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Chapter 754: Unfilial Descendant, Shangguan Yue!

Logically speaking, this item should never appear here! This is because this space’s strength could never contain the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed’s suppression.

Shangguan Jing had personally seen the legend use a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed to destroy an entire empire easily.

That’s right! An empire—just like the Tianling Dynasty! It wasn’t hard to imagine how terrifying this item was!

It was the first time Chu Liuyue saw such an expression on her ancestor’s face.

Actually, its name already revealed something. Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed—what kind of item could be daring enough to have such an unreasonable name?

Chu Liuyue had read many books and even obscure ones, but she had never heard or seen this name before! Seeing Ancestor’s appearance… I’m afraid it must be formidable!

“I can’t explain in a sentence or two, but you must know that this item is extremely strong and also dangerous.” Shangguan Jing looked at Chu Liuyue solemnly. “You can’t stay here. You need to leave as soon as possible!”

Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows and looked up. How… do I go out?

The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor then realized that Chu Liuyue was originally dragged down by this item. It would be as hard as ascending the skies if they wanted to go back.

He sighed deeply and tightly knitted his sharp brows. This item still seems pretty calm, but it’s probably because it’s trapped by the crystal outside. Who knows when it will come out? At that time, even I can’t save Chu Liuyue!

Seeing her ancestor’s worried expression, Chu Liuyue wasn’t very anxious as she said, “Ancestor, don’t be too worried first. Perhaps we can find a way to leave soon.”

Shangguan Jing sighed deeply. This girl still doesn’t know how formidable the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed’s strength is! If it were an ordinary situation, why would I be so worried? I wonder who set up the seal on it. Now that the seal is broken, I’m afraid—

Chu Liuyue retreated a few steps and sat down cross-legged on the smooth floor at the side as she placed the black shield in front of her properly.

The ancestor looked at her in confusion. “Liuyue, what are you doing?”

Chu Liuyue placed her hands on her knees and smiled when she heard this. “Let alone thinking about something that I can’t solve, why don’t I use this time to cultivate first? Don’t just think that this place is very dangerous. It also has very intense Heaven and Earth Force!”

Cultivating here would be much faster than in the outside world!

The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor was shocked with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. W-w-what kind of time is this? How can this girl still think of such things?! In such a short time, how much can she strengthen by forcing herself to cultivate? I really don’t know if I should say that she’s fearless or if she has gone crazy from cultivating.

Seeing Chu Liuyue gradually closing her eyes as if she really decided to start cultivating here, Shangguan Jing slapped his forehead. I clearly don’t have a physical body, but why do I feel my head hurting? I really can’t do anything about this child!

He turned around to look at the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed before resigning himself to his fate and going to Chu Liuyue. If something really happens, the girl will still be safer with me blocking in front.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and saw the translucent figure in front of her. Tears welled up in her eyes, and warm liquid flowed to her heart.

“Thank you, Ancestor,” said Chu Liuyue seriously.

The ancestor turned around and looked at her with a deep gaze.

This gaze confused Chu Liuyue, and she unwittingly stopped her movements as she tried to inquire. “…Ancestor?”

Shangguan Jing laughed bitterly as he shook his head and sighed, but his gaze was still extremely warm. “Isn’t it right for me to protect my descendants?”

Chu Liuyue was stunned, and her entire mind turned blank! Ancestor… knows?! When did he find out? I have never said—

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s expression, the last tinge of doubt in Shangguan Jing’s heart completely disappeared! I knew it! Chu Liuyue is indeed of my bloodline!

Ripples seemed to appear in his eyes as they were overwhelmed with all sorts of complicated feelings. He had too many things to ask her, but he couldn’t say anything when his words reached his mouth.

After a while, Chu Liuyue reacted and mumbled, “…Ancestor, what do you mean—”

“Lingxiao Palm.” Seeing that Chu Liuyue refused to admit it, the ancestor smiled and shook his head. “People who aren’t part of the Tianling Dynasty royal family can’t learn the Lingxiao Palm, but you executed the third stage, right?”

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized what happened. I see! I just thought that Shangguan Wan couldn’t execute the Lingxiao Palm’s third stage back then, so I purposely did it. However, I forgot that Ancestor was the one who created it! Even if I just drew an outline and didn’t execute it completely, Ancestor has amazing eyesight. From then on, Ancestor should’ve already guessed something, right?!

Suddenly being exposed, Chu Liuyue felt her face burn. Thinking of the various ways she hid and lied to her ancestor, she felt that she didn’t know how to face him.

Shangguan Jing just silently looked at her with a kind gaze.

After a while, Chu Liuyue stood up, staring at her ancestor deeply as tears welled up in her eyes. Then, she flicked her clothes and directly kneeled down to greet him. “Unfilial descendant, Shangguan Yue, greets the ancestor!”

Chu Liuyue was trapped, and the crowd outside almost went crazy.

Lei Laosi, Mu Hongyu, and the rest searched seriously and repeatedly confirmed every single face, afraid that they would miss something. But after they checked all those who were chased out, they still couldn’t find Chu Liuyue’s traces.

Lei Laosi was almost hopeless as he stared at the quickly wilting mother tree dazedly. Could it be that Her Highness really—

“Four, come back,” said Qin Yi suddenly.

Lei Laosi turned around in a trance.

Qin Yi silently shook his head. Since we’ve checked everywhere and can’t find her, it means that she’s definitely trapped underneath.

“Big Brother—” Lei Laosi refused to move. We didn’t protect Her Highness properly in the past, but I didn’t expect the same thing to happen again this time! I hate myself for not being to suffer in Her Highness’s place! If I could use my life to exchange for Her Highness’s, I’d definitely do it without hesitation!

Qin Yi knew that once Lei Laosi became stubborn, nobody could make him budge. Hence, he decisively stopped convincing the latter and looked at Qiang Wanzhou at the side.

“Are you sure?”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded. I can confirm that she’s indeed alive, but I can’t find her location in such a short amount of time! There seems to be an extremely strong force that shuts everything out from underneath the Mystic Forest.

Qin Yi felt slightly at ease. His instincts also told him that Her Highness was okay, but it might not be the case if this carried on. We definitely must save her, but… It’s really troublesome with these people here.

He looked toward Shangguan Wan.

At this moment, Shangguan Wan was standing rooted to the spot and was in a trance as shock filled her eyes. What… just happened? The pure gold armor turned into powder and completely disappeared?! It was still in perfect condition just now! How did this happen?

Quite a few people in the surroundings saw this scene, and they fell silent in unison, all having strange expressions.

In the humiliating silence, a voice that seemed to be suppressed with an interrogative tone was clearly heard. “Third Princess, did you ruin Princess’s pure gold armor?”

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