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Chapter 610: You Still Know that You Should Come Back

Jiang Yuzhi—who was caught red-handed—was filled with panic and fear. At that moment, she felt that her own small thoughts were seen very clearly by the other party.

She opened her mouth to speak, but she choked on her mouth filled with blood and started to cough violently.

The masked man chuckled. With Jiang Yuzhi’s bit of combat skills, it’s really not easy for her to live in such an arrogant and unreasonable manner until now…

He whistled and rapidly disappeared.

This time, Jiang Yuzhi’s heart hung high for a very long time. Until she was certain that the other party wouldn’t come back anymore, she then stood up shakily.

Her physical wounds and the horror in her heart made her legs go weak, so she could only force herself to stand up by leaning against the wall.

She was filled with hatred and fear. Just now, that masked man said this was only the beginning… What exactly does he mean…

She stood rooted to the ground for quite some time. After she gradually calmed down, she finally regained a bit of rationality. Now that I’m covered in wounds and my face is filled with bloodstains, I definitely can’t enter the palace.

She instinctively wanted to return home. But with her current appearance, she would definitely be lectured again if her brother found out about this.

Jiang Yuzhi thought for a while and swiftly squatted down to wait in the isolated alley. Only when it was dark did she start to walk home.

Jiang Residence.

Within the room, Jiang Yucheng sat cross-legged on the bed with his shoulders drooping. His hands were on his knees with his palms facing upward.

A fist-sized blood ball was floating in front of him.

He stared at the blood ball closely and circulated his surrounding force to form a thin line, which extended to the blood ball.

The blood ball moved, and the liquid within gradually started to follow the thin lines, flowing toward Jiang Yucheng’s body.

His bodily aura started to strengthen rapidly. His skin rapidly became red at the same time, and there seemed to be something circulating under his skin, which looked very strange.

His expression also became very distorted as if he was enduring tremendous pain.

After an unknown period of time, all of the liquid within the blood ball finally entered Jiang Yucheng’s body.

He suddenly raised his head, and something quickly moved under the skin on his neck before disappearing within his clothes.

“Argh…” He let out a weird and painful moan through his throat.

All of the blood-red color disappeared from his face the next moment, and he slowly opened his eyes. At this point, his bodily aura actually returned to that of an intermediate stage-eight warrior!

He lowered his head to stare at his hands. When he felt his newly strengthened aura, he heaved a long sigh of relief. It’s finally over…

This process was indeed excruciating, and it harmed his body to a certain extent. But in order not to let Weichi Song discover anything amiss, he could only do this.

However, this thing could only last for a limited amount of time, so he had to settle Weichi Song as soon as possible. After all, he didn’t want to delay his true cultivation just because of a Weichi Song.

Perhaps when I wait until the clan competition, I can… He stood up and walked outside.

The sky had already darkened, and the bright moon was hanging high in the sky.

Sun Qi was standing guard by the door. “Eldest Young Master.”

Jiang Yucheng asked, “How long has it been?”

Sun Qi said, “Two days and two nights.”

“Did anyone come during this period?”

“You previously said that you were going to cultivate, so nobody has come to disturb you during these two days.” As Sun Qi spoke, he glanced at Jiang Yucheng and said again, “Everything else is normal.”

Jiang Yucheng heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Shangguan Wan and Weichi Song don’t cause trouble, there’s basically nothing I have to worry about.

His expression then changed as he suddenly recalled that he had locked Jiang Yuzhi up for quite a few days already. “Fourth Missy didn’t come too?”

“No. However, Xiahou Tingan came every day, but Fourth Missy didn’t come out to see him. Hence, he sat for a while and left every time.”

Jiang Yucheng thought to himself, I knew it. I had previously sent news back to the Xiahou family and told them to pause the wedding discussions between the two families. The Xiahou family naturally can’t take this lying down. However, Xiahou Tingan did learn and became smarter this time around. That sly old fox—Xiahou Rong—should’ve lectured him quite a bit.

Jiang Yucheng had long expected them to do this, so he wasn’t shocked at this point. However, he was pretty surprised that Jiang Yuzhi really didn’t come out the entire time. It seems like she’s really reflecting? But it might also be because my slap broke her heart…

A few days had passed, and the anger in Jiang Yucheng’s heart had dissipated. Thinking of the scene back then, he also felt that he had gone overboard.

He had spoiled Jiang Yuzhi as she grew up. In the past, he didn’t even say harsh words to her, yet he personally slapped her now… She was his own sister after all, and Jiang Yucheng couldn’t help but feel his heart ache.

He said, “I’ll go take a look at her.”

The entire way, Jiang Yucheng was thinking of how to make it up to Jiang Yuzhi. After this incident, she should’ve learned her lesson. As long as she becomes smarter and knows what to do and what not to do in the future, that would be fine. If she really likes Xiahou Tingan, it’s not impossible for them to continue…

He walked to the door and directly asked, “How is Fourth Missy?”

When the two maids standing at the door saw Jiang Yucheng arrive, they were instantly taken aback. “Greetings, Eldest Young Master!”

Even though it was dark, Jiang Yucheng still clearly saw the panic flash across their faces. He slightly knitted his brows and glanced at the tightly shut room door. “Where is she? She heard that I was coming, yet she doesn’t know how to come out and greet me?”

The two maids hurriedly said, “Eldest Young Master, Fourth Missy isn’t feeling well today and has already slept. W-why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

Sun Qi stepped forward and boomed, “How dare you?! Since when was it your turn to tell Eldest Young Master what to do?!”

The two maids were stunned as they hurriedly kneeled down and begged for mercy.

Doubt still surfaced in Jiang Yucheng’s heart. “It’s not time to sleep yet. Why would she be sleeping? Not feeling well… What exactly is going on?”

The two maids stuttered, and their words weren’t smooth at all.

Jiang Yucheng had already guessed something as he coldly said, “Immediately open the door!”

The two maids were frightened and didn’t dare to move at all.

Jiang Yucheng went forward in frustration, kicked the door open, and walked in. He then searched around the room but didn’t see Jiang Yuzhi’s figure.

His face rapidly darkened. “Where did Fourth Missy go?”

The two maids kneeled on the floor, and they shuddered in fear. Seeing that the incident was about to be exposed and that the Eldest Young Master was furious, they could only explain the entire incident to him.

After listening to this, Jiang Yucheng’s surrounding aura seemed to be frozen. To think I still thought that she would become more careful after suffering this time. Yet, she still didn’t learn from her mistakes! What can she do when she goes out? Considering her current behavior, if she does anything stupid again—

At this moment, hurried footsteps could be heard outside.

Jiang Yucheng walked outside and suddenly opened the door. Upon seeing a familiar figure in the yard, he sneered. “You still remember how to come back?”

Jiang Yuzhi instantly froze in her tracks.

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