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Chapter 302: Tripod!

The Empress hurriedly supported the Emperor and worriedly said, “Your Majesty, please take care of your body!”

Emperor Jiawen gripped the Empress’s wrist tightly and finally managed to stabilize himself. He looked toward Jiuyou Tower urgently, worried and angry. “How can this be? Aren’t the other students here? Why is he inside Jiuyou Tower?!”

Zuo Rong and the others looked at one another, unsure of what to do.


Another explosion came from Jiuyou Tower at this moment, which continued to spread upward!

Emperor Jiawen was startled, and he couldn’t hold his anger back any longer. “His body is weak, and you all let him enter Jiuyou Tower?! What were you all thinking!? If anything happens to him, I won’t let any of you off easily!”

Emperor Jiawen had always been respectful of the academy’s Elders and teachers. He had never spoken to them like this before.

Everyone was shocked by his reaction. It was then that they realized that His Majesty was truly worried about Prince Li.

Zuo Rong explained weakly, “Your Majesty, please calm down. This matter… this matter… Prince Li actually went in himself…”

Emperor Jiawen paused, his face full of confusion. “How can that be?!”

Rong Xiu knows he is sick, so how could he have been as reckless as to enter Jiuyou Tower?!

“We would never dare to lie to Your Majesty. In fact, all the students had been chased out before Jiuyou Tower changed. The black karmic fire began burning in Jiuyou Tower, but Prince Li entered the tower then.

Zuo Rong gulped with difficulty. “Elder Wei Yun and the others tried to stop him, but… they couldn’t…”

The two simple sentences contained a large amount of information. Emperor Jiawen only processed all of it after a while.

“You’re saying that he walked through the fire?!” asked Emperor Jiawen in disbelief. His voice was shaking because of the shock.

Zuo Rong and the others could only nod. “Yes.”

How could they not be stunned? Rong Xiu’s actions were as good as looking for death!

“We tried to go in later, but the fire was too big, so we couldn’t go in,” said Zuo Rong as he lowered his head.

He knew that his explanation was rather weak. Even if it were true, they had failed to protect Rong Xiu.

If anything happened to him…

Emperor Jiawen looked up and stared at Jiuyou Tower—which had been enveloped by the black karmic fire. His face was pale, and he didn’t utter a single word.

The Empress stood by his side, her wrist in pain from his tight grip. Without looking, it was clear that it was bruised. However, she put up with it silently.

What was this amount of pain? Knowing that Rong Xiu was trapped inside Jiuyou Tower was comfort enough for her!

How could Rong Xiu survive such a dangerous place?

She had been worried about not being able to get rid of him, but he sent himself to his doom!

Zuo Rong made it clear that Rong Xiu went in on his own volition. If he dies, it is nobody’s fault! At the very least, my son and I won’t be implicated!

The Empress suppressed her joy and knitted her brows together. “Your Majesty, don’t worry. Prince Li knows his limits. He must have his reasons for doing so. Now that Elder Ye is here as well, I’m sure Prince Li will be fine.”

However, Emperor Jiawen could not take any of that in. Sure, Elder Ye was present, but it was clear that the Locking Heaven Formation couldn’t hold on for much longer!

Besides, Jiuyou Tower had started to collapse!

“Hurry… Do something… Do something and get Rong Xiu out!” Emperor Jiawen muttered when he spotted Mu Qinghe from the corner of his eye.

His eyes lit up as if he were looking at his last hope. “Lieutenant Mu! Lieutenant Mu!”

Mu Qinghe looked toward Emperor Jiawen.

He had heard the commotion from Emperor Jiawen’s side, and he knew the latter was asking him for help. However, he had no intentions of heading out to help.

Looking at Mu Qinghe’s aloof manner, Emperor Jiawen was uncertain. But he had no other choice at this point.

“Lieutenant Mu, your ability is superior. I’m sure you can…” Emperor Jiawen begged.

“No.” Mu Qinghe cut off Emperor Jiawen, not leaving him any room for negotiation.

Emperor Jiawen’s face paled.

Just as he was about to make a second appeal, Mu Qinghe spoke. “Why should I save him if he’s not in any danger?”

Inside Jiuyou Tower.


Hong Yao was hit, and it flew backward, hitting the ground!

The blue flames on its body were greatly weakened.

“Hong Yao!” Chu Liuyue rushed forward.

Hong Yao struggled to get up, but it fell to the ground. There was a bloodied wound on its wings!

Chu Liuyue picked Hong Yao up carefully and turned back.

The apparition formed by the black karmic fire in the transparent cauldron had been greatly weakened—the two were evenly matched!

Chu Liuyue knew that Hong Yao had previously gotten hurt from a fight with the fiend. Therefore, she dared not take it lightly.

However, she didn’t expect Hong Yao to be evenly matched with the fiend after exerting all its energy!

Who knows how much trouble would arise if they let it escape…

At this moment, Chu Liuyue saw a streak of light flash across the cauldron! It was much clearer this time; Chu Liuyue could even tell that the light seemed to follow along the strange pattern on the cauldron.

She wondered if it was an illusion, but she felt that the patterns on the cauldron were clearer after the streaks of light passed through.

Hong Yao lay against Chu Liuyue’s chest, but its eyes were fixed on the cauldron; its eyes were full of indignance.

It was embarrassing to have lost the first time, but it didn’t win the second time either! How embarrassing would it be if word of this got out?

Hong Yao moved, wanting to continue fighting. However, the green sparrow could only flap its wings weakly.

Chu Liuyue said, “You’re hurt now; you better stay put.”

Hong Yao immediately put its wings away obediently. Thinking of how the battle made it seem rather useless, the green sparrow buried its head spitefully.

Chu Liuyue instantly understood. “You want me to take revenge for you?”

Hong Yao only stuck its head out, whining pitifully.

Tuan Zi looked at it with disdain as it burst out laughing. Useless!

Hong Yao glared at Tuan Zi angrily.

Chu Liuyue patted its head as she laughed speechlessly. “Okay; wait by the side.”

It was only then that Hong Yao flew to the side. Before leaving, the green sparrow raised its chin toward the black karmic fire—arrogant since it had now found backup.

Chu Liuyue held her forehead in exasperation. Hong Yao doesn’t seem to have realized that I am not who I used to be. I’m not sure I can win.

At this thought, she flipped her palm up, and the concentrated red fire rose!

Almost at the same time, countless streaks of light filled up the transparent cauldron!

The pattern on the cauldron became much clearer!


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