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Chapter 486: A Young Woman

“Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can randomly choose your clans after you enter the next round. After you select the clans you want to enter, you need to get the respective clans’ approval. If you don’t pass, you need to choose again.”

The surrounding commotion became softer, but many people were still very enthusiastic.

Actually, this point was very normal. After all, the clans that could be established in Xi Ling could be considered the most outstanding ones in the entire Tianling Dynasty.

They always had very strict requirements when choosing their disciples. If anyone could enter, that would be too ridiculous.

“But all those present are talents with the Dijing Yuan meridian, so I believe all the clans will welcome you with open arms.” Elder Qiuxi added, “I believe everyone knows that the better you perform in the Wan Zheng Competition, the more well-liked you will be amongst the clans. You will also have a higher chance of getting accepted!”

The crowd’s expressions were all different. Some were agitated, some were apprehensive, and some were already imagining which clan they should choose.

“The first 100 competitors have already stood in their places. There is no time limit after the competition starts. It will only end when the other party surrenders or if they step out of their boundaries. After every competition ends, the people lined up behind will take over their places. The names of the ones who lose will disappear from the black marble board.”

Elder Qiuxi surveyed his surroundings. “Now, do you have anything you want to ask?”

“Elder Qiuxi!” A youngster raised his hand and loudly asked, “Can we use any method to win in this arena?”

Elder Qiuxi stroked his beard. “That’s right! As long as you don’t kill the other person, there are no restrictions! If you win, that’s based on your capabilities!”

Some of the expressions of the competitors from outside Heaven’s Canopy changed. With this sentence, one could just imagine how cruel and intense the Wan Zheng Competition would be!

But the majority of the people from Xi Ling City revealed faces of excitement. Various intense cheers came from the spectators.

Zhao Yunzhi’s face turned pale as she whispered, “H-how can this be…? This isn’t regulated at all.”

Chu Liuyue looked at her and raised her brows. “What, did your cousin not tell you that it has always been this way in Xi Ling?”

Countless strong warriors gathered in Xi Ling City from all over the world. With the belief of ‘only the strong are respected,’ this place was more scheming than anywhere else.

This place looked lively and full of hustle and bustle, but there were bloody battles every day. They also happened at every inch of the city.

Many people had died on the streets because of one reason—weakness!

It was already decent that the Wan Zheng Competition only requested for them not to kill anyone.

Zhao Yunzhi bit her lips and didn’t speak for quite some time. She had only heard her cousin speak about how strong and distinguished Xi Ling City was, but he had never mentioned all of this.

“I hereby announce: The Wan Zheng Competition Preliminary Round… begins!” bellowed Elder Qiuxi.

In the competition venue, many people rapidly reacted, raised their hands, and took action immediately.

The entire square erupted into chaos.

It was lucky that every grid was spacious enough, and the surroundings had a dimly glowing barrier of silver light. Thus, it was convenient for the crowd to recognize and not bump into other people.

Many people’s gazes were gathered on Chu Liuyue and Zhao Yunzhi’s competition arena.

“That stage-three warrior is the one with the lowest cultivation level here, right? I think their match will be the first one to end!”

“I don’t think so. Didn’t you hear? That Chu Liuyue is pretty capable!”

“Wait, do you mean that she’s the one who won against Wu Zhao?”

“I heard she came with Jian Fengchi then. With Jian Fengchi as her backing… Perhaps Wu Zhao went easy on her?”

“That’s true… How can it be so miraculous? I heard that quite a few clans have also sent their disciples to join the competition, so it will definitely be interesting!”

The spectator stand was exploding with people and voices. One glance at them, and one could see many people partaking in heated discussions regarding the competition.

But there was a small area directly opposite of the black marble board that didn’t fit right with its surroundings. These few people looked very ordinary, but their auras warned people not to go close to them.

There were way too many people with power, status, and capabilities in Xi Ling. If one was just a little careless, they would die without even knowing why.

Everyone beside them stayed still obediently, not wanting to offend those people willingly.

One of them was a man wearing a light-green robe. Even though he looked average, his surrounding aura was distinguished, and he didn’t look like a commoner.

His gaze gently swept across the black marble board, and he revealed a playful smile. “Interesting. There’s actually a stage-three warrior participating?”

A man at the side nodded and said, “I heard she only came yesterday and had even caused some commotion at Ping Liang Square. She’s much stronger than an average stage-three warrior.”

“She must have some special abilities to be able to challenge and win against those above her cultivation level, let alone crossing over two whole stages. Even though her cultivation level is low, she must have potential.”

The eyes of that man in a light-green robe landed on the square. A tiny and petite girl’s figure entered his view.

From his angle, he could only see her simply tied-up hair and her red dress flowing in the wind. The black and red colors complemented each other. They were clearly simple ways of dressing, but it brought out an indescribable aura.

From afar, she looked like a clear animation.

The man at the side silently gestured, and he squinted his eyes. That woman’s Dijing Yuan meridian is actually intermediate…

“She looks quite young.”

“She said she’s only 14.”

“Where is she from?”

“Country Yao Chen.”

The man in a light green robe suddenly paused. “Yao Chen?”

Isn’t that where Mu Qinghe went?

“Yes, and Jian Fengchi brought her back.” The man beside him detected his amiss expression, and he asked apprehensively, “Eldest Young Master, what’s the matter? Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing much.” That man thought for a while and shook his head. It seems like there’s something else behind this…

In the competition venue, Zhao Yunzhi drew out a thin, blue sword. An icy-cold aura slowly spread from it.

Very quickly, the thin sword had a thin layer of ice.

Even the ground beneath her feet had cold air spreading, covering it with a thin layer of ice.

“Icy River Slash!” Zhao Yunzhi injected her bodily force into the thin, blue sword.

A Silver light rapidly emitted upward from the handle, and it was like an icy layer breaking.


The ferocious sword aura spread!

Zhao Yunzhi went on her toes and jumped up into the air.

The thin, blue sword directly pierced toward Chu Liuyue’s heart.

This icy river sword was used with very precious icy metal and was immersed in extremely harsh cold air, so it was very powerful. It had been in countless battles and had never lost.

Zhao Yunzhi glared at Chu Liuyue with a deadly gaze. “It’s not a waste if you can lose to my icy river sword!”

Then, the sword went near her throat.

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