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Chapter 609: Just the Beginning

Yue Ling was stunned. At that moment, his face—which usually showed no expression—looked incredulous. “…Master?”

Rong Xiu calmly asked, “What, did you not understand what I said?”

A chill ran down Yue Ling’s spine as he hurriedly controlled his expression and lowered his head. “I understand!”

At the side, Yan Qing glanced at him pitifully. How pitiful. He doesn’t see Master most of the year, but he has to face such a major issue once he does. It’s hard on him too.

Yue Ling’s entire body broke out into sweat. I see… I see! When I first received the news previously, I thought that Master treated Chu Liuyue differently. But no matter how much I thought… I didn’t expect it to be to this extent! Thinking of how Jiang Yuzhi said those kinds of words right in front of Master… I’m afraid this Fourth Missy Jiang will be in big trouble in the future…

“I heard that there was someone else with her when she came here previously?” inquired Rong Xiu suddenly.

Yue Ling instinctively said, “Are you talking about Duan Ziyu?”

Rong Xiu’s hand lightly knocked against the table twice.

Yue Ling’s heart went cold.

Yan Qing hurriedly hinted to him.

After a long while, Yue Ling then reacted. “You’re talking about… Qiang Wanzhou?”

Rong Xiu’s expression didn’t change, but his body aura became much colder.

Yue Ling thought to himself, He is indeed referring to him.

Seeing that his master seemed to become much more dangerous, Yue Ling couldn’t care about much as he hurriedly repeated whatever he knew about Qiang Wanzhou to him.

As he talked, he realized that his master’s expression became much calmer. His heart beat wildly as he hurriedly added, “I think that Liu… Madam only treats Qiang Wanzhou as a child…”

Rong Xiu suddenly smiled as his thin lips curved up at an angle. He said with deep meaning, “So this means that a large portion of the herbs she previously bought from here was for Qiang Wanzhou?”

Yue Ling was stunned. If I deny it, I’d be lying to Master… If I admit it, it’d be akin to putting blades next to my neck… Both roads are hard to choose!

“…This… I’m not too sure either… Madam is a heavenly doctor after all, and it’s natural that she needs herbs… Perhaps she’s refining medicine for herself!”

Rong Xiu smiled with even deeper meaning.

Yue Ling immediately shut up.

“Did she say when she would come back to collect the herbs again?”

Yue Ling lightly said, “…Tomorrow.”

Rong Xiu leaned against the chair and gently closed his eyes. “We’ll wait for tomorrow then.”

Wait for tomorrow to do what? Yue Ling was curious, but he didn’t dare to ask. He could only respectfully acknowledge his master’s words. “Okay.”

On the other side.

After Jiang Yuzhi was chased out of Hundred Herbs Building, her blood boiled, and she was desolated.

She walked on the streets aimlessly. As she walked, she kept replaying the incidents that happened during this period.

After much thought, she realized it was all because of Chu Liuyue that she repeatedly suffered such humiliation again and again.

The more she thought, the angrier she got. However, she didn’t return to Hundred Herbs Building because her brother’s warning kept reverberating throughout her brain.

Jiang Yuzhi bit her lips tightly, and her eyes turned red. It’s fine if others don’t want to help me, but Brother even hit me because of Chu Liuyue! Isn’t it just because I was right about his thoughts? Third Princess might not know, but I know it the best. It was so hard to wait until that person finally died, yet another Chu Liuyue popped out! Her soul never goes away!

As she walked, Jiang Yuzhi suddenly stopped. Then, she clenched her teeth and walked toward the palace. Brother refuses to help, and Hundred Herbs Building is also protecting Chu Liuyue in all sorts of ways. The only person that can teach Chu Liuyue a lesson now is… Third Princess Shangguan Wan! In the past, Shangguan Wan hated Shangguan Yue to the core. Now that she sees the similar-looking Chu Liuyue, it would be a wonder if Shangguan Wan likes her!

Third Princess is only under one person now but above millions. Even Brother has to listen to her on many occasions. If Shangguan Wan steps up and punishes Chu Liuyue, nobody can say anything! The more Jiang Yuzhi thought about this, the more she felt that it was possible. Due to this, she hastened her footsteps.

But the moment she walked a distance, a masked man suddenly appeared in front of her.

Her internal alarm rang loudly! The incoming person is an enemy!

She quickly surveyed her surroundings, but she realized that she had unwittingly walked into an isolated alley.

This masked man coincidentally blocked her path here! Also, the thing was that she secretly came out today and didn’t bring any guards with her. Hence, she was alone.

“Wh-who are you?! What do you want?” asked Jiang Yuzhi sternly. She could feel that the other party was very strong. If he really wants to do anything to me, I won’t even have the chance to escape.

The masked man didn’t say anything and just walked toward her.

Jiang Yuzhi was petrified as she instinctively moved backward. “D-don’t come over! Let me tell you—I’m the Jiang Residence’s Fourth Missy!”

The masked man said with a hoarse voice, “I’m precisely looking for you!”

Then, his figure instantly disappeared on the spot.

Jiang Yuzhi gasped.

The next moment, that masked man appeared in front of her.

She instinctively gathered her internal force and punched him.

The other party raised his hand and easily stopped her punch.

Jiang Yuzhi’s face changed, but the other party had already held her wrist tightly as he walked forward and harshly bent it.

“Ah!” Jiang Yuzhi yelled out in pain as her body immediately collapsed on the ground.

The masked man attacked continuously. Jiang Yuzhi—who was being attacked—couldn’t retaliate at all and was forced to endure the pain.

As if on purpose, the other party specifically chose to hit where it hurt the most.

Jiang Yuzhi was in so much pain that her face paled. In the end, she couldn’t even yell out in pain.

After some time, her eyes finally rolled upward, and she fainted.

The masked man stopped and looked down at her from above. “How weak…”

With such abilities, how dare she be so unreasonable in Xi Ling City? She has really been spoiled rotten by her family. The masked man nodded in comfort after he sized up the Jiang Yuzhi with a swollen face in satisfaction. Finally, someone is like me…

Even though he hit her himself, he still felt unknowingly good about it as he looked at her. “I’ll let you live for today…”

The masked man laughed lightly. This time, she really offended someone she shouldn’t. It would still be better if Master wanted to end her once and for all, yet…

He turned around and left.

Jiang Yuzhi—who was unconscious and laid on the ground—slowly opened her eyes.

But the next moment, the masked man—who had laughed—abruptly appeared again.

Jiang Yuzhi was so frightened that her heart almost jumped out.

However, the masked man suddenly laughed. “If you want to look, you can look more. Anyway, today… It’s just the start.”

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