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Chapter 412: Pair Made in Heaven

The other party was silent for a moment. “Who?”

His tone was light and calm, and it sounded a bit airy as if it came from a distant place.

For some reason, Chu Liuyue actually sensed a tinge of displeasure in his tone.

It didn’t seem like displeasure, but it just made one feel uncomfortable…

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other and tried to say, “Just… the person that came in with me.”

She believed that the other party would definitely know who she was referring to, given his abilities.

“He doesn’t treat you very nicely, yet you want to help him now?” That man didn’t directly agree or reject, but he asked a question instead.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “How do you know how he treats me?”

That man paused for a while and almost sneered.

Chu Liuyue immediately understood—since he was so familiar with this place, he naturally knew what happened here like the back of his palm.

For a moment, Chu Liuyue almost thought that this Master stayed in the imperial mausoleum the entire time. Of course, she knew that this was impossible.

However… it was clear that he had been here more than once.

Chu Liuyue clenched her fists tighter, and something seemed to be stuck in her throat. In actual fact, even she didn’t know why she suddenly said that.

No matter how she looked at it, Mu Qinghe didn’t deserve to be saved by her. But… the image of him kneeling down, filled with tears, would always appear in front of her eyes.

And that ‘Your Highness.’

She didn’t know how genuine his sorrow was, and she didn’t even know why exactly he had betrayed her. But…

“His identity is special. If he dies here, I will get into trouble as well,” said Chu Liuyue as she looked down.

Jian Fengchi knew about Mu Qinghe going out with her. If Mu Qinghe really died here, she would definitely be dragged down.

According to Jian Fengchi’s personality, he wouldn’t take it lying down.

Besides… She still needed Mu Qinghe to bring her back to the Tianling Dynasty!

“…So, no matter what, I hope you’ll help me. But if it’s inconvenient, then…”

“Other than this, are there any more reasons?” asked that man suddenly. “Are you pleading for him or for yourself?”

His tone was calm, but when Chu Liuyue heard it, she felt a chill shoot down her spine for some reason. Why does this sentence sound so weird?

But this sentence indeed woke her up.

She seriously thought for a while and finally shook her head. “For myself.”

After being reborn, the most important thing she learned was to think for herself. Most of the time, all that so-called sympathy and pity wouldn’t benefit her. They would even bring about a series of troubles.

Mu Qinghe was no longer the Mu Qinghe from before, and she was no longer the Shangguan Yue from before!

“A favor.” That Master finally spoke, and his tone was slightly warmer than before.

Chu Liuyue unknowingly heaved a sigh of relief and knew that he had agreed. “Thank you, Master!”

For some reason, I seem to be easily influenced by his words. Could it be because he’s very formidable? Chu Liuyue actually really wanted to meet the mysterious Master at this point, but it was already very rare for the other party to agree to her request. Hence, she naturally didn’t want to offend the other party.

Suddenly, she thought of a problem. Ever since I snatched the pyramid, I didn’t have the time to look at it. Thus, I don’t know what kind of situation Mu Qinghe is in.


A low sound came from behind.

Chu Liuyue was taken aback and immediately turned around to look.

Mu Qinghe was covered in blood, and he lay on the black bridge motionlessly. It was as if… he fainted.

When he fell down, he seemed to have fallen rather hard as his chest vibrated, and he vomited blood again.

It seemed like he was very pathetic…

Chu Liuyue’s eyes twitched. H-he appeared too suddenly!

Chu Liuyue looked at Mu Qinghe’s injuries—which seemed to be even more severe than before—and she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s… going on with him?”

“Oh, he just fainted. He won’t die from the fall,” said that person calmly as if he didn’t care.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

“…Or do you want him to know that you saved him so that he’ll be even more grateful toward you?” The speaker had no intentions, but the listener understood.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be harshly stabbed by a knife. “No need; this is the best. Thank you.”

She quickly gathered her thoughts, and when she checked on Mu Qinghe again, her heart was calm. That Master is right; this is the best choice. I had once saved him, and he was very grateful toward me, but what happened in the end? It ended as a joke! This time, I’ll do it for myself!

Thinking of this, she walked over and planned to carry Mu Qinghe out. But the moment she lowered her body, something flashed in the corner of her eyes as something flew over.

Chu Liuyue immediately raised her hands and caught the item. Then, she took a closer look and realized it was a Yuan instrument.

“Use this to bring him out. Don’t dirty my path.” That man’s tone was cold.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but mutter in her heart. So, this Master is also very… particular, to put it nicely. If I phrased it in a bad way… Mm, he’s pretty similar to that wife of his. This bridge is made from force. How can it be dirtied? Besides, it’s black! How dirty can it get?

However, she was at a disadvantage for receiving his help. Hence, she definitely wouldn’t say this in front of him. Besides, this Yuan instrument could save her efforts.

“What are you saying?”

Chu Liuyue was shocked. Just now, I had my mouth closed tightly and didn’t make any sound at all. Does this man know how to read minds? He could actually guess this!

She immediately smiled and looked up. “Nothing! Nothing! I was just thinking that you and your wife are a pair made in heaven!”

This sentence had clearly pleased the difficult Master. He smiled, and his tone and attitude were much better than before. “My wife and I think the same way.”

Chu Liuyue was stumped. She had seen confident ones, but she never saw someone praising himself and his wife in front of others…

“T-then, I’ll wish you and your wife to have a blissful marriage and hope you two will grow old together! I-I’ll leave now?” said Chu Liuyue kindly.

The other party chuckled and didn’t say anything more.

Chu Liuyue then relaxed and injected her force into the Yuan instrument.


The Yuan instrument expanded and floated in midair like a hexagonal flying disc. Then, the flying disc suddenly dropped a gigantic net that easily enveloped Mu Qinghe.

Upon seeing Mu Qinghe—who curled into a ball and was squeezed within the net—Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched.

It’s not wrong to help, but… this scene is interesting… She coughed and turned around.

Suddenly, stifled laughter sounded. “I wish you and your future husband a blissful marriage.”

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