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Chapter 489: She’s in the Dark

Noticing his abnormality, the few people at the side looked over. “Eldest Young Master, what’s the matter?”

That man stared straight at Chu Liuyue, and his lips were tightly shut.

When the others saw him like this, they didn’t dare to ask much. All of them kept quiet.

In the arena, Elder Qiuxi nearly fainted in anger when he saw Chu Liuyue’s bright and sincere smile. What does she mean by ‘this can do, right?’ Her last hit almost took away Zhao Yunzhi’s life!

“Y-you! You’re outrageous! Yunzhi had already surrendered, but you refused to stop. You clearly did it on purpose!”

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Elder Qiuxi, I respect you, and I did as you said. Once you said stop, didn’t I stop?”

Then, she lightly turned her white finger as the fire whip quickly retracted and disappeared in her palms.

She spread her hands wide. “I believe everyone saw it clearly too, right?”

Elder Qiuxi was stumped. This Chu Liuyue is very cunning! She did stop after I spoke up, but who can say that her last hit was accidental? However, she clutched her time well, and I can’t even seriously pursue her mistake!

“Even so, you shouldn’t be so harsh! You’re so young, yet your heart is so vicious!”

Chu Liuyue kept quiet as she was in deep thought before she retorted, “But didn’t you previously say that as long as we don’t kill anyone, we can use any method to win? Do these rules not apply to me?”

Elder Qiuxi’s face flushed white and red.

Chu Liuyue had a very sharp tongue, and he couldn’t argue with her. After all, Zhao Yunzhi indeed lost!

He took a deep breath in, suppressed his internal anger, and said to the surrounding Black Guards, “Quickly, get Zhao Yunzhi down and let her get treated!”

Two Black Guards hurriedly rushed up and brought the severely injured Zhao Yunzhi—who was hanging onto her last breath—down.

Chu Liuyue turned around and looked at the black marble board that was floating in midair.

Zhao Yunzhi’s name disappeared from it. Only her name was left—Chu Liuyue!

Only the victorious ones could stay!

Chu Liuyue roughly looked at her surroundings and slightly raised her brows.

They seemed to be the first ones that ended their matches.

“53rd match, Chu Liuyue won!” hollered Elder Duan Muchun.

“101st will take over 53!”

Hearing this, Chu Liuyue was finally satisfied, and she leisurely walked down the stage.

Countless pairs of eyes looked over.

Shock, envy, jealousy, admiration…

All the gazes had different meanings, but Chu Liuyue completely didn’t care about them. After jumping off the stage, she walked to the resting area that was prepared for them. Then, she quietly observed the battles.

Out of these people, half of them would become her competitors in the next round.

Soft sounds of discussion came from behind.

“Chu Liuyue actually won! Winning one match might be coincidental, but continuously winning against two stage-five warriors… This is enough to prove that she is capable!”

“I think she’s going to break through and become a stage-four warrior. By then, it’ll be even easier for her to win!”

“But she really is gutsy. I heard that Zhao Yunzhi was brought by Sky-Soaring Clan’s Chen Xiyuan and that they had already agreed for her to enter the Sky-Soaring Clan directly. Thus, you can’t blame Elder Qiuxi for being so angry. All these years, he has secretly and openly helped the Sky-Soaring Clan quite a bit! Seeing that the Sky-Soaring Clan lost such a good talent, how could he do nothing?”

“But he’s still the royal family’s elder after all. Doing this isn’t very appropriate… I think he was wrong when he lectured Chu Liuyue previously. If Chu Liuyue was the one who lost, he definitely wouldn’t have scolded…”

Chu Liuyue sat down leisurely and let the words leave her ears.

Suddenly, she felt a substantial gaze on her coming from among the crowd.

She almost instinctively became alert as she looked up.

A man wearing a light-green robe entered her view. He looked like he was in his thirties, and his appearance was average.

But when Chu Liuyue saw his eyes, her heart skipped a beat. She would recognize this pair of eyes even if they turned into ashes.

Jiang Yucheng!

He had very obviously changed his appearance, hid his aura, and sat among the crowd.

The people around him should be his subordinates, and they have also disguised themselves as commoners. Anyone who saw these people wouldn’t take a second look, but I am different!

She had seen Jiang Yucheng’s face for so many years, and she couldn’t forget it even if she wanted to.

His seemingly gentle and emotional, yet actually scheming and harsh eyes were precisely etched into her memory.

Seeing that Jiang Yucheng seemed to have noticed her gaze, Chu Liuyue immediately averted her gaze as if nothing happened. Even if her heart was in turmoil, she still looked as calm as ever. Even the angle of her lips didn’t change at all, so nobody could see that there was something wrong.

Nobody knew how much strength she used to restrain the murderous intent overwhelming her heart.

Everything that happened in the royal family’s ancestral hall seemed like it happened yesterday as every scene was livelier than ever. However, her heart no longer felt the pain of being betrayed. She only had the willpower to kill him and cut him into pieces.

She closed her eyes. Yes, someone had previously said that Jiang Yucheng would come.

Actually, she had been waiting all this while. But Jiang Yucheng didn’t appear even when the competition started, so she forgot about this.

She didn’t expect him to change his identity and put himself within the crowd.

Why is he doing this? With his current status, he can definitely come legitimately, so why did he need to waste such effort? Also, the more important thing is… When he saw me earlier, what was he looking at? Because I was the first one to win? Or others? Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and casually surveyed her surroundings, no different from before.

She looked completely relaxed as she had just won the competition. She could still feel Jiang Yucheng looking at her, but her emotions had already been appeased.

Anyway, I’ve already changed my status. My appearance and age are also different from before, so I don’t believe Jiang Yucheng can recognize me. Thinking of this, she felt better. It now looks like I’m in the dark while he’s exposed.

On the other end, the moment Jiang Yucheng saw Chu Liuyue’s smile, he kept staring at her.

In the beginning, he really thought that it was that person. But after looking closely for a while, he felt that he thought too much.

Even though their smiles look similar, their five features and appearance are vastly different. Chu Liuyue indeed looks like she is 14 or 15, and that person has already died in the sea of fire, so how could she still appear? Jiang Yucheng rubbed his brows. It seemed like I was tired out during this period, so I kept thinking of nonsensical things.

“Go and check Chu Liuyue’s background.”

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