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Chapter 586: Cloud-Sky Copper Sword

The living room instantly fell silent as everyone looked over. The auction is about to start!

When the white marble platform stopped, the empty space around it suddenly rippled. Then, an elder came out from within.

His surroundings had no ripple movements, yet the crowd’s hearts shuddered. Someone who can just tear space and arrive at the designated place shouldn’t be underestimated!

The elder had white hair, but he looked very energetic as he had a kind and warm smile on his face.

Seeing that it was him, the room was filled with momentary commotion. “Why is it Elder Song? Isn’t he only in charge of major auctions?”

“I don’t know! I don’t think they talked about it before…”

“He’s one of the top auctioneers in Yu Xiang Hall, and they actually used him for today’s auction. Could there be a rare treasure?”

Everyone partook in heated discussions.

Song Zheng looked at the crowd with a smile. “Welcome, everyone. Like what you have guessed, I will be hosting today’s auction.”

The moment he spoke, the surrounding noises instantly disappeared.

Upon hearing him say this, quite a few people looked excited. With Song Zheng here, there really will be some rare treasures to be auctioned! Even if we can’t buy them, it’ll be worth it to come here.

“Yu Xiang Hall’s rules—the highest bidder gets it! I believe everyone has been waiting anxiously, so I won’t say anything else. We’ll directly start the auction!”

The moment his voice landed, a green jade bottle appeared on the white marble platform beside him.

“This is a fifth-grade Hui Qing Pill, and it can directly increase one’s breakthrough rate to become a stage-six warrior by 90%! The starting price is… 200 white crystals!”

To an average person, perhaps 200 white crystals were already quite a lot. But here, it was just the starting price.

Also, this kind of pill was very tempting to quite a few cultivators.

The moment Song Zheng said the starting price, someone started bidding. “210!”



Chu Liuyue took a glance, and all those shouting out prices were basically those on the first floor.

The people who sat there were all itinerant cultivators in Xi Ling City or people from small households.

Normally, those who could sit here had certain capabilities and financial power. However, they couldn’t even be compared to the people on the second and third floors.

Those who could go up to the second floor were aristocratic families with identities, like Jiang Yuzhi and Xiahou Tingan.

They had their families to support them, and they had rich resources. Hence, they wouldn’t be bidding for pills here.

As for the third floor… less needed to be said.

After a round of competitive bidding, the Hui Qing Pill was finally bought by a young man for 300 white crystals.

It was a good first sale.

Very quickly, the second item was presented. It was a broadsword that was copper in color, and it looked stunning.

“It’s a Cloud-Sky Copper Sword! It’s smooth to handle and very sharp! The starting price is… 500 white crystals! Every time you increase the price, it must be at least 50 white crystals.”

This was only the second auction item, yet the starting price increased to 500 white crystals in no time. This was shocking.

“It is a good sword.” Chu Liuyue stared at that sword. This sword’s value definitely far exceeds 500 crystals. If it weren’t because I already have the Long Yuan Sword, I would want to bid for this sword.

She touched her chin, and an idea popped up in her mind. Right! I think Qiang Wanzhou doesn’t have a suitable Yuan instrument! This sword seems pretty similar to him…

“Girl, bid for this sword.” Her ancestor’s voice suddenly sounded. “This is good material!”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “Ancestor, what do you mean?”

Shangguan Jing laughed. “This is rare Queling Copper! This Queling Copper is currently still in its basic form. As long as you properly mold it, it will become one of the top weapons in the world! This kind of thing can only be begged for. No matter how much it costs, you must buy it!”

“Okay!” Chu Liuyue nodded. Since the Ancestor has already complimented it, it proves that this item is indeed rare. It isn’t bad to refine it before giving it to Qiang Wanzhou for use.

Second floor.

When Jiang Yuzhi saw the sword, his eyes immediately lit up. “Tingan, what do you think of that sword?”

Xiahou Tingan saw her expression and understood what she wanted. “It’s a strong and sharp sword that’s vintage. It is a good sword! Do you like it?”

Jiang Yuzhi hurriedly nodded. “Yeah! Even though the one I used previously is decent, it’s still far apart from this one!”

Just based on the aura, it loses to this one by a few grades.

“If I can get this sword, my abilities will definitely be strengthened!” Jiang Yuzhi couldn’t conceal her excitement. “I must bid for it!”

From start to end, her eyes didn’t leave the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

Xiahou Tingan could tell that she really liked it. After pausing for a while, he smiled and said, “Since you like it so much, I’ll bid and buy it for you!”

Jiang Yuzhi said in shock, “Really? This sword’s starting price is a whole 500 white crystals!”

“The things that you like are naturally good; it is worth this price. As long as you’re happy, the amount of money doesn’t matter,” Xiahou Tingan said with confidence.

Ever since the commotion that occurred in Hundred Herbs Building previously, Father has given me quite a bit of money to help me chase Jiang Yuzhi back. This time, I invited her out with much difficulty. Hence, I must show off. He touched his Cosmic Ring. This money is more than enough to buy the sword.

After hearing his words, Jiang Yuzhi was elated as she hugged his arm and whined. “Tingan, you’re awesome!”

Xiahou Tingan smiled gently and started to raise his card.

At this point, someone already started bidding for the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword. “550!”



Quite a few people participated in the bidding, and the price quickly rose.

Xiahou Tingan directly said, “800 white crystals!”

With this, the entire room fell silent for a moment as everyone looked over. Instantly increasing the price by 150 white crystals… This is incredible.

Song Zheng smiled at Xiahou Tingan. “800 white crystals. Does anyone want to increase the bid?”

After a momentary pause, a mustached, burly man continued shouting from the first floor. “850!”

Xiahou Tingan confidently smiled. “1,000 white crystals!”

The crowd erupted into a commotion. This is a whole two-fold of the starting price! He increases the price so harshly every time—it shows that he really wants to get the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword!

That burly man hesitated for a long time before he clenched his teeth and increased the price. “1,100!”

This price had basically exceeded the tolerance of most of the people on the first floor.

Once again, Xiahou Tingan said without hesitation, “1,300!”

Only the two of them were bidding within the room.

That burly man was conflicted, but in the end, he harshly punched and chose to give up.

A victorious smile was plastered on Xiahou Tingan’s face.

But before he could extend this smile, he heard a clear voice coming from the third floor. “2,000!”

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