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Chapter 491: I Can Help You

That youngster had an undisciplined wildness and looked like a young, ferocious beast.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze gently swept across the marble board and landed on him.

The two of them stared straight into each other’s eyes.

“Qiang Wanzhou?” said Chu Liuyue first with a smile.

That youngster nodded.

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised. This youngster seems like he’s from the wilderness or the side regions, so I didn’t expect him to have such an elegant name. His name and his aura are miles apart.

“I am Chu Liuyue.”

That youngster glanced at her. “I know.”

He had heard it clearly when so many people were calling her previously.

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a while and couldn’t help but laugh. This youngster doesn’t seem as distant as he is on the surface. On the other hand, it seems like he has some… child-like innocence?

“I need your help,” said Qiang Wanzhou directly.

“Oh? What help?” Chu Liuyue leaned against the chair with much interest. A normal person wouldn’t easily ask a stranger to help, so it’s rare to see him ask in such a righteous manner.

“I need your fire seed.”

Chu Liuyue smiled deeply. “What did you say?”

Qiang Wanzhou looked at her gaze and slightly knitted his brows. “I won’t ask for your help for free. In return, I can be your servant for ten days.”

Chu Liuyue opened her mouth. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“Twenty days.”

“It’s not a matter of duration, but—”

“Thirty days. That is the maximum.”

“…” Chu Liuyue rubbed her brows painfully. This child previously looked like he could fight, but why is his brain not really working?

“Qiang Wanzhou, right? Come over and sit down first.” Qiang Wanzhou was about to shake his head when Chu Liuyue intercepted and said, “If you don’t sit down and talk, I won’t agree.”

Qiang Wanzhou glanced at her before sitting down on the seat beside her.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him in a seemingly casual manner and realized that his sitting posture was very accurate. His back was straight, and his aura was cold. It was as if he had specifically learned this before.

If one didn’t look at his torn clothes, his every action and movement looked like a young master that could only be developed in an aristocratic family.

After sitting down, he looked straight at Chu Liuyue, obviously waiting for her answer.

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart and raised her fingers. “One, that’s not how you ask someone for help. Two, I’m not interested even if you agree to be my servant for a year. Three… Do you know what a fire seed is?”

Qiang Wanzhou’s cold and aloof gaze swept across her fingers.

“One, I’m asking you for help. So naturally, I’ll use my way of doing so. Two, I already said the maximum is a month. One year is impossible. Three, I know what a fire seed is. Aren’t you a heavenly doctor? Then, you’ll naturally have a fire seed.”

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes. “Who told you that all heavenly doctors have a fire seed?”

Qiang Wanzhou looked defensive. “Of course, someone told me.”

Chu Liuyue held her forehead in exasperation. “That’s a liar who lied to you! Only the top heavenly doctors can produce a fire seed. With my bit of standard, I can’t do it no matter what. I’m sorry; I can’t help you with this.”

Qiang Wanzhou suddenly stood up, and his face was filled with anger. “Who are you calling a liar?”

Chu Liuyue was shocked as she didn’t expect Qiang Wanzhou to react so strongly. It seems like the person who told him about this is very important to him.

“Ahem, I don’t mean it in that way. I’m saying that… you don’t seem to understand heavenly doctors very well. I really can’t do this, but Xi Ling has quite a few outstanding heavenly doctors. You can look for them.”

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s genuine expression, she didn’t seem like she was lying. Thus, Qiang Wanzhou did not continue to be angry.

“I don’t need other heavenly doctors. Only you can help me,” said Qiang Wanzhou stubbornly.

Chu Liuyue didn’t immediately answer him. The fire I produced is indeed different from the rest. Could… Qiang Wanzhou be coming for this?!

The so-called fire seed was made by converting a heavenly doctor’s force into fire. When a heavenly doctor placed a fire seed into another cultivator’s body, the latter could use their own force to let the fire seed grow continuously, allowing them to produce fire during battles.

As a cultivator’s level increased, the fire seed in their bodies would also grow. In the end, some of them could even completely merge the fire seed’s strength and become heavenly doctors.

This was also a method that some people would use to become a heavenly doctor, but how could it be so easy to form a fire seed?

This item would waste a large part of a heavenly doctor’s force and energy, but the success rate was very low.

To heavenly doctors, producing a fire seed was simply a thankless task. Nobody would help others produce a fire seed for free.

But to Qiang Wanzhou, it seemed like this task was very easy.

Chu Liuyue felt her head ache upon seeing his stubborn manner. It seems difficult to convince him…

“You don’t want to help me?” asked Qiang Wanzhou slowly.

Chu Liuyue opened her arms helplessly. “Sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I really can’t.”

However, Qiang Wanzhou said determinedly, “You don’t want to help me.”

This time, it was a declarative sentence.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled slightly.

But Qiang Wanzhou didn’t say anything more as he turned around to look at the competition. His expression looked calm and nonchalant as normal. It was as though he didn’t care too much about this.

But Chu Liuyue was suddenly curious as she leaned in and softly asked, “Why do you need a fire seed? You’re quite talented as a warrior. You don’t have to be a heavenly doctor.”

Qiang Wanzhou glanced at her. “I don’t want to be a heavenly doctor.”

“Then, why do you need a fire seed?” Chu Liuyue was even more confused.

Qiang Wanzhou paused. “I need the fire seed to live.”

As he spoke, loneliness quickly flashed across the youngster’s arrogant face. “I want to find someone, but I haven’t found her yet. I’m afraid that I will be dead before I can find her.”

His tone was very light, but Chu Liuyue discovered that he didn’t seem too emotional when he talked about himself dying soon. However, he revealed unconcealable sadness when he talked about being unable to find that person.

It seemed like… that it was more important than his life.

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled. “Is that person very important to you?”

Qiang Wanzhou’s expression had already returned to normal. After hearing this, his lips curved up slightly, and his chin became tense as he said determinedly, “She’s the most important person to me.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be touched by something soft. She didn’t say anything more as she leaned against the chair and looked at the competition.

The two of them fell silent as if this incident had already passed.

Time passed bit by bit.

The names on the black marble board decreased, and increasingly more people were being carried down the arenas.

When half of the preliminary competition was over, Chu Liuyue finally spoke up. “I can help you.”

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