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Chapter 487: Earth-level warrior skills

A ball of red fire burned in Chu Liuyue’s palms! The flicker of the flames resembled dancing sprites and increased the temperature of its surroundings.

“Heavenly doctor?!” Zhao Yunzhi was shocked, but she laughed coldly. “Turning force into fire is good for concocting medicine, but you’re a little naive for wanting to use it to win a battle!”

Chu Liuyue didn’t say anything. She flicked her fingers, and a fist-sized fireball flew forward!

In an instant, it landed on the tip of Zhao Yunzhi’s sword!

“Foolish… Break!” Zhao Yunzhi cried out!

A cold blast of air poured out of her sword, attempting to freeze the ball of fire! However, things didn’t proceed as she had planned!

That ball of fire was unaffected. Instead, it turned into a stream of fire that burned along the blade of the sword!


Fire and ice clashed!

The layer of frost covering the sword burst, and countless fragments of fire-covered frost scattered everywhere! However, the frost had melted and evaporated before it landed on the ground!

There were only little flecks of fire when it landed on the ground!

The frost that covered the ground was quickly melted away by the fire, and the remaining ball of fire spread along the sword hilt!

A burning sensation came from the sword hilt!

“Ahh!” Zhao Yunzhi cried out in pain as she threw the frozen river sword forward uncontrollably!


Zhao Yunzhi looked over in panic and anger, but the frozen river sword was enveloped in flames! If she had let go any later, her hands would’ve been burned!

“Yo-you… What is this!” she said angrily, but the fear in her eyes was still evident. Even though she wasn’t a heavenly doctor, she had seen quite a few while growing up. There had never been a heavenly doctor with flames this terrifying!

Something was off about the fire that was born out of Chu Liuyue’s force!

“It’s nothing much, but you’ll find out if I can win this match using it!” Chu Liuyue gathered her force, and a ball of fire appeared on each of her palms.

Zhao Yunzhi shuddered. If that fire lands on me… Even the coldness embedded inside the frozen river sword couldn’t handle the fire, not to mention a mere mortal like me!

Zhao Yunzhi took two steps back, interlocking her fingers in front of her body! “Shadow lock!”

Ripples began forming in the space in front of her! It was like a gentle breeze blowing on a surface!

Ripples spread toward Chu Liuyue’s calves. Everywhere that these ripples passed left visible black cracks!

“First lock—Yongquan!”

Chu Liuyue clearly felt the space that the ripples had passed through become stickier! This was especially so for her legs. They felt as heavy as lead, making it hard for her to move!

The scattered flames on the ground were affected by the strong pressure and became much weaker.

Zhao Yunzhi was elated. This was one of her ultimates, but she rarely used it since it consumed a lot of force. She didn’t expect to be pressed into using it right at the beginning of her battle with Chu Liuyue!

Zhao Yunzhi was indignant, but she knew there was no other way. Chu Liuyue is clearly much stronger than I had imagined! If I don’t get rid of Chu Liuyue quickly, it will only become more troublesome later!

“Second lock—Guanyuan!” The second ripple appeared and spread toward Chu Liuyue’s waist!

The amount of force welling out of Zhao Yunzhi’s pearl of essence was rapidly diminishing!

The shadow lock technique was a true blue earth-level warrior skill! The first two locks were just setting the stage; the true power was in the third lock!

As long as one managed to execute the third lock successfully, they would be able to take full advantage of an earth-level warrior skill’s power!

But for Zhao Yunzhi, executing the final lock would deplete all her energy. This meant that she would have no chance of winning if this attack didn’t work.

But how could she not win?!

Zhao Yunzhi glanced at Chu Liuyue and saw that she was indeed under the two locks. Seeing that even the flames in Chu Liuyue’s hands were about to be extinguished, she felt at ease. The earlier two locks were enough to temporarily stop the force in Chu Liuyue’s body from circulating! I want to make use of this time to prepare for the third lock and defeat Chu Liuyue directly!

The third ripple gradually formed!

Zhao Yunzhi suppressed her excitement and injected all her force! Her face was pale, and her vision was a little blurry.

This was a sign of exhaustion, but Zhao Yunzhi didn’t stop. Knowing that she could get rid of Chu Liuyue once and for all, she was full of excitement!


As the ripples neared completion, a stunning pressure spread.

A number of the audience members sensed the commotion and cried out in surprise. “Earth-level warrior skill? The preliminaries just began. Why is someone using such a skill now?”

“That’s… Zhao Yunzhi and Chu Liuyue?! She’s that scared of Chu Liuyue?!”

“Didn’t you see earlier? Chu Liuyue managed to knock Zhao Yunzhi’s weapon out of her hand! If she didn’t fight back, Chu Liuyue was going to win!”

“Tsk… With the earth-level warrior skill, Chu Liuyue is going to lose!”

Under the watch of countless pairs of eyes, the third ripple was finally completed!

“Third lock—Tianling!” Zhao Yunzhi pushed both hands forward with all her energy!

The last ripple headed toward the top of Chu Liuyue’s head slowly but surely!

Chu Liuyue stared at the impressive ripples with her cold, raven eyes. At the same time, the force in her body rushed toward her hands!

Seeing that Chu Liuyue didn’t move, Zhao Yunzhi assumed that she was scared. Hence, she said arrogantly, “It’s too late for you to concede defeat now! Today I’ll—”


Before she could finish, two balls of fire burst up in Chu Liuyue’s palms! The next instant, she brought her hands together!

The two balls of fire collided with one another, and the bright flames almost had her enveloped!

The ripples that were around her waist immediately disappeared!

Zhao Yunzhi faltered as blood trickled out the corners of her mouth! Her aura diminished significantly!

The fire swiftly became a red fire whip!

Chu Liuyue flicked her wrist!


The fire whip landed on the ripple!


The ripple broke apart!

Zhao Yunzhi’s face was pale as a sheet! “No… No…”

Chu Liuyue raised her whip and flicked it in the direction of Zhao Yunzhi’s final ripple! One could hear it cutting through the wind.

The whip cut right through the ripple!

Zhao Yunzhi stared up in shock as she watched the whip head straight for her!

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