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Chapter 670: Guard

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The next day, the news of someone sneaking into the Jiang Residence and attempting to assassinate Jiang Yucheng spread far and wide in Xi Ling City. Of course, the crowd didn’t dare to discuss it openly, but they had started guessing wildly in private.

There were all kinds of guesses. Jiang Yucheng had offended too many people after all, and too many of them wanted his life.

It was a long story. At the start, he was just the ordinary Eldest Young Master of the Jiang family, and he held neither a major or minor position in the imperial court.

As his talent was outstanding and his family background was decent, he did have a bright future. But in Xi Ling City, there were quite a few young sons that were capable.

Jiang Yucheng wasn’t the most elite one in every aspect. The reason why he could flourish in these few years and walk to his current position today was due to his marriage agreement with the Princess back then.

Probably because he was good-looking or his family background and talents were decent, the Princess chose him out of the crowd to be her fiancé.

After settling the marriage agreement, his status was immediately different.

Who didn’t know that the Princess would definitely be the next empress? Besides, the Princess had been part of the Tianling Dynasty since birth, and she was the most distinguished person in the hearts of everyone.

In addition, the Princess had done a lot of real work in those few years. She appeased the rebels and deducted taxes, and her reputation could even win over the current emperor.

In the world’s eyes, she was different. She was a high and mighty existence that they could only admire.

Since Jiang Yucheng became the Princess’s fiancé, his reputation naturally increased as well.

Quite a few people secretly tried to pull him over and sucked up to him. This rapidly increased Jiang Yucheng’s connections.

Then, as his marriage agreement with the Princess started progressing, he became closer to the Princess. Due to this, he learned quite a few things from her.

Afterward, the Princess would also instruct him to handle certain tasks.

Naturally, he became the person who understood the Princess’s way of working and methods the best.

After the Princess passed away, the imperial court was in chaos. He swiftly collaborated with the Third Princess and used his lightning methods to suppress them, conveniently removing a portion of the people who were claimed to have betrayed the Princess.

In this way, with His Majesty being unconscious and the Princess’s passing, the crowd had no leader. So after he and the Third Princess handled all of these matters, they righteously rose to the position.

Then, he set up a marriage agreement with the Third Princess.

When it came to these things, the crowd always partook in heated discussions. Some felt that he did this to appease the imperial court, and some felt that he did it to pursue power and authority.

And during this process, it was inevitable that he had offended quite a few people. Actually, it was also quite normal that he had met with an assassination today.

But on the same day, another important piece of news came out from the palace: In the imperial court, the Third Princess discussed with the officers and decided that her wedding with Jiang Yucheng would be set on the sixth of July.

Calculating the time, it was about three months later.

The crowd was as though struck by lightning. Everyone knew that their wedding day was also the day of the Third Princess—Shangguan Wan’s ascension.

Chu Residence.

In the room, Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged and focused on herself. The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force kept flowing to her body and passed through her limbs and bones, eventually gathering in the water droplet within her dantian.

The four lines were especially clear on the water droplet’s surface.

Chu Liuyue vaguely felt that she had touched an invisible barrier. She knew very clearly that this was the door to become a stage-five warrior.

After the clan competition at Square Gully, my physical strength increased by quite a bit. Thinking of this, it’s also time to choose to break through… Chu Liuyue placed her hands on her knees and increased the speed at which the force flowed through her body.

An energy spiral rapidly appeared above her head, and waves of force rapidly entered.

Her surrounding aura and suppression started intensifying at an observable speed.

Outside, Rong Xiu passed through the corridor and arrived here. Before he could reach the end, he detected something and looked at the room.

A faint wave of aura came from within.

His gaze moved slightly as he stood rooted to the ground. He then waved his sleeves, and a silver barrier rapidly covered the entire room.

“Master—” When Yan Qing came over, he just called for his master when he saw the other standing in the corridor with his hands behind his back as if he were waiting for something.

He immediately kept quiet sensibly and looked at the room that Chu Liuyue was in.

When he saw that layer of silver barrier, he thought for a moment and understood. Is Master guarding for Ms. Liuyue? Could Ms. Liuyue be breaking through again? 

Yan Qing felt emotional about this. Ms. Liuyue’s breakthrough speed is a little too high. In less than a year’s time, she became the current peak stage-four warrior from a good-for-nothing. Now, she’s immediately about to break through and become a stage-five warrior. 

It’s also very hard for other cultivators with the same Dijing Yuan meridian to do this. Besides, she’s a cultivator in all three aspects. Other than cultivating as a warrior, her standards as a Xuan Master and a heavenly doctor have also kept increasing. Even if she was placed on our side… She won’t lose out to them… 

Detecting Yan Qing’s arrival, Rong Xiu turned around and glanced over. “What’s the matter?”

Yan Qing went forward, bowed, and said, “Master, 36 Respected Elder Ming came back, and he’s waiting in the hall!”

Rong Xiu’s brows rose. So fast? 

Back then, 36 Respected Elder Ming did come to Xi Ling with him. But after they arrived, he asked 36 Respected Elder Ming to help him check a matter.

At the start, 36 Respected Elder Ming was reluctant and wanted to leave after he saw Chu Liuyue. In the end, he was still convinced by Rong Xiu.

According to Rong Xiu’s previous estimation, 36 Respected Elder Ming would only come in another half a month’s time. He didn’t expect him to come so quickly.

He turned around and glanced at the silver barrier, but his feet did not move.

Yan Qing hesitated for a moment and asked, “Master, are you… not going now?”

Rong Xiu was nonchalant. “Wait a while longer.”

Wait for what? He’s naturally waiting for Ms. Liuyue to break through! Yan Qing did not understand. It’s naturally a good thing that Ms. Liuyue is breaking through to become a stage-five warrior, but why does Master want to wait and guard here personally? There shouldn’t be any problem at this stage, and it will end quite quickly… 

However, he naturally didn’t dare to say this and could only say, “Then, I’ll go back and report to 36 Respected Elder Ming first.”

Rong Xiu nodded.

But the moment Yan Qing turned around and planned to leave, he saw a figure coming from not far away.

It was 36 Respected Elder Ming. His steps seemed slow, but in the blink of an eye, he silently arrived in front of them.

Yan Qing immediately bowed, but 36 Respected Elder Ming waved his hands. “Forget it, forget it! I’m here to see my Little Princess Consort!”

He spoke as he curiously glanced at the room that Chu Liuyue resided in and strangely asked, “Hm? Is she about to break through? Rong Xiu, didn’t you say that she’s still a stage-four warrior now? Why did you start guarding for her?”

For convenience this time, he came out disguised as an elder from Mingyue Tianshan. Hence, he purposely didn’t address Rong Xiu as ‘Your Highness,’ and he changed his address toward her.

Rong Xiu seemed to have expected that he couldn’t wait any longer and would come over, so his lips curled up into an understanding smile. “Of course… I need to do so.”


A wave of aura suddenly spread from within the room.

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