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Chapter 301: What about him?

Hong Yao flapped its wings, and two balls of fire instantly began burning! A giant green silhouette also appeared behind it.

The pressure of a seventh-grade fiend was very strong!

Chu Liuyue looked at Hong Yao with surprise. She didn’t expect the green sparrow to use its ultimate move right from the start. However, she then recalled that Hong Yao seemed to have been injured by the apparition before.

Hong Yao had always been vengeful; how could it just let the fiend apparition go? It would try its best to win back some pride!

As if it had sensed the threat from Hong Yao, the black karmic fire in the transparent cauldron started becoming more active again.

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. As expected, this beast hasn’t given up. It was feigning compliance because it had suffered earlier.

She suddenly focused her gaze.

A streak of light seemed to have passed through the transparent cauldron.

Chu Liuyue sensed that something was amiss, so she took a closer look. However, she didn’t see anything this time.


Hong Yao cried out as it flapped its wings. The two blue balls of flames flew out toward the cauldron!


Another crack appeared on Jiuyou Tower, and more black karmic fire started spurting out from it!

Everyone was nervous to see this, and they all kept silent.

Ye Zhiting directed more force into the silver pestle, and the Locking Heaven Formation’s pressure increased!

But the power within Jiuyou Tower seemed to have become stronger.

“What’s going on? Didn’t the black karmic fire die down a little earlier? Sun Zhongyan was shocked.

Ye Zhiting’s expression was solemn. As expected… I had sensed something amiss, and it looks like that’s the case now! The black karmic fire hadn’t been suppressed by the formation earlier; the beast was pooling its energy!

Even though they didn’t know where its energy came from, they were certain of one thing: if the beast continued getting stronger, the Locking Heaven Formation would fall apart!


A piece of stone suddenly fell from Jiuyou Tower!

Ye Zhiting’s heart sank! Jiuyou Tower is probably going to collapse!

On the other hand, Mu Qinghe focused his eyes and saw a familiar streak of blue fire within the black karmic fire! This… Hong Yao is fighting with the beast? It appears to be a vigorous battle, but… Hong Yao’s situation seems a little strange.

Even though it is proud and stubborn, it is also lazy. The beast has harmed it before, so Hong Yao will definitely take this chance to seek vengeance. However, there’s no need for Hong Yao to use its ultimate move right from the get-go… Hong Yao seems… especially excited to be in there?

Mu Qinghe pondered for a moment before he asked Sun Zhongyan, “Are there people in Jiuyou Tower?”

“How did Lieutenant Mu know?” Sun Zhongyan was rather surprised. Mu Qinghe has just arrived, so he shouldn’t have had time to hear the chatter.

Mu Qinghe had a vague idea. “Is it… Chu Liuyue?”

Sun Zhongyan was surprised.

Mu Qinghe knew he was right from Sun Zhongyan’s reaction. Chu Liuyue is indeed inside the tower!

He glanced at the tower again, his eyes dark. This Chu Liuyue has a lot of mysteries on her…

“Is Lieutenant Mu worried about Liuyue?” Sun Zhongyan asked testingly. After all, Chu Liuyue had the Dijing Yuan meridian. So far, she was the only person who had the chance to go to the Tianling Dynasty with Mu Qinghe.

It was normal for Mu Qinghe to worry.

Mu Qinghe did not reply.

Sun Zhongyan wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Lieutenant Mu, don’t worry. Liuyue is a student of the academy, and she’s Uncle-Master’s disciple. We’ll rescue her at all costs.”

Mu Qinghe raised his chin, his eyes judgemental. “With this half-activated Locking Heaven Formation?”

Sun Zhongyan was speechless.

Mu Qinghe was right. The Locking Heaven Formation seemed to have been fully activated, but it was only working at half-power. It was only slightly stronger than before because of Ye Zhiting’s presence.

But in reality, the real Locking Heaven Formation was many times more complicated than what they had right now.

Due to their limited cultivation, this was all they could manage after combining their powers.

His head ached if he stared at the complex Xuan formation for too long, not to mention activating it.

He himself could not manage it, not to mention the other Xuan Masters in the academy. Therefore, they were stuck in this awkward situation.

“His Majesty and Her Majesty have arrived!” An urgent announcement suddenly sounded from afar.

Everyone was shocked. What is Emperor Jiawen doing here at this time? The Empress is here as well?!

Zuo Rong and the others turned to see Emperor Jiawen hurrying over, with the Empress right behind him.

Accompanying them were the imperial guards led by Chu Ning.

“Your Majesty!”

Zuo Rong and the others went forward, ready to greet Emperor Jiawen when he stopped them. “Where’s Seven?”

Of course, Emperor Jiawen was referring to Seventh Prince Rong Xiu, Prince Li.

Nobody expected that the first thing Emperor Jiawen would ask would be regarding Rong Xiu, and they all paused.

Woe and coldness flashed across the Empress’s eyes, but it was fleeting. Hence, nobody noticed it.

Emperor Jiawen rushed straight here when he heard that there was an accident at Jiuyou Tower.

The Empress rarely saw Emperor Jiawen this nervous, so it was clear who it was about. Isn’t it because Rong Xiu is at Tian Lu Academy? I thought that giving Rong Xiu the title of Prince Li was enough already, but I didn’t expect his favor toward Rong Xiu to be this much! Even though he has been away for years, His Majesty still dotes on Rong Xiu the most!

Isn’t this all because of that woman? She’s been dead for so many years, but she’s still haunting us. How revolting! The Empress dug her nails into her palm, but her expression remained unchanged.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry. Prince Li is blessed, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Didn’t they say that the academy’s students have been evacuated? Look, they’re all there! I’m sure Prince Li is fine.”

Emperor Jiawen looked up hurriedly and saw that the academy’s students had indeed gathered together.

Jiuyou Tower was burning, but it was quite a distance from them. Besides, the academy’s Elders and teachers were by their side, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Emperor Jiawen scanned around, but he didn’t see Rong Xiu. He could not help frowning. “Why is Seven not there?”

Zuo Rong was the first to react, and he didn’t know how to reply to Emperor Jiawen’s question. “Your Majesty, Prince Li…”

Emperor Jiawen had a bad feeling from Zuo Rong’s hesitant attitude. “Where exactly is he?!!

Zuo Rong looked down. “Your Majesty, Prince Li is… inside Jiuyou Tower…”

“What?!” Emperor Jiawen was stunned, and he stumbled.

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