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Chapter 300: Grudges Old and New

Mu Qinghe frowned when he saw the burning Jiuyou Tower. His heart moved when he saw Hong Yao rush in, but he didn’t stop it.

In the blink of an eye, Hong Yao had passed through the fire and disappeared into the black karmic fire.

“This…” Before Sun Zhongyan could say anything to stop it, the green sparrow had disappeared.

Sun Zhongyan looked at Ye Zhiting hesitantly.

Ye Zhiting was rather calm. “That’s a seventh-grade fiend; it’ll be fine. In the worst-case scenario… there’s its owner too.”

Only then did Sun Zhongyan put his mind at ease. He had forgotten that Mu Qinghe had tagged along as well.

Shun Zhongyan looked toward Mu Qinghe and greeted him. “Lieutenant Mu! What brings you here?”

Mu Qinghe’s tone was calm and even. “With this commotion, the entire imperial city knows.”

A large number of people had gathered outside of Tian Lu Academy, not to mention him.

Sun Zhongyan felt a little awkward.

Mu Qinghe frowned as he watched the fire burning on top of Jiuyou Tower. “I didn’t expect such a ferocious beast to be hidden beneath Jiuyou Tower.”

Earlier, he had been a little confused as to what fiend could hurt Hong Yao, but he understood when he saw the scene before him.

Sun Zhongyan didn’t know what to say. He hesitated before he worriedly said, “Lieutenant Mu, this place is really dangerous now. Your fiend just flew in…”

It’s fine if it comes out unscathed, but we will be implicated if anything happens.

Mu Qinghe’s expression was still calm. “It knows its limit.”

The situation was a little dangerous, but it wasn’t lethal. This wasn’t a bad opportunity for Hong Yao to test itself.

Sun Zhongyan couldn’t say anything since Mu Qinghe had spoken. He returned to Ye Zhiting’s side and tried to activate the Locking Heaven Formation.

Mu Qinghe glanced at the Locking Heaven Formation, and his eyes landed on the silver pestle in the middle.

He was surprised. That thing… This tiny Tian Lu Academy seems a lot more complicated than we had imagined…

Hong Yao passed through the black karmic fire easily, but entering the sealed Jiuyou Tower took quite some effort.

The door at the base was locked, and the windows on the other floors were locked as well.

In the end, Hong Yao managed to find a crack in the tower and flew in through the flames!


Chu Liuyue was facing off the beast when she heard the strange sound from above. She looked up and saw a familiar green silhouette flying toward her!

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in shock. “Hong Yao? Why are you here?!”

Upon saying that, Chu Liuyue realized that her tone was too familiar, and she looked behind Hong Yao warily.

Thankfully, Mu Qinghe did not follow it in.

Hong Yao flew in, so it saw the transparent cauldron beneath it and the black fire burning within the cauldron.

Hong Yao felt the familiar sense of threat within the cauldron! It is this fellow that harmed me!

Hong Yao widened its eyes and wanted to rush forward to seek vengeance! But at this point, it heard Chu Liuyue’s voice.

It looked up in shock, only to notice that Chu Liuyue was there too!

Hong Yao was ecstatic and immediately changed directions, flying toward Chu Liuyue!

Before it could get there, a red shadow stood in its way—it was Tuan Zi!

Like before, Tuan Zi stared at Hong Yao warily, clearly not wanting it to get close to Chu Liuyue.

Hong Yao was frustrated, and fire rose from its body!

The two of them were in a stand-off!

Chu Liuyue looked at the two of them speechlessly.

She knew that the two of them couldn’t stand each other. Why else would they fight the instant they met?

“Tuan Zi.” Chu Liuyue’s voice had a tinge of warning to it.

Tuan Zi huffed indignantly, refusing to budge.

Hong Yao didn’t give in either, staring pointedly at Tuan Zi.

Chu Liuyue: “If you want to fight, do it outside.”

The two froze.

Chu Liuyue continued, “Tuan Zi, I won’t help you. Hong Yao’s a seventh-grade fiend; you might not be its match now.”

Tuan Zi hugged its head in frustration.

Glee flashed across Hong Yao’s eyes, and it bit its wings.

“And Hong Yao.” Chu Liuyue looked toward the green sparrow. “You know the consequences of killing my fiend.”

Hong Yao paused.

Tuan Zi was gloating as it turned and shook its behind at Hong Yao cockily.

Hong Yao was mad and spun a few rounds before it finally stopped and glanced at Chu Liuyue indignantly. Its ruby-red eyes were filled with tears—it was crying in exasperation.

Chu Liuyue felt her heart soften. She knew that Hong Yao just wanted to be by her side. After all… She had helped Mu Qinghe raise it for so long, and she would back it up whenever it threw a tantrum at Mu Qinghe.

Hong Yao had relied heavily on her, and it was even closer to her than it was to Mu Qinghe, its real owner.

How could Chu Liuyue not be moved that Hong Yao could recognize her after she was reborn?

I wonder how Hong Yao got through this one year… Finally, Chu Liuyue sighed and waved. “Hong Yao.”

Tuan Zi froze and looked at Chu Liuyue in disbelief.

Said person glanced at Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi kept itself in check. Even though it was indignant, it didn’t dare to truly anger Chu Liuyue.

Hong Yao flew over happily when it heard her call.

Seeing that it was about to fly into her arms, Chu Liuyue broke into an indulgent smile. However, Hong Yao paused when it arrived before her.

Hong Yao looked at Chu Liuyue hesitantly. It had imagined such a scene countless times, but they had always been illusions.

In reality, Hong Yao had slowly come to terms that that person was no longer around. However, it had just refused to admit it.

And now, she was before its eyes… What if she disappeared on touch like before?!

Chu Liuyue felt her heart ache when she saw Hong Yao’s hesitance. She softened her tone. “Yaoyao, come here.”

Hong Yao froze when it heard her voice, and joy filled its eyes! No one else in this world calls me that!

Hong Yao finally stopped hesitating and lunged into Chu Liuyue’s arms!

Chu Liuyue raised her hands and patted it on the head.

Hong Yao’s body shook as tears streamed down its face.

Chu Liuyue was thankful that she ran into Hong Yao here. Otherwise, she would never dare to behave like this.

Tuan Zi angrily watched everything unfold from the side.

What is there to cry about? I didn’t even cry! As Tuan Zi thought this, it stretched out its claw and wiped its face.


At this moment, the beast—which had been weakened—in the cauldron cried out!

Hong Yao looked back angrily and flew back! Of all the times to speak up, it chose this moment. This beast must be doing it on purpose! Grudges—old and new—I will settle them once and for all!

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