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Chapter 611: Heart of the Sword

The yard fell into dead silence.

Jiang Yuzhi was shocked and anxious. Why did Brother suddenly come? Didn’t he say that he was going to be busy these few days? How long has he been waiting here? The most important thing is… Does he know what happened to me today?

Countless thoughts flashed across Jiang Yuzhi’s mind at that moment, and she didn’t know how to face the situation.

“Speak!” Jiang Yucheng yelled in frustration, “Where did you go today?!”

Jiang Yuzhi heaved a sigh of relief. It seems like he still doesn’t know…

She stood in the yard and tried her best to hide her figure and face under the dark night sky. As long as Brother doesn’t see what I look like now, I still have hope of muddling through…

“I… I went to Hundred Herbs Building today…” said Jiang Yuzhi hesitantly.

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows. “Why did you go there?”

“I just wanted to buy some herbs… I didn’t get to buy the Jizo coral I liked the previous time, so I wanted to go there again and see if there was anything else I liked…” said Jiang Yuzhi in fear.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yucheng’s anger was slightly appeased. “You just need to say what you want. You shouldn’t have secretly gone out like this, but I’ll let you off this time around. There shouldn’t be a next time!”

Jiang Yuzhi hurriedly said, “Thank you, Brother.”

Jiang Yucheng looked at her and squinted his eyes. “Why are you standing so far away? Come up to speak.”

Jiang Yuzhi didn’t move.

Jiang Yucheng originally wanted to scold her, but upon seeing his sister’s terrified behavior, he thought that she was still upset about the slap. Thus, he walked toward Jiang Yuzhi and said softly, “Don’t worry… Next time, I won’t hit you anymore. As long you’re obedient—”

Jiang Yuzhi suddenly moved a step back.

Jiang Yucheng finally realized that there was something amiss as he knitted his brows and walked forward. “Listen to—”

A bruised and scarred face appeared in front of him.

Shock overwhelmed Jiang Yucheng’s face. “W-what happened to you?! Who beat you up like this?!”

Seeing that she couldn’t hide this incident any longer, Jiang Yuzhi could only tell Jiang Yucheng about the masked man trapping her in the alley and beating her up into this state. However, she had left out the quarrel with Yue Ling at Hundred Herbs Building and only said that she was beaten up when she came out and walked around the building.

Jiang Yucheng’s face was so dark that one could squeeze water out from it, and his eyes were burning with anger. This is my—Jiang Yucheng’s biological sister! Who doesn’t know this in Xi Ling City? It’s fine if I punish her myself, but if other people bully her, I definitely won’t agree to it! Besides, the other party wore a mask, and it’s clear that he didn’t want to reveal his identity. This means that he came prepared!

“How tall is that person? Has he ever spoken to you? Are you familiar with his aura?”

Jiang Yuzhi wiped her tears and shook her head. “That person purposely changed his voice, and I can’t recognize it at all. Also, judging by his figure, I don’t think I’ve seen him before…”

She really didn’t know who that person was.

Jiang Yucheng stared at her for a while. “Why would someone target you out of nowhere? What exactly did you do when you went out today?”

Jiang Yuzhi guiltily averted her gaze and cried even more fiercely. “W-what else could I have done… I just came out to talk, and I was bullied like that… Besides, that person even said… He even said that this was only the beginning… Brother, I’m terrified!”

Seeing her like this, Jiang Yucheng felt compassionate and suppressed his doubts.

Hearing the latter half of her sentence, he was even more furious. What kind of person is so arrogant?! He actually dared to attack my—Jiang Yucheng’s biological sister in Xi Ling, and he actually dared to threaten her like that…

“Yuzhi, go back and recuperate first. I’ll go and investigate this incident myself. When I find that person, I won’t let him off so easily!” He paused, glanced at Jiang Yuzhi’s miserable face, and boomed, “Don’t go out during this period.”

Jiang Yuzhi wanted to cover her face, but it was tremendously painful once she touched it. Thus, she could only endure her embarrassment and grievances as she nodded.

After comforting Jiang Yuzhi, Jiang Yucheng then left.

The moment he exited the yard, he said, “Sun Qi, immediately go and investigate what exactly happened today.”


“Remember, the key is Hundred Herbs Building.”

“I understand, Eldest Young Master!”


Yan Lin Peak.



The sword grinding sound was abnormally clear in the quiet night.

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged on the star stone as she grinded the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword bit by bit. After a few days, her movements clearly became much more well-practiced, and she was more sure about how to use her force.

This way, the process was much more efficient.

The more important point was that her physical strength had indeed increased. On the first day, she had to rest once almost every hour. The second day, her arms and shoulders were aching. But now, she basically only rested for a while after more than an hour, and the pain on her body had dissipated quite a fair bit.

This made her more certain as she patiently grinded the sword in her hands.

The round moon was shining brightly in the night sky as the cold moonlight cast a giant shadow on the ground.

This was the star stone’s shadow.

Above the shadow was a tiny figure that kept repeating the same movement over and over again.

A slight breeze came over, and it blew up Chu Liuyue’s long hair.

Suddenly, sparks flew.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. That spark just now was…

She pressed her lips against each other and held her breath. She then held the longsword tightly and grinded it against the star stone once more.


The moment the sword body made contact with the star stone, a bright spark flashed once again.

“Haha! Girl, congratulations! You finally grinded until the heart of the sword came out!” Shangguan Jing’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Liuyue looked at the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in her hands and muttered, “…Heart of the sword?”

“That’s right! A portion of the heart of the sword has already been revealed, so you just need to grind and reveal the remaining portion of the heart of the sword now. Then, you can officially trigger the lightning bolts and refine this sword!” Shangguan Jing couldn’t conceal the happiness in his voice. “I originally thought you could only do it in another two days, but I didn’t expect it to be so successful!”

Chu Liuyue was very smart and determined, and she did it tirelessly these few days. No wonder I grinded out the heart of the sword much earlier!

Hearing her ancestor’s voice, Chu Liuyue was also influenced as she felt faintly excited. Even though this isn’t considered as me grinding it successfully, it’s still a good start. This makes me much more hopeful. I wonder what it will look like when I actually refine the sword.

She raised the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in front of her and looked at it closely.

A clear peacock-blue color could be seen from the sword tip to its midpoint. The color of the sword tip was especially pure as it vaguely shone brightly with a silver light.

Chu Liuyue suddenly had a strong feeling in her heart. I will definitely refine a top sword successfully!

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