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Chapter 587: Heartless

2,000 white crystals! The crowd almost thought that they had misheard as they all looked up in shock to see who was so generous.

But as the third floor’s VIP rooms were very intricate, the people sitting below definitely couldn’t recognize which room the voice came from.

To protect the privacy of guests on the third floor, the VIP rooms in Yu Xiang Hall were made with special materials.

Anybody’s voice coming out from such a room would change miraculously, and one wouldn’t be able to differentiate it.

Even if it was someone very familiar, those inside the rooms wouldn’t be able to tell whose voice this was.

So even though the crowd was bursting with curiosity, they actually couldn’t find out who exactly had bid for it.

The smile on Xiahou Tingan’s face suddenly froze. He was first shocked, then furious. Who exactly is it? Who is actually competing with me at this point? The person even directly increased the price to this state! This Cloud-Sky Copper Sword is decent, but it’s only worth a maximum of 1,000 white crystals! When I previously bid 1,300 white crystals, it was already too much. I didn’t expect someone else to bid 2,000! What problem does that person have?!

Jiang Yuzhi knitted her sharp brows, and hatred flashed across her face. “Who is so gutsy to snatch my item publicly?!”

Since the other party is on the third floor, they can definitely see Xiahou Tingan with me! It seems like they’re bidding with Xiahou Tingan, but in actual fact, they don’t care about me!

Jiang Yuzhi had always been doted on since a young age. Recently, many people sucked up to her because of Jiang Yucheng, and she had long treated herself as a princess, not even caring about anybody else.

But Xiahou Tingan still had a brain. The people who can go up to the third floor are definitely rich. The one who dared to bid for it must have confidence.

“Yuzhi, don’t be anxious. Since the other party wants to fight with us, we’ll just compete with them!” As he spoke, Xiahou Tingan raised the card again. “2,100!”

When he heard the bid of 2,000 white crystals, Song Zheng’s wrinkles had already formed a flower. Now that Xiahou Tingan was increasing the price, he was even happier.

“2,100. Is anyone else increasing the bid?”

Even though this was said to the crowd, everyone knew that it was meant for the mysterious VIP on the third floor.

Those on the first floor had long exited the competition. Not many people were on the second floor either, but most of them knew Xiahou Tingan and Jiang Yuzhi. They would be crazy to go against these two people because of a mere sword.

It was fine if it was just Xiahou Tingan, but the key was Jiang Yuzhi! They couldn’t even flatter Jiang Yucheng’s biological sister sufficiently, let alone willingly offend her.

Hence, the people on the second floor were all silent as they watched on.

Only the person on the third floor was left.

“2,500.” A lazy voice sounded.

Even though the voice changed, it wasn’t hard to hear the speaker’s nonchalance. It was as though he didn’t even take this matter to heart.

However, the speaker casually spoke and increased the price by 400 white crystals!

It was normal to fight a little when the price was at 1,000 white crystals. But the current price… They weren’t only fighting for the sword!

Xiahou Tingan’s face tensed up as he clutched the chair’s handles so tightly that his knuckles turned white. 2,500… My father did give me quite a lot of money, but this price…

He saw from the corner of his eye that Jiang Yuzhi was knitting her brows, and displeasure was written all over her face.

His heart instantly skipped a beat. This is the same scenario as what happened at Hundred Herbs Building that day. After that time, I tried so hard to coax Jiang Yuzhi. If this happens again… I can’t bear the consequences!

Xiahou Tingan clenched his teeth. Since Father previously already said that the money spent on Jiang Yuzhi is considered separate, what is there to be afraid of? As long as I can settle Jiang Yuzhi, handle the wedding matters, and get into Jiang Yuzhi’s good books, I can definitely get this bit of money back.

Thinking of this, he was determined. “2,800!”

Jiang Yuzhi’s expression definitely looked a lot better.

“Yuzhi, don’t worry. I did you wrong the previous time. This time, I definitely won’t—”

“5,000!” Before Xiahou Tingan could finish his sentence, the other party actually increased the price again!

Everyone sucked in their breath. 5,000 white crystals! This person is way too—

This sword is decent, but 5,000 white crystals… That’s ridiculous!

The crowd finally rustled once again. “Who exactly is it with such exorbitant methods?”

“5,000 white crystals just for this sword… I really don’t understand the world of the wealthy…”

“Does their money come from the wind?!”

The bustling discussions could be heard clearly.

Chu Liuyue slightly raised her brows in the room, and she smiled. I don’t know if other people’s money comes from the wind, but I do know that my money did come pretty easy. When I first came to Xi Ling, I couldn’t even give 10 white crystals as a ‘road tax,’ and I still had to fight people over it. Now… It has been less than a month, yet I’m rich. Actually, I don’t even know exactly how much money I have now. But that isn’t important. The important thing is… It feels great to spend money!

It was as if Xiahou Tingan was hit on the head with a stick, and his entire person was dazed.

When he yelled out 2,800, he was still thinking that he could compete with the other party with clenched teeth. However, he didn’t expect the other party to raise the price to 5,000 white crystals directly!

Jiang Yuzhi was obviously stunned by the other party’s heartless increase as well and didn’t speak for quite some time.

Seeing the duo’s delayed reactions, that voice sounded. “Are you still playing? If you don’t want to increase the price, I’ll do it myself?”

Xiahou Tingan’s face flushed white.

“I’ll increase! Five… five thousand…”

Before he could finish his sentence, that person continued, “10, 000!”

How slow. Chu Liuyue stroked her chin. Xiahou Tingan can finally shut up now, right?

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