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Chapter 669: Burn

A burning sensation suddenly came from his stomach.

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows, and his face flashed white.

Sun Qi immediately went forward and nervously asked, “Eldest Young Master, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Yucheng waved his hands. “It’s fine—bring him down first.”


Qi Dahe was confused. I’ve already said all that I have to. Why doesn’t Eldest Young Master want to let me off? I really didn’t do anything to betray the Eldest Young Master!

Sun Qi walked to Qi Dahe and glanced at his master hesitantly. “Eldest Young Master, then…”

Jiang Yucheng glanced at him in much frustration. “Act according to the plan.”

Sun Qi immediately agreed.

Qi Dahe instantly felt uneasy. Plan… What plan? My instincts tell me that they’re talking about me—


With a dagger, Sun Qi directly struck Qi Dahe until he fainted and his eyes flipped up. Then, he personally dragged the latter out.

The door closed, and the room was left with Jiang Yucheng alone.

He took a deep breath in and walked to the bed behind the screen. After taking off his clothes, he carefully examined the wound on his stomach. The burning sensation only appeared for a moment earlier, and it immediately disappeared. Being directly pierced by a brush didn’t cause much damage to me, and the wound is already healing because Feng Shanyuan has already treated it. However, that strange burning sensation makes me uneasy.

He sat cross-legged, circulated his force, and checked his body’s condition again. However, he didn’t discover anything amiss.

After much thinking, he called for someone to invite Feng Shanyuan over again.

Hearing his description, Feng Shanyuan felt that it was strange. But after taking Jiang Yucheng’s pulse repeatedly for the third time, he still didn’t find anything wrong with the other.

“This… Other than the wounds on you, there doesn’t seem to be another problem… The pain you mentioned earlier, what’s with that?”

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows tightly. “It’s like there’s a fire burning, but it immediately fades away afterward. I checked myself and didn’t find anything wrong, but this pain is really weird…”

He was naturally a very suspicious person, let alone the fact that this implicated his own body. Thus, it was impossible that he wouldn’t care about it.

Feng Shanyuan looked guilty. “It might be because I’m not skilled enough… Why don’t you find someone else to check for you, Eldest Young Master?”

“No.” Jiang Yucheng shook his head.

Feng Shanyuan felt that it was strange. “Why? Zuo Mingxi and the rest are still quite trustable. They shouldn’t expose your body’s condition.”

These three heavenly doctors were Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng’s confidants. If not, they wouldn’t have been chosen to specifically take care of His Majesty.

Jiang Yucheng didn’t say anything, but his cold and solemn expression caused a thought to surface in Feng Shanyuan’s heart. Could it be that… Eldest Young Master no longer trusts the few of them?

“It’s a critical period now, and information regarding my body’s condition cannot be revealed at all. Hence, it’s better for even them not to know.”

The words that Shangguan Wan told him earlier indeed made him uneasy. If someone really has already betrayed us… I must be more careful.

Feng Shanyuan didn’t ask further. “Okay, I’ll go back and check the medical books and see if I can find any information.”

Jiang Yucheng then nodded.

After the heavenly doctor left, Jiang Yucheng stood up, walked to the table, and examined the brush carefully.

The bloodstains on it had already dried up. Apart from this, it looked normal.

Jiang Yucheng held the table with one hand and fell into deep thought. Does Chu Liuyue have anything to do with this? In Xi Ling City, there are many peak stage-four warriors, but I can only think of a handful that have such guts and harsh, accurate movements. But Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu do have alibis… Besides, the people in the palace and Mu Qinghe would never lie. It seems like I can only slowly find a chance to test her…

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows and thought. If it’s really Chu Liuyue, where did the hatred that caused her to take action come from?

Knock knock…

Just as Jiang Yucheng was feeling very confused, he suddenly heard urgent knocks.

Jiang Yucheng’s expression turned cold. It’s so late. Why would someone come?

Without waiting for him to speak, a woman’s cries could be heard from outside. “Big Brother! Big Brother, open the door!”

It was Jiang Yuzhi.

Jiang Yucheng suppressed his anger and walked over to open the door.

More than half of Jiang Yuzhi’s face was covered in bandages.

“What are you doing?” asked Jiang Yucheng with knitted brows.

Tears welled up in Jiang Yuzhi’s eyes, and Uncle Fu—who was behind her—immediately kneeled down. “Eldest Young Master, please forgive me! It’s all my fault!”

Jiang Yucheng’s heart sank, and he directly pulled his sister into the room. Then, he tore down the bandages on her face.

It was another swollen face.

Jiang Yuzhi cried, “Big Brother, I went out today and was beaten up by that person again!”

Jiang Yucheng’s temples throbbed intensely. There were too many things to worry about, and he didn’t know how to speak for a short time.

He took a deep breath in and suppressed his anger with much difficulty. Then, he looked at Uncle Fu. “What exactly happened?!”

It was a very cold day, but Uncle Fu’s forehead was filled with beads of sweat as he nervously said, “Eldest Young Master, I accompanied Fourth Missy out today. During the period I was paying for the bill, Fourth Missy went missing. When I found her again… I saw… I saw that Fourth Missy had already become like this… It’s my fault, Eldest Young Master. Please punish me!”

Actually, Uncle Fu was very wronged as well. He had been accompanying Jiang Yuzhi very carefully the entire day. Who would’ve known that the other party would take action during that short amount of time?

Jiang Yucheng had too many things to worry about during the day. He didn’t expect that it wouldn’t stop until late into the night.

His entire body’s aura turned cold and sinister. “What’s the use of punishing you? The key is to find that person! Did you see that person’s appearance this time?”

Jiang Yuzhi cried and shook her head.

Uncle Fu said, “Eldest Young Master, since that person could silently take Fourth Missy away from my side, his abilities must be superior to mine.”

Jiang Yucheng was slightly shocked. Even though Uncle Fu isn’t considered a top warrior, he isn’t weak. The other party sent a strong warrior of such standards, and it would be easy for them to just take Jiang Yuzhi’s life. However, the other party didn’t do so. They clearly want to torture Jiang Yuzhi.

Thinking of this, he took a glance. Expectedly, he saw Jiang Yuzhi’s wronged expression and the deep horror in her eyes.

“B-Big Brother… I won’t go out in the future… Can you quickly find that person?” Previously, Jiang Yuzhi was still arrogant to no end. But now that she had suffered, she immediately became obedient.

Jiang Yucheng’s heart ached, and he was also frustrated. In the end, he could only say, “Go back and rest first. Don’t go out during this period. As for this, I’ll send someone to check on it.”

Jiang Yuzhi didn’t object to it and agreed miserably.

Jiang Yucheng did not sleep well the entire night and had continuous nightmares.

That faint scorching sensation kept causing him to think about that fire. And in his dreams this time, he became the person trapped in the fire.

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