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Chapter 411: Bring Him Away

“Yes, if you and your wife don’t mind, we can go out and talk about it. Everything can be discussed, right?” Chu Liuyue was always very sensible. When she had to be polite, she would never be harsh.

The other party seemed to be rather interested in this suggestion as he lightly laughed. “Interesting…”

Chu Liuyue hurriedly glanced at the dagger that was about to come loose. She felt very anxious and wanted to chase Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Master again, but she held it in.

In this situation, she was at a disadvantage. How could she have the right to negotiate with the other party on equal grounds?

“If you promise not to touch that thing, I’ll accede to your request.” After a moment, that man’s voice sounded again.

“Master, what does this… mean?” Chu Liuyue was dazed. What does it mean to touch or not touch? Who knows what will happen to this thing in the future?

She didn’t dare to casually promise this.

A ray of black light suddenly flew out from the red dragon head toward Chu Liuyue.

Upon detecting the formidable aura on it, Chu Liuyue’s heart jumped. Just from this move, she could tell that this man’s capabilities were superior to Mu Qinghe’s.

Even when outside of Heaven’s Canopy and Mu Qinghe’s cultivation and abilities were suppressed to below those of a stage-seven warrior, the aura that belonged to a strong warrior wouldn’t be diminished.

If Mu Qinghe fought with a stage-six warrior that had never entered Heaven’s Canopy before, even if both of them were of the same cultivation level, he could definitely handle the other party easily.

This man gave her the same feeling.

Chu Liuyue felt suffocated. No wonder Zhen Bao Pavilion is so arrogant—they had such a major character backing them up! Emperor Jiawen probably knew something too, and that was why he’s so fearful of Zhen Bao Pavilion.

Even though the ray of black light was very formidable, Chu Liuyue didn’t feel threatened when it was in front of her face. Hence, she let down her guard slightly and stayed at the spot honestly.

If the other party really wanted to kill her, he would’ve done so long ago. He wouldn’t have wasted so much effort.

Then, she saw the black light fly to her hands and silently land on the silver pyramid, passing through the fire in her palms.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes shrunk. The strength of the fire came from the water droplet in my dantian, and it has always been domineering. It also wants to gain the upper hand all the time, but… Why is it so calm today and directly let the other party pass through?

Originally, she thought the water droplet would automatically stop it, but…

The next moment, the silver pyramid completely became black.

All the light was covered. When one glanced at it, it looked like a very ordinary black stone. Even the aura and suppression inside were completely locked within.

The fire in Chu Liuyue’s palm gradually faded away.

The pyramid gently landed on her palm, and it was cold to the touch. Other than this, nothing was different. Even the previous intense calling had intensely disappeared.

Only when she touched it would she vaguely feel that strange feeling.

Chu Liuyue was dazed for quite a while.

“I’ve already locked it. Other than me, nobody can break it open. This will save a lot of trouble,” said the man nonchalantly.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. This did save a lot of trouble, but it had also completely destroyed any of her intentions to play tricks.

From now on, this item with her was nothing different from a useless rock.

“With this barrier layer, you can bring it anywhere, and nobody will discover it. When you see my wife, I’ll automatically remove the barrier.”

Upon hearing the other party’s casual tone—which sounded as if he were talking about how great the weather was—Chu Liuyue held it in, clenched her teeth, and spoke. “I must thank you then, Master!”

How is this helping me? He’s clearly guarding against me! But I can’t say anything in retaliation!

The man on the opposite end chuckled lowly. “It’s nothing; you don’t have to thank me.”

Chu Liuyue quietly grinded her teeth. When the time comes, I must show you how good I am!


A sound suddenly rang in her ears.

Chu Liuyue’s body suddenly dropped—the wall couldn’t hold on anymore, and a gigantic piece fell off!

Chu Liuyue—who was only hanging onto the dagger—naturally fell as well.

Her heart sank.

She looked down and saw new ice starting to form on the lake surface.

One glance at it, and one could see the area below dazzling like a galaxy—very bright and eye-catching.

However, Chu Liuyue’s entire body tensed up.

Just as she was about to land in the lake, a soft force suddenly came over. It was as if a pair of invisible hands easily held her up.

Looking at the ice surface inches away from her, Chu Liuyue heavily heaved a sigh of relief. “T-thank you…”

It was obvious who helped her.

The other party didn’t say anything.

The next moment, a black bridge suddenly appeared in midair. One end of the bridge slowly extended to her legs, while the other end extended into the darkness that she couldn’t see into clearly.

“Follow this path, and you can leave successfully.”

That man’s tone was very calm, but it made Chu Liuyue knit her brows. Why does this person seem to be very familiar with this place? Isn’t this the first time the imperial mausoleum has been activated in many years? Why would he be so clear about everything inside?

Seeing that Chu Liuyue didn’t move, that man said again, “Don’t worry. If you follow this path, you can directly leave Golden Inheritance Peak, and you won’t be found out.”

Chu Liuyue was increasingly shocked. Even if Emperor Jiawen were here, he wouldn’t know any of this! This Master indeed has his ways…

“Thank you so much then, Master!” Chu Liuyue wasn’t stupid; she wouldn’t give up on something that had been sent to her mouth.

One just had to think to know that the outside was in a mess. If she returned from the same way, she would probably be skinned alive by that group of people.

It was better than ever if she could leave silently.

She genuinely meant this word of thanks.

Then, without any hesitation, she stepped on the black bridge.

This long bridge was clearly made from the other party’s force. Chu Liuyue walked on it like she was walking on normal ground.

She raised her brows. This person’s ability is indeed unfathomable…

After walking a few steps, she suddenly remembered something, looked back, and asked, “Master, aren’t you leaving?”

“This has nothing to do with you,” said the other party lightly.

Chu Liuyue felt that it was true. The other party doesn’t even want to meet me, so he naturally wouldn’t want to leave with me. He’s so powerful. Why would he need to fret about going out?

Thinking of this, she didn’t say anything more and continued to walk. However, she stopped again when she reached the midway point.

Her face was calm, but she looked down slightly, making one unable to see her expression.

The hands in her sleeves clenched slowly. Finally, as if she made a huge decision, she asked lightly, “Master, can I bring someone with me?”

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