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Chapter 752: Dream On

His voice was low and thick, and with his light laugh, it became even more nonchalant and relaxing.

36 Respected Elder Ming raised his eyes and looked at him.

Rong Xiu was smiling with a tinge of smiling intent in his eyes—it was like the first appearance of spring. His deep eyes weren’t looking at the chessboard but were calm and hid ripples as if he was deep in thought.

36 Respected Elder Ming was rather shocked. Rong Xiu is actually a very proud person. In terms of chess, he can be considered as the best of the best.

36 Respected Elder Ming felt that his skills weren’t bad, but he couldn’t even find out what Rong Xiu’s true standard was. At the very least, nobody among the people I know can beat Rong Xiu in this aspect. No, I should say that there isn’t even someone who can compare with him!

“Your Highness, you mean… There’s someone who can go against you?”

“Yeah.” Rong Xiu tilted his body and raised his elbow as he suddenly laughed when he thought of something. “I even lost quite a few times.”

36 Respected Elder Ming was even more shocked. Hearing this, it means that he didn’t lose because he gave in but that he truly lost!

“Is there such a person in this world?” It’s not easy to beat Rong Xiu!

“Of course.” Rong Xiu smiled with even deeper meaning, and an extremely light gentleness flashed across his eyes. “But if I meet her again, I’ll have higher chances of winning.”

Knock, knock…

Knocking sounds could be heard from outside.

“Come in,” said Rong Xiu lightly.

Yan Qing came in and first bowed to the duo before saying, “Your Highness, 36 Respected Elder Ming, people from the Ming Division came. They want to see you, 36 Respected Elder Ming.”

The Ming Division was one of the many divisions, and it was the clan in which 36 Respected Elder Ming grew up.

Due to 36 Respected Elder Ming, the Ming Division always had a high status.

But 36 Respected Elder Ming’s gaze changed, and he instantly became frustrated. “Why are they here again?! Didn’t I say that I’m super busy? I also told them not to bother me if there’s no emergency!”

Yan Qing lowered his head and respectfully said, “Respected Elder, they have sent people over ever since you came out, but you were busy discussing important things with the other elders. Hence, they couldn’t meet you. They heard that you finally came back after traveling outside, so they specifically rushed over now.”

“Hmph! That bunch of scoundrels definitely don’t have any good intentions! It’s fine if I don’t see them! Go back and tell them that I’m in seclusion and that I don’t have time to see them recently!”

Every time they want to look for me, it’s never for something good! Who knows why they’re here again this time? One has to know that Rong Xiu had just personally led troops and eliminated an entire division not long ago! It’s a very sensitive period, and aren’t they causing trouble for themselves by coming to find me now? I won’t see them! I won’t see any of them!

Yan Qing hesitated for a moment and said, “Respected Elder, the incident of you playing chess with His Highness has spread all around. They… all know about it.”

If not, just based on those people, how would they dare to come here and look for him?

36 Respected Elder Ming was more frustrated than ever.

Seeing his reaction, Yan Qing knew that it was best not to say another word, but he still had to say some words.

In the end, he could only brave himself and say, “They still said that they’re going to wait for you the whole time here. You can just meet them whenever you’re free.”

36 Respected Elder Ming was so angry that he blew his beard and glared angrily as he went out in the end.

From the looks of this, all those people from the Ming Division will definitely be lectured.

After he left for some time, Rong Xiu then straightened his body. He moved his wrist, and a crystal barrier appeared on the chessboard.

The sunlight shone in from the windows and reflected against the crystal-clear barrier—it was as dazzling as ever.

Then, it was the second one.

Afterward, it was the third.

Rong Xiu took out six crystal barriers in total and placed them in one row on the chessboard. Looking at the crystal barriers before him, he chuckled softly. “I didn’t expect it to be so fast… It was a waste for me to produce so many.”

He produced these crystal barriers according to varying standards and wanted to give them to her in order. But when he found out that she was heading to the Tianling Dynasty, he was worried and directly gave that one.

The thing he didn’t even expect was that she very quickly…

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up. Actually, this is also expected. After all, that was originally hers. However, it does make all these crystal barriers useless.

Yan Qing stood at the side and quickly glanced at his master when he saw the latter whipping his sleeves. This caused all those crystal barriers to become dust in unison silently.

A light breeze blew over, and all the dust instantly flew up! The dust then disappeared!

Yan Qing hurriedly lowered his head. Back then, Master used a lot of effort to produce these crystal barriers. But now, they’re all ruined… Could it be that Ms. Liuyue—

“Keep all of these,” said Rong Xiu lightly.

“Yes.” Yan Qing hurriedly went forward.

Seeing the faint scars left on the chessboard, he vaguely felt his heart ache. Those were made using the best materials, and Master personally produced these top crystal barriers! If they were released, many people would be willing to empty their family fortune just to have one! Pity… What a pity! I’ve followed Master for so many years, and I’ve rarely seen Master personally produce Yuan instruments. And among all of these, most of them were for Ms. Liuyue.

His movements were clean and decisive as he quickly put away the chessboard and exited.

When he reached the entrance, Yan Qing paused for a moment and asked, “Your Highness, the Ming Division people… Are you not willing to meet them?”

Those people from the Ming Division have always been up to some tricks, and nobody knows why they’re here this time. Even though there’s 36 Respected Elder Ming to suppress them, they’re still part of his clan, and he will always get implicated because of that.

Rong Xiu smiled lazily, and his voice was relaxing. “They requested to see 36 Respected Elder Ming.”

After killing that division to warn the crowd, they all became very obedient. Even if they wanted to cause trouble, they had to judge their own abilities. Besides, with 36 Respected Elder Ming around, they couldn’t cause any trouble.

Yan Qing softly acknowledged those words. “Yes, I’ll dismiss myself first.”

Then, he respectfully exited.

After closing the door, the room fell silent again.

After a moment, Rong Xiu looked in front. “Come out.”

A gigantic white figure flashed across—it was Xue Xue!

Xue Xue walked to Rong Xiu and lay down in front of him as its pair of ice-blue eyes stared straight at the latter. It put on a rare obedient and pitiful appearance.

Only the heavens knew that it had been holding it in like crazy! I miss her so much!!!!!!

Rong Xiu glanced at it slightly. “You seem to think that you can use this move on anyone?”

Xue Xue’s expression stiffened, and the paw that it prepared to whine with froze in midair. It didn’t know how to continue.

After being dazed for some time, Xue Xue angrily pulled its paw back indignantly as it furiously tilted its head to the side. An indignant whimper then exited from its throat. I want a warm and soft hug!

Rong Xiu’s gaze turned slightly cold. “Dream on.”

Xue Xue was speechless.

Rong Xiu continued, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that she’s already found Little Nine.”

Xue Xue suddenly looked up and widened its eyes!

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