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Chapter 303: Break!

The fire in the cauldron started burning intensely!

In the blink of an eye, the fire was much stronger than before!

Chu Liuyue was stunned and was forced to take a step back due to the horrifying impact.

Then, a pair of bloodied eyes appeared again, and all of the surrounding fire rapidly gathered together!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat.

When the ferocious fiend previously formed apparitions, they were all in bits and pieces of fire, never like this, where all the fire gathered together.


A loud sound suddenly erupted above her head.

Chu Liuyue looked up and was shocked to see a ball of black karmic fire barging in from outside, rapidly merging with the apparition—that was the fire that had flown out previously!

For some reason, all that fire abruptly returned at this time!

Uneasiness filled Chu Liuyue’s heart.

Following the rapid gathering of the fire, the apparition became even more stable as it gradually formed a giant and clear outline.

Chu Liuyue stared at it closely; the apparition was clearly exactly the same as the engraving on Jiuyou Tower’s door.

That gigantic black eagle had its wings crossed in front, and its pair of bloodied eyes were filled with endless murderous intent, sending chills down one’s spine.


Its wings suddenly expanded, and a sharp shriek reverberated throughout the entire Jiuyou Tower!

“Quickly, look! The fire on top of Jiuyou Tower is disappearing!”

Just as everyone was very anxious and worried that Jiuyou Tower would simply collapse, a gasp was suddenly heard from the crowd.

Everyone looked over.

Sun Zhongyan and the rest looked surprised.

“Uncle-Master, it seems like the Locking Heaven Formation is taking effect!”

Ye Zhiting stared at it closely, and his expression suddenly changed! “Oh no! Retreat now!”

The crowd was confused.

The next moment, Ye Zhiting suddenly flew toward the silver pestle in the middle.

The fire outside Jiuyou Tower started pouring in with even greater speed.

Ye Zhiting’s hand harshly slammed on top of the silver pestle, and dense force crazily pervaded the pestle.

The Locking Heaven Formation’s force was once again strengthened.

At this point, the others finally recovered their senses. That black fire wasn’t extinguished, but it had flowed toward the tower.

Even though they didn’t know what was going on, anyone who saw this could feel that something was amiss.


The crack on Jiuyou Tower became even larger as the outer layer started peeling at a rapid speed.

Through the crack in the tower, the crowd could see an endless sea of black fire—the entire Jiuyou Tower seemed to be occupied by that fire.

Sun Zhongyan and the others’ hearts clenched tightly.

Jiuyou Tower was in such a perilous situation; it would be hard for Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue—who were still stuck inside the tower—to survive.

Emperor Jiawen quickly walked forward, wanting to find a familiar figure in the fire.

The Empress hurriedly pulled him back. “Your Majesty, it’s dangerous!”

Zuo Rong and the rest immediately went forward and stopped him. What a joke! The people inside haven’t come out yet; how can we allow more people to enter?!

Emperor Jiawen’s expression suddenly changed, and he looked like he had aged by a decade at that moment.

After seeing his appearance, the Empress was jealous and satisfied at the same time. It’s better if he’s dead!

Not far away, a group of students finally couldn’t help but whisper. “Oh no… Jiuyou Tower really is going to collapse this time!”

“I wonder what kind of ferocious fiend is sealed under the tower! How can it be so powerful? If Director and the rest can’t stop it…”

“Touch wood! What are you saying? How can Director and the rest not have a solution? Jiuyou Tower has existed for many years, and Director and the elders are all very formidable. They can definitely suppress it!”

“But if Jiuyou Tower is ruined… There’s a Pit of Heavenly Origins underneath it! I really wonder what will happen after today…”

“Be content! At least we still saved our own lives! As for Prince Li and Chu Liuyue, who are inside… I’m afraid—”

At this time, Chu Ning—who had just finished instructing his subordinates—heard what they said, and he instantly looked at the speaking people in shock. Yue’er is inside too?!

He had previously come in a hurry and was only preoccupied with dispersing the imperial guards to quarantine Tian Lu Academy. Hence, he didn’t care about the rest.

Chu Ning immediately surveyed his surroundings, and he really didn’t see the familiar figure.

He forced himself to calm down and collect his thoughts. Then, he took out a compass from his arms.

The needle on the compass moved lightly and finally pointed at Jiuyou Tower.

Chu Ning was worried and thankful at the same time. He was worried because Yue’er was indeed trapped in Jiuyou Tower. He was thankful because the compass still reacting proved that Yue’er was not in trouble yet.

He put away the compass and immediately wanted to barge into Jiuyou Tower.

“Officer Chu, what are you doing?!” Zuo Rong saw Chu Ning’s actions from the side and hurriedly stopped him.

Chu Ning stared straight at Jiuyou Tower. “Yue’er is still inside! I—”

Hong! Long! Long!

Dark clouds started to gather in the sky, and a thunderbolt struck.

A silver flash suddenly appeared amidst the rumbling clouds.

The crowd then saw lightning strike down rapidly—it went straight for Ye Zhiting.

Ye Zhiting had no choice but to retreat speedily.


That lightning bolt accurately struck the silver pestle.

The next moment, the countless sparks became shots of light as they shone down and covered the entire Jiuyou Tower.


The stars suddenly exploded on top of the Locking Heaven Formation.

An elder spat out blood, and the area under his feet quickly dimmed.

Without waiting for the crowd to react, countless sounds erupted from the Locking Heaven Formation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the same time, the gigantic Locking Heaven Formation started darkening at an observable speed. Then, it thoroughly collapsed!

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