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Chapter 753: Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed

Rong Xiu’s exquisite face had a light expression, and his lips curled up into an extremely faint smile as if he was talking about a small, unrelated matter.

But Xue Xue knew best what his expression meant: Whatever he said was true!

“Awoo!” Many conflicted feelings flashed across Xue Xue’s eyes as it let out a low whimper. It first stood up as if it wanted to go out, but it came back and lay beside Rong Xiu’s feet after taking two steps.

Xue Xue was naturally happy—it was very close to Little Nine after all. However, it suddenly felt a sense of loss.

Xue Xue felt very envious when it thought about Little Nine being able to spend time with her every day when it went back.

Rong Xiu glanced at the fiend from the corner of his eye. He saw that it was sorrowful and nonchalantly said, “Also, it already broke through to become a legendary fiend.”

Xue Xue looked up and lazily laid down. So what if it’s a legendary fiend? Like I’m not.

Rong Xiu smiled and finally added the final lethal blow. “Its standard is higher than yours.”

“Ow!” Xue Xue was instantly triggered and looked at Rong Xiu in disbelief.

Seeing Rong Xiu’s smiling and not talking expression, Xue Xue instantly understood that whatever he said was true!

The fiend felt very hurt as it turned around and jumped out of the window. “Roar!”

Cultivate! I can’t lose!

Hearing the noise, the soldiers guarding outside all looked in that direction strangely. What’s with His Highness’s fiend?

Xue Xue’s figure flashed across and disappeared from the crowd’s gazes.

Yan Qing—who had just reached outside—couldn’t help but look up when he saw this scene, and he sympathetically shook his head. Seeing its appearance, Master must’ve triggered it quite a bit.

Mystic Forest.

Chu Liuyue wore the pure gold armor, and all the surrounding violent turbulence was blocked outside.

Even though she hadn’t seen it in a long time, the familiar feeling still didn’t change.

Chu Liuyue was elated, but she still had no clue about the mystery between Rong Xiu and the crystal barrier. Finally, she clenched her teeth. When I meet him next time, I must ask him about it properly!

The surrounding light started shaking like ripples.

Chu Liuyue looked downward and vaguely saw that the light seemed to be exuding from something. However, the light was moving in circles, and she still couldn’t see it clearly.

But the closer she was to it, the greater the suppression.

Tuan Zi’s actions gradually slowed down—it had clearly felt the restriction.

Finally, the human and the fiend landed!

Chu Liuyue jumped down from Tuan Zi’s back. With the pure gold armor’s protection, this force and suppression really wouldn’t cause much of a threat to her. Hence, her actions were more agile.

Tuan Zi had a few more wounds, but they were all superficial and had already started healing. Its body’s bloodline strength was extremely high, so its recovery powers were naturally top-notch.

Chu Liuyue relaxed a little and then glanced at her surroundings.

This seemed to be a simple cave with solid walls. These walls stood on uneven, solid ground, not the black soil.

In the middle was a stone that jutted out. The stone’s shape was irregular, and it seemed to have been smoothed out at the top as it was tidy and shiny.

There’s a… crystal on top?

That crystal was the size of two adult men’s palms, and it was pretty thick as it was presented in an irregular shape. Its entire body glowed with an intense and clear dark-green color, just like jade.

As the light emitted from its surface went upward, the space at the bottom wasn’t affected much.

Chu Liuyue stared at the crystal closely and could vaguely see the scars of a few broken symbols on it. Could that be the broken seal Qin Yi previously mentioned?

Chu Liuyue was still thinking when she saw the symbol floating lightly. The light on the crystal also shook—as gently as a ripple.

Chu Liuyue took a step forward, and she suddenly felt that her body’s strength seemed to be jumping out!

Her heart skipped a beat, and she realized that the crystal was absorbing the surrounding force.

The terrifying suction force she previously felt came from the surface.

She clenched her teeth and continued going forward.

Tuan Zi wanted to stop her, but it thought for a moment and didn’t speak in the end. It just followed her closely and passed something to her simultaneously.

Chu Liuyue turned around and realized that it was the black shield she snatched from Shangguan Wan previously. No, I shouldn’t say that. That’s because this black shield is originally mine!

Chu Liuyue received the black shield, and a sense of reminiscence flashed across her eyes. This black shield actually has quite a bit of history because I found this and the pure gold armor together back then.

At the start, Chu Liuyue thought that this black shield and the armor were a pair, but she later discovered that it wasn’t the case.

The pure gold armor very quickly recognized her as its master, so she thus knew of its name. However, she had tried all sorts of methods to awaken this black shield, but it was to no avail. This is the reason why she still didn’t know its name until now.

But even if she didn’t inject any force or have it recognize her as its master, the black shield still had extremely strong defensive power. Hence, Chu Liuyue always brought it along and would use it during dangerous combat.

The people in this world only knew that the pure gold armor was a rare treasure and that Shangguan Yue had won countless battles with this armor. However, they didn’t know that half the credit belonged to the black shield.

Actually, Chu Liuyue always thought that the black shield might be more advanced than the pure gold armor. This was because she still couldn’t activate the black shield even after she broke through and became a stage-eight warrior.

Without any help, this item’s power was still no weaker than the pure gold armor.

If it really recognized a master… I wonder how formidable it’ll be! Shangguan Wan only thought that the black shield was useful and didn’t think much of it. When the black shield was previously stolen, even though she was furious, it was because her item was snatched away, not because she lost something precious. If she really finds out how formidable this black shield is next time… Her liver might even become green!

Chu Liuyue put the black shield in front of her and went forward.

With this layer of protection, the terrifying suction force was indeed blocked outside.

Chu Liuyue gradually got nearer, finally stopping around five steps away from the crystal as she looked forward.

From here, she could basically already see that crystal’s appearance.

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue’s gaze focused.

In the center of the crystal was something the size of a nail or a clip.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows in uncertainty. It seems like… a seed?

“It’s actually a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed?” A voice filled with shock was heard.

“Ancestor, you recognize this? What’s a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed?” Chu Liuyue turned around. I’ve never heard of it before.

Shangguan Jing stared at the crystal with a deadly gaze, and his face was filled with disbelief. After some time, he then said, “I do recognize it. I saw it once many years ago, but…”

But at that time, I saw it in a strong legend’s hand!

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