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Chapter 668: Real or Fake

Chu Liuyue had been busy the entire day, and now she could finally rest at her own home properly. However, it wasn’t so peaceful in the Jiang Residence.

After being locked up for a day, Qi Dahe was dragged to Jiang Yucheng’s study at night.

The harsh winds blew mercilessly and froze his bones—even his heart was cold.

The door was closed from behind.

In front of him was the cold and stern Jiang Yucheng sitting behind the table. The dim yellow light shone on his face, and he looked very sinister.

A chill ran down Qi Dahe’s spine. At that moment, his entire body was frozen, and he couldn’t move.


Sun Qi kicked his knees from behind. “Why aren’t you kneeling when you see the Eldest Young Master?”

Qi Dahe felt the pain.


He kneeled on the floor.

His kneecaps hurt greatly to the extent that his face flushed white. When he finally recovered his senses, he hurriedly kowtowed. “Eldest Young Master, spare me! Eldest Young Master, spare me!”

Jiang Yucheng looked at him expressionlessly. “Speak. What’s with Xia Mu?”

Qi Dahe paused in his actions and felt bitter in his heart. “…Eldest Young Master, I-I really don’t know… Xia Mu has always been introverted, and he isn’t very daring. He doesn’t even leave the house normally, so I don’t know why he would do this either!”

Even though he did bear a grudge against Jiang Yucheng in his heart, he would only privately grumble about him a few times. However, he wouldn’t really dare to do anything.

All of them knew very clearly what kind of person Jiang Yucheng was! It wasn’t like they had never witnessed his methods, so why would they dare to go against him?

But Xia Mu actually hurt Jiang Yucheng…

Even he was stunned for a long while when he heard it. Until now, he still didn’t understand why Xia Mu would do this.

“You are best friends with him. Don’t you know what he wants to do at all?”

Qi Dahe was on the brink of tears. “I-I really don’t know! Eldest Young Master, please check! It was still fine when I came with Xia Mu today!”

Jiang Yucheng thought for a moment. Xia Mu must’ve suddenly decided to hurt me. If not, he definitely wouldn’t just use a brush.

But Xia Mu was extremely accurate when he took action, so Jiang Yucheng even suspected that the former had long hated him. This was why he would suddenly exert such great force.

“Did he ever tell you before that he hates me?”

Qi Dahe thought for a moment, and he was conflicted.

“Hm?” Jiang Yucheng raised his tone slightly with a hint of threat.

Qi Dahe hurriedly lowered his head, and his forehead touched the floor as he stammered, “N-no… Really, not at all…”

“He followed me to Nan Jiang, and his appearance was ruined. He even became mute, so does he really not hate me?” Jiang Yucheng didn’t believe it.

He knew how these people saw him, but he didn’t care. Anyway, they weren’t capable of doing anything about it.

But now that Xia Mu had hurt him, he had to get to the bottom of it!

Qi Dahe could only say, “Um… He has always been loyal to you, Eldest Young Master. With this as a reason, he won’t…”

Jiang Yucheng glanced at Sun Qi.

Sun Qi immediately went forward and harshly slapped Qi Dahe.


“Speak the truth! If you lie, I’ll cut off your tongue!”

Qi Dahe was slapped until two teeth dropped out and blood filled his mouth.

He opened his mouth, but there seemed to be something stuck in his throat. Due to this, he couldn’t say anything. Xia Mu saved me before… I can’t…

Jiang Yucheng squinted his eyes. How can I not tell what Qi Dahe is thinking? He is clearly being this stubborn to protect Xia Mu.

He suddenly said, “Since you refuse to admit it, I won’t pursue this first. Let me ask you. Xia Mu… How did his cultivation level suddenly return to peak stage-four?”

Qi Dahe was suddenly stunned as he looked at Jiang Yucheng dazedly. “Peak stage-four? Impossible—he’s still at the cultivation level from before. Even though he was severely injured and couldn’t improve no matter how much he cultivated after we came back, he definitely didn’t go back to being a peak stage-four warrior.”

A white light flashed across Jiang Yucheng’s mind. He immediately stood up and stared at Qi Dahe closely. “Are you speaking the truth? Can you confirm that he’s not a peak stage-four warrior?”

Qi Dahe didn’t know why the other was behaving in such a manner and could only nod dazedly. “Yes… Eldest Young Master, is there something wrong?”

Jiang Yucheng’s gaze quickly changed. I see… I see! That Xia Mu… is clearly a fake!

“During this period, did you discover anything amiss about Xia Mu?” asked Jiang Yucheng hurriedly.

Qi Dahe thought for a long time and shook his head hesitantly. “…No… He has always been like this…”

Jiang Yucheng suddenly thought of ‘Xia Mu.’

He was skinny, had a face filled with scars, and was wearing a metal half-mask. The key point was that he was a mute.

It was extremely easy to disguise as such a person! Even if they silently changed a person, who could identify the change when he just stood there with his head lowered quietly?

Jiang Yucheng gradually clenched his fists. I can now confirm that the Xia Mu who hurt me today isn’t the real Xia Mu. The real Xia Mu should’ve long been dealt with. It’s a pity that I can’t confirm when the person changed. I also don’t know how exactly that person disguised as Xia Mu and made it into the Jiang Residence! As long as that person removes their disguise and returns to their original appearance, who would know? Considering the current situation, it’ll be as hard as going to the heavens in order to investigate this issue.

Jiang Yucheng frustratedly paced back and forth in the room. As he walked, he kept looking at the brush on the table. Who has that strength and that movement technique…

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. Peak stage-four… Isn’t that Chu Liuyue?!

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