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Chapter 488: Her Smile

Zhao Yunzhi backed away so fast that she even left illusions!


The whip landed heavily on the ground, leaving burn marks!

Even though Zhao Yunzhi narrowly managed to avoid it, her left arm wasn’t so lucky. The whip hit her forearm, and her flesh split open as her sleeve caught fire!

Looking at the tongues of the flame, Zhao Yunzhi ripped off her sleeve without thinking!


Her slender arm was exposed to everyone!

Despite the bloody wound on her forehand, the fair skin of a young lady still attracted significant amounts of attention.

Her weak and pitiful manner incurred the pity of many.

The many gazes on her made Zhao Yunzhi feel ashamed! In Imperial Country Sui Yang, I am gifted and of high status. When did I ever have to suffer insults like this?!

But before she could react, Chu Liuyue’s whip had struck again!

Zhao Yunzhi backed away some more!

“That Zhao Yunzhi has got some moves! Her speed is almost on par with intermediate stage-five warriors! I think she should… Hang on! Chu Liuyue is moving as well, and she’s so fast?!”

Chu Liuyue leaped up and rushed forward; it was like she was one with the wind! More importantly, she wasn’t much slower than Zhao Yunzhi!

The man in the green robe paused. This movement technique; it’s rather familiar… But after watching for a while, it isn’t exactly the same.

“That Zhao Yunzhi is going to lose,” he said plainly.

The man next to him paused. “Why would you say that, Eldest Young Master? Even though Zhao Yunzhi was at a disadvantage earlier, she’s two stages higher than Chu Liuyue. There’s no way Chu Liuyue can catch up.”

“No, she can.” The man laughed.

The others eyed one another before they turned and watched.

At this moment, Chu Liuyue flung her whip out! The next instant, she tiptoed and hopped onto the whip!

Borrowing the whip’s energy, she leaped in succession along the whip!

The distance between the two warriors narrowed at an alarming rate!

Chu Liuyue was dressed in red. Her raven hair was floating, and her agility made her seem like a dancing phoenix. She was a sight to behold!

Zhao Yunzhi’s heart beat wildly as she watched Chu Liuyue run toward her! She put all her energy into backing away, but Chu Liuyue was even faster than her!

She turned her head for a quick glance, but she was shocked to see that she had almost been forced out of bounds!

She would lose the instant she crossed the line!

Zhao Yunzhi gritted her teeth as she turned her feet and headed in another direction!

Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a cold smile. She wasn’t interested in continuing to fool around with Zhao Yunzhi. “It’s time for this to end!”

Chu Liuyue mustered her energy and leaped, landing on the tip of her fire whip! A silver streak also flew out from her hand!

Zhao Yunzhi felt a cold breeze coming from behind her! Danger!

Almost instinctively, she dropped down and rolled!


Something embedded itself into the surface that she was just at!

Zhao Yunzhi hurried over and found that it was an extremely sharp dagger! Because it had been infused with a huge amount of energy, its tip was still shaking!

Zhao Yunzhi heaved a sigh of relief, but she felt a coldness in her chest as soon as she started thinking about how to fight back!

She looked down slowly and found that a paper-thin throwing knife had flown right through her chest!

If it were a little off, it would’ve pierced her heart!

Her leg suddenly stopped as if she were frozen.


A drop of blood fell, but she heard the sound clearly. This was because… it was her blood!

Chu Liuyue hopped down from the whip, landed in front of Zhao Yunzhi, and said, “I’ll give you one chance to admit defeat.”

A pool of blood appeared across Zhao Yunzhi’s chest and slowly spread across her shirt. She opened her mouth, but it smelled of blood. “I-I…”

Her voice was so weak it could barely be heard.

But just as everyone thought she was going to concede, she flung something out of her sleeves!

Chu! Chu! Chu!

Countless sharp needles flew out, and they were glowing blue and purple. They were clearly poisoned!

Everyone sucked in their breath. The distance between the two is close, and the needles are a sneak attack. Thus, Chu Liuyue can’t avoid it!

However, Chu Liuyue just laughed coldly and waved her sleeves!

A silver barrier appeared and enveloped her—it was a crystal barrier! The previous one had been slightly damaged, so Rong Xiu gave her a new one before she left.

Chu chu chu!

The needles landed on the crystal barrier but quickly bounced off of it!

Zhao Yunzhi was stunned, and she ducked! However, a few still landed on her!

Her pale lips turned purple!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes turned cold. The poison took effect extremely quickly, and it’s extremely harmful! Given the number of needles, it isn’t difficult to kill someone with them! Zhao Yunzhi must’ve been pushed into a corner to have the guts to pull something like this in public!

On the other side, Zhao Yunzhi knew very well how terrifying the poison was, so she quickly dug out the antidote and swallowed it!

Chu Liuyue put the crystal barrier away and raised her palm, holding the fire whip in her hand again!

She infused her force into it again!

Hong hong!

The flames on the fire whip burned brighter than before! There were fire sparks bursting from it!

Chu Liuyue raised her whip!


The whip flew toward Zhao Yunzhi and wrapped itself around her like a serpent.

“Ah!” Zhao Yunzhi had been busy taking the antidote, so she was in a deadlock now!

The burning flames left countless wounds on her, and the terrifying pain made her mind go blank as she almost passed out!

“I concede! Chu Liuyue, didn’t you hear me? I concede!” Zhao Yunzhi screamed out!

Chu Liuyue sneered. “I gave you a chance earlier.”

The whip closed in tighter.

Zhao Yunzhi couldn’t even speak with all the pain!

“Chu Liuyue, she has conceded! You cannot continue to torment her intentionally!” Elder Qiuxi cried out to stop her when he saw the situation!

Chu Liuyue glanced at him dazedly as if in shock. “Oh, there’s such a rule? My apologies, Elder Qiuxi. This is my first time here, so there are things that I’m not familiar with.”

Elder Qiuxi was angry and upset. “Put her down now!”

“Oh… okay!” Chu Liuyue agreed and flicked her wrist!

Zhao Yunzhi flew out and landed heavily on the ground—out of bounds!

Chu Liuyue turned over and smiled brightly at Elder Qiuxi. “Is this okay?”

The man in the green robe saw this. The bright smile of the girl in red is so familiar!

He felt something pricking at his heart, and a name buried deep in his heart appeared!

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