi trembled slightly as she hurriedly nodded. She dared not even look at her brother. T-that was terrifying…

Jiang Yucheng closed his eyes, and only then did he manage to calm himself down. He took a look at his sister and frowned when he saw the bruise on her wrist and her cowering look. I must’ve failed to control my anger and frightened her badly as a result…

“Have you made up your mind regarding Xiahou Tingan?”

Jiang Yuzhi stiffened before nodding belatedly with hints of vengeance in her eyes. “I want that slut’s life though!”

Jiang Yucheng snorted. “Do you know that the woman has redeemed herself from Chun Feng Restaurant and found herself another place to stay in the city?”

“What?!” Jiang Yuzhi widened her eyes in shock. She understood almost immediately that it meant that Xiahou Tingan had the intention to keep that woman. He has no regard for me at all! To think that I’ve been telling myself all day that it was all that b*tch’s fault and that he had only made this mistake because he was drunk. But he went ahead and did that the next second? Isn’t that as good as slapping me in the face and making me a laughingstock?!

Jiang Yuzhi embedded her nails deeply into her palms. He used to treat me so well… Was that all an act? It’s laughable to recall what I said just now!

As soon as she made a move toward the door, Jiang Yucheng stopped her and asked, “Where are you going?”

Jiang Yuzhi snarled. “I’m going to teach that adulterous pair a lesson! I’m going to make their lives a living hell!”

Jiang Yucheng continued to ask, “Do you still have feelings for him? Do you still want to get married to him?”

Jiang Yuzhi felt as if a huge stone was pressing on her chest as she shook her head hard. Her eyes, albeit red, were dry now.

“That’s good.” Jiang Yucheng nodded in satisfaction. “There’s something I forgot to tell you—Xiahou Tingan was kicked out of his family last night.”

It turned out that Xiahou Rong had given Xiahou Tingan a stern telling-off when the latter returned home. Xiahou Rong requested his son to admit his mistake and beg for Jiang Yuzhi’s forgiveness, but the latter seemed bent on dissolving the marriage agreement. He wouldn’t agree to do what his father said, no matter what. Thus, Xiahou Rong threw Xiahou Tingan out of the house in a fit of anger.

Xiahou Rong had just wanted to scare his son into complying with his wishes, but he didn’t expect the latter to be so determined this time that he would leave for real.

“I’ve sent someone to make inquiries. He’s living with that woman now.”

That one sentence crushed Jiang Yuzhi’s hope once and for all. He’d rather be chased out of his home to stay with that wretched slut than to beg me for forgiveness! Doesn’t that mean that I—the Jiang family’s Fourth Missy—am inferior to that wh*re?! What will people say about me from today onward?!

Jiang Yuzhi felt her face burning up. Her mind completely blanked, and all she felt was endless hatred. Her eyes then rolled up as she fainted on the spot.

Jiang Yucheng immediately helped his sister up and carried her over to the bed before ordering someone to clean up the room and summoning Feng Shanyuan over to take his sister’s pulse. His heart only settled when he was sure that she had simply fainted out of anger and that there was nothing wrong with her. He then sat on the bed and took care of her himself.

It was evening by the time Jiang Yuzhi woke up. When she opened her bleary eyes, she found her brother sitting at the bedside.

“Yuzhi, you’re awake?” asked Jiang Yucheng gently.

Feeling immensely aggrieved, Jiang Yuzhi’s eyes turned red immediately.

“Everything will be okay. It’s all in the past now.” Jiang Yucheng gently patted her hand. After she had cried her eyes out and was feeling more settled down, he fed her water before gently asking, “What do you think about the Xiahou family’s third son?”

Jiang Yuzhi knew what he meant. She hesitated a little before saying, “I don’t want to go to the Xiahou…”

Her words trailed off when she saw the look on her brother’s face. She paused and then nodded stiffly. “…Okay.”

A hint of relief appeared on Jiang Yucheng’s face. I’ll make the Xiahou family return the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill this time!

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