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Chapter 588: Mu Hongyu!

Not only did Xiahou Tingan shut up, but everyone in the auction hall fell into dead silence as well.

At that moment, it was as if the air froze.

Everyone had an incredulous expression. Even the experienced Song Zheng had a dazed gaze.

W-what is this person doing… Not only did they willingly ask the other party to increase the price, but they also increased it by a few-fold before the other party had even finished his sentence. This isn’t even giving Xiahou Tingan face!

Quite a few people secretly looked at Xiahou Tingan. As expected, they saw that his face was very ugly as if he had swallowed a fly whole.

Harsh! Too harsh!

How could Xiahou Tingan take this lying down? Not only is the person who competed with him rich, but they are also gutsy!

At this point, Song Zheng had already recovered his senses as he coughed and continued asking, “10,000 white crystals! Is anyone else going to increase the bid?”

Nobody talked.

Xiahou Tingan almost wanted to break the chair’s handles. He just felt that after living for more than 20 years, he had never felt as conflicted as he did now.

Don’t increase the price? Jiang Yuzhi is sitting right next to me, and I had previously promised that I would definitely buy this sword for her.

Increase the price? I don’t even have that much money! Besides, with such a big sum, it’s hard not to be discovered even if it’s calculated separately.

At this moment, Xiahou Tingan was caught between a rock and a hard place.

“10,000 white crystals going once!”

Xiahou Tingan took a deep breath in and forced himself to calm down as he glanced at Jiang Yuzhi and gently asked, “Yuzhi, do you still want that sword?”

Jiang Yuzhi knitted her thin brows. “Of course!”

Actually, she just purely liked it at the start. But now, she was fighting for pride!

Xiahou Tingan felt his head ache, but he could only advise her patiently, “Yuzhi, there’s no problem if I help you buy this sword. But the point is… We don’t know who that person is. Think about it. The other party can see us and definitely knows our identities, yet they still dare to act this way… They must have an extraordinary status.”

Jiang Yuzhi furrowed her brows even tighter. “So what? How can I be afraid of them?”

“10,000 white crystals going twice!”

Xiahou Tingan’s throat tightened as he suppressed his inner hatred and softly advised, “Yuzhi… We’re naturally not afraid of them, but the point is that this time period is very sensitive… You also know that the wedding date between the Third Princess and your brother has already been proposed. The more this is so, the more pairs of eyes that will be glued to him. If we really spend 10,000 white crystals buying this sword today and word gets out, what will people say? People will naturally say that you’re wasting your wealth… What happens if you affect your brother then?”

When he mentioned Jiang Yucheng, Jiang Yuzhi’s expression indeed changed. She couldn’t care about anyone else, but her own brother’s future and reputation were more important than anything.

Xiahou Tingan finally saw that she faltered, and he continued, “…You also know that the more power one holds, the more careful one has to be with their words. If your brother knows that you gave up this sword because of him… He will definitely feel comforted. When everything is settled, won’t it be as easy as ABC for you to get anything you want?”

His final sentence finally made Jiang Yuzhi change her mind. “Okay! We’ll let this one off!”

Xiahou Tingan was finally appeased.

“10,000 white crystals going thrice… Sold!”

Jiang Yuzhi glanced at the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword indignantly. “If I know who they are… I’ll definitely not let them off!”

An idea popped up in Xiahou Tingan’s mind as he suddenly leaned in toward Jiang Yuzhi and softly said something.

Jiang Yuzhi looked doubtful. “Is it true? Will this… work?”

Xiahou Tingan clenched his fists and punched his chest. “You can rest assured about the things I do.”

Chu Liuyue hugged her arms, and her gaze swept past the duo in a seemingly smiling manner. It seems like these two people really want to know who intercepted their win. If they know it’s me… I wonder what they’ll look like. I originally listened to my ancestor’s suggestion, and that’s why I bid for the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword. But now, it seems like it’s worth it if I can conveniently anger Jiang Yuzhi and Xiahou Tingan.

The auction continued.

There were quite a few decent things in the items that were presented later on. But after that commotion, the later auctions paled in comparison.

Chu Liuyue kept looking as well, but she didn’t bid again as there wasn’t a treasure she was interested in.

Originally, she wanted to leave in advance. But she patiently waited after thinking that there could very possibly be an important treasure at the end since Song Zheng was here.

In another room on the third floor.

Jian Fengchi leaned against the chair in a relaxed and lazy manner.

Shui Liu’er walked over from the window and sat down beside him as her charming face had a delightful smile. “I didn’t expect to watch a free show when I came here. It’s really worth the trip.”

Jian Fengchi’s lips curled up as he knocked his kneecap with the bone fan. “How did Xiahou Tingan offend you? Why are you so happy to see him humiliated?”

Shui Liu’er rolled her eyes. However, she was born as a beauty and exuded an elegant aura, so even her eye rolls looked extremely pretty. “That dumba*s previously booked the entire venue to hear me sing, but he was dishonest.”

When she first came to Xi Ling, there were indeed quite a few people who wanted to take advantage of her. However, the people in Chun Feng Restaurant weren’t to be trifled with.

After dealing with all of them, nobody dared to do so again.

Jian Fengchi found it weird. “He’s so brave?”

Shui Liu’er chuckled. “He just drank a few cups more and forgot who he was! He kept talking about the Xiahou family and said how incredible he was.”

“You didn’t teach him a lesson?”

“Why did you think he stayed at home for three months and didn’t go out?”

Jian Fengchi put up his thumb. “You’re still the best, Little Liu’er.”

Shui Liu’er slapped his hand away. “Don’t even try. Actually, I don’t mind telling you. Compared to seeing Xiahou Tingan humiliated, I prefer seeing Jiang Yuzhi so angered that she can’t speak!”

Jian Fengchi seemed to have already expected this as he smiled and said, “Just because she previously offended… That person didn’t even mind it, yet you bore the grudge in your heart.”

Even until now, Shui Liu’er still hated Jiang Yuzhi.

Shui Liu’er sneered, “Someone must teach people like Jiang Yuzhi a lesson.”

Jiang Yuzhi now used Jiang Yucheng as her backing and was very arrogant. She even wanted to have her own way in the entire Xi Ling City, but she didn’t even know that she had tons of enemies hiding in the shadows.

What a joke.

Jian Fengchi raised his brows slightly. “We bought the items we wanted to buy today, and we saw the drama we needed to. Are you happy? Actually, I kinda want to know who exactly bought that sword just now…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his gaze suddenly turned cold as he stood up, walked to the window, and looked at the platform.

Shui Liu’er was taken aback. “What’s the matter?”

At the same time in the other room, Chu Liuyue also stood up suddenly and stared at the cage that abruptly appeared on the platform in disbelief.

A woman was trapped in that gigantic cage. She was wearing torn and tattered clothes, and her face looked frail as her hair drooped down and covered more than half her face.

However, Chu Liuyue still recognized her at one glance—it was actually… Mu Hongyu!

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