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Chapter 410: Demanding Woman

“Your Majesty, don’t be anxious. The imperial mausoleum has been built for many years, and this has never happened before. It definitely won’t collapse now. It’s just that… there’s something amiss inside.” Elder Ye comforted Emperor Jiawen as he sent force inside to check what was going on.

Emperor Jiawen saw the completely blocked pathway and was filled with fear. If this stone landed on me…

“B-but the surrounding paths have started to collapse. I’m afraid that the inside will also be affected before long!” Once Emperor Jiawen thought of this happening to the imperial mausoleum at this time, his head started to ache. If word gets out, what will others think of me? How am I supposed to face my ancestors?

Elder Ye shook his head. “Your Majesty, there’s a reason for the imperial mausoleum being built under Golden Inheritance Peak. Kindly step to the side first and let me make a path here.”

Emperor Jiawen knew that he could only trust Elder Ye now, so he immediately moved to the back obediently.

Elder Ye stared at the gigantic stone in front and furrowed his brows. I’m not worried about whether the imperial mausoleum will collapse, but… The two people who went in earlier actually have the ability to shake the imperial mausoleum!

As he thought of the lit circular plate at the mountain peak… It’s obvious what the other party has come for!

He focused and gathered his force in his palms. Then, he harshly sent out the force from his palms.


The stone suddenly cracked in the middle.

Emperor Jiawen was elated. If we can destroy this stone, we still have the chance to go in and stop them.

“If I find out who the two of them are, I definitely won’t let them off!”

Elder Ye looked solemn as he sent out another palm strike.



A white light suddenly came from the stone.

“We’re through!” said Emperor Jiawen excitedly as he tightly clenched his fists.

Elder Ye also felt relieved. After all, this was the imperial mausoleum’s exterior, and it was easier to handle it than he had imagined.

But just as he was about to continue on this path and completely clear the passage, he suddenly realized something, and his expression changed.

“Move back!” he hollered sternly and directly grabbed Emperor Jiawen’s collar as they flew backward.

Emperor Jiawen was caught off-guard and felt a tightness in his throat as he was already dragged to the back by Elder Ye.

His face suddenly flushed red, and he started coughing intensely.

“Ye… Cough cough… Ye…” Emperor Jiawen spat out a few syllables with much difficulty, but he suddenly widened his eyes the next moment.

He saw golden sand suddenly pouring out from the middle of the rock.

The golden sand started gathering rapidly, and they actually formed a thin layer of crystal, covering the rock.

The rock dazzled amidst golden light, but this struck immense fear in Emperor Jiawen. This was because he could clearly feel the immense suppression coming from the thin, golden crystals.

Suddenly, a shard dropped from above and landed on the ground.


The duo heard a crisp sound, and the rock actually turned into powder.

Emperor Jiawen’s heart sank. As expected! Once we are touched by the golden sand, we will end up the same way.

They were quick, but the golden sand spread even quicker.

The grains of golden sand were about to reach the duo.

Elder Ye waved his sleeves, and a gigantic black barrier guarded in front of the two of them.

The golden sand started slowing down.

Elder Ye and Emperor Jiawen then had a chance to catch a breather.

Emperor Jiawen’s eyes were still filled with shock that hadn’t faded away. “That… That’s the sand from ‘gold!’ Not only did they solve that section, but they have even destroyed the entire area?!”

Elder Ye’s eyes darkened. “I’m afraid it’ll be hard to go in…”

But at this point, the culprit—Chu Liuyue—didn’t know all of this was happening.

It wasn’t so serious when she first broke open the space, but the moment she snatched the silver pyramid, she easily destroyed the Five Elements arrangement in the imperial mausoleum.

Without any more power holding it up, the ‘gold’ section naturally lost control completely.

The golden sand inside spread in all directions and directly blocked Emperor Jiawen and Elder Ye’s path.

If she lowered her head now, she would definitely see something.

It was a pity that she didn’t have the luxury to do so. This was because all her attention was placed on the mysterious man that refused to show his face.

After she asked that question, the other party fell silent.

This further confirmed Chu Liuyue’s guess, but she never expected that Zhen Bao Pavilion’s Master—who she wanted to meet very much—would actually appear here! Moreover, he had also come for this thing!

Chu Liuyue instantly felt that the situation was becoming difficult.

Zhen Bao Pavilion had helped her numerous times. Even though this Master had never revealed his identity before, Chu Liuyue clearly knew that Yan Ge had received this person’s permission to help her so much.

Not to mention that he had helped her just now.

Chu Liuyue indeed owed this person a huge favor, but she would be indignant if she just handed the pyramid over. She had succeeded and broken through all sorts of challenges, experiencing all kinds of danger for this thing. How could she just give it to someone else because of what the other party said?

“Looks like I’m right,” said Chu Liuyue with a much more polite tone. “Since you’re here, you must know my identity. I’m beyond grateful for all the previous times you’ve taken care of me. But… please forgive me because I really can’t hand this item over to you. Other than this, you can make any other requests, and I’ll definitely do my best to help you even if it means risking my life!”

This time, the other party finally spoke. “My only request is this item.” His tone was flat, but it brought with it a tinge of suppression that one had to obey.

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth helplessly. “Master, why don’t we discuss this? We can get out of here first and find a place to discuss this properly. What do you think? Previously, you said that this is something your wife had taken a fancy to, then… why don’t I personally talk to your wife?”

She had already been hanging here for quite some time. It was quite unfair for her if they were to negotiate here.

We should at least find a proper place to talk. Does this Master not see that the entire lake is about to be frozen?

The other party fell strangely silent again.


At this point, the wall suddenly came loose, and the dagger shook.

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw that the wall the dagger was stabbed into started cracking. I won’t be able to hold on much longer! But for some reason, this Master is very hard to talk to!

As if he had heard this movement, the other party finally said kindly, “You said that… you want to talk to my wife?”

Perhaps it was her hallucination, but Chu Liuyue felt that his sentence sounded weird. It was as if… it had a bit of teasing intent.

What’s so funny about this? Chu Liuyue was angered. When I meet the rumored wife, I must take a closer look and see what kind of person this woman is. It’s either she took a fancy to this, or she liked that. How demanding!

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