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Chapter 490: Mysterious Youngster

The few at the side glanced at each other and found it weird. Is it because Chu Liuyue displayed capabilities that exceeded her cultivation level? But it doesn’t seem that simple. The moment Eldest Young Master saw Chu Liuyue, his reaction was indeed abnormal…

Even though they thought that way, they didn’t reveal any abnormalities as they said respectfully, “Yes!”

After Jiang Yucheng rejected his thoughts, he directed his gaze elsewhere.

Out of the hundreds of matches going on simultaneously, there were a few matches that were more outstanding than Chu Liuyue and Zhao Yunzhi’s. But for some reason, he couldn’t focus on the other matches and would look at Chu Liuyue from time to time.

Every time he discovered that he unwittingly looked at Chu Liuyue, Jiang Yucheng would secretly warn himself that it would be the last time.

However, it happened time and time again. It was as if he couldn’t control himself.

Even if he forced himself not to look at her, his mind would keep replaying the first smile he saw.

Bright, dazzling, sincere, with a little spiritual energy and cunningness.

Even if they only look a little similar, this smile is more similar to that woman back then. Jiang Yucheng pinched his nose bridge in frustration. No, that’s wrong. I came here today to secretly check on these cultivators with Dijing Yuan meridians. I can’t be distracted by other things.

After repeating this a few times in his heart, he sighed heavily.

Chu Liuyue naturally didn’t know how conflicted Jiang Yucheng was feeling. On the other hand, she had already calmed down completely.

Before she came to Xi Ling, she had already made sufficient preparations. So after a temporary shock, she quickly accepted this matter.

The most important thing now is to check what exactly they want to do by holding this Wan Zheng Competition. Chu Liuyue didn’t believe a single word of whatever Elder Qiuxi said earlier. Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng definitely don’t have such foresight and generosity. They clearly have other motives. Besides… I have to quickly check what the imperial court’s situation is like. Back then, who ganged up to betray me and who was still standing on my side…

Chu Liuyue leaned against the chair, held her chin, and fell into deep thought. I’m weak now, and I do need to find some dependable people to help me…

A commotion could suddenly be heard from the crowd.

Chu Liuyue looked up and realized another match had ended. Another name disappeared from the black marble board.

Not long later, two names disappeared almost at the same time.

After Chu Liuyue ended her match first, the other competitors in the square seemed to have been agitated as they sped up.

The competition immediately became more intense. Of course, this led to even more conclusions of the matches.

Time trickled past, and the names that disappeared from the marble board increased in number. Many cultivators were also continuously carried down from the arenas.

As the chance was rare, everyone went all in and tried to win as they all showed their true abilities, causing their injuries to be even more tragic.

Some refused to admit defeat, and they even fainted.

The square was filled with messy bloodstains.

The spectators became increasingly agitated as their faces flushed, and they yelled at the top of their lungs.

Quite a few people sat around Chu Liuyue.

Upon seeing this, those from the Tianling Dynasty were still decent, but those from outside Heaven’s Canopy were pretty shocked.

Chu Liuyue was already used to this.

Gradually, the people beside her started chatting randomly.

Some wanted to be friends, while others wanted to find out information about their enemies. The crowd had their own intentions, and they were quite enthusiastic suddenly.

However, nobody willingly talked to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue didn’t mind it either as she leisurely watched the competition and glanced at the names on the marble board from time to time.

“Ah! Are you crazy?!” A shrill was suddenly heard from the square.

Chu Liuyue looked up and realized the one that cried bitterly was a youngster.

She wasn’t a stranger to this person as he was one of the Sky-Soaring Clan disciples that were with Zhao Yunzhi earlier.

At this point, he held his bleeding arm and looked at the youngster in front of him infuriatingly. “Are you a beast? You’re actually eating human meat!”

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

That youngster looked like he was 16 or 17, and he was wearing a grey sack shirt that didn’t fit him. Perhaps it was too torn and tattered, so his clothes didn’t even look like how they previously did.

Even though he wasn’t short, he was very skinny. His body was empty inside the clothes, and he looked like a sack.

He had golden hair, and his hair was soft and bright, which reflected a dim light under the sunlight. His hair covered more than half his face, but one could still see the youth in his appearance and his sharp chin.

At this point, his mouth was biting onto a bloody piece of meat, which was ripped off from the young man’s elbow.

He nonchalantly spat out the meat and coldly said, “Smelly.”

His expression and his tone were nonchalant as if he was saying something unrelated to him, but this behavior sent chills down one’s spine.

The young man in front of him was stumped, and he didn’t dare to ask why he said ‘smelly.’ His instincts told him that he didn’t want to know the answer.

The surrounding audience subconsciously kept quiet. Everyone could tell that this youngster was… not simple!

He wiped away the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth, knitted his brows, and looked slightly disgusted.

That young man’s heart beat uncontrollably, and uneasiness filled his heart. His voice trembled slightly as he asked him sternly, “Wh-what do you want?!”

But that golden-haired youngster didn’t say anything as he tilted his head and looked at him. Afterward, he suddenly moved back and bent his body. Then, he was shrouded by a shocking aura.

The next moment, he charged out like a wolf in the wilderness. This time, he raised his hands that were filled with scabs, looking like claws, and clutched the young man’s neck tightly.

His speed was too fast, and that young man couldn’t even react in time as he fell to the ground.

“I… cough cough… I surr—render cough—”

That young man looked up and saw the icy brown eyes under the golden hair and shuddered while admitting defeat without hesitation.

Regret flashed across the golden-haired youngster’s eyes as if he felt pity that he couldn’t continue fighting.

In the end, he still let go.

Even when he won the competition, his expression didn’t change much as he walked down the stage after looking around.

Then, he walked straight to Chu Liuyue.

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