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Chapter 299: Black and White

There was a crushing sense of pressure as strong energy came from the water droplet!

The apparition approaching Chu Liuyue seemed to have sensed the danger as panic flashed across its eyes, and it backed away quickly!

A streak of red fire burst out from Chu Liuyue’s body and chased after the apparition!


In the blink of an eye, the black fire and red fire clashed and made a sharp noise!

The black apparition quickly backed away into the cauldron as if it had run into something scary! However, the red fire followed it to the edge of the cauldron and burned it!

Grey and white smoke appeared!


The black karmic fire in the cauldron burst up as if it had been agitated, and a haunting roar came from inside!

Chu Liuyue watched everything in surprise. The red fire… came from inside me?!

The dantian attacked and chased the black karmic fire even before she had the time to think! To be more precise, the black karmic fire had fled.

Chu Liuyue could feel the beast’s deep fear through the cauldron!

“Is this the soul of some fiend…” Chu Liuyue muttered to herself. She clearly saw that there was no fiend body when the black karmic fire rose just now. But what kind of fiend could survive for 1,000 years with only a soul?!

The confusion in Chu Liuyue’s heart grew as she stared at the scene before her with a deep frown.

The red flames had turned into a giant barrier that enveloped the cauldron, and the haunting cries gradually became weaker!

On the side, Tuan Zi shook its tail as if it was a pity that it didn’t get the chance to deal with the beast itself.

Chu Liuyue stood in her spot with a complicated expression. The red fire’s appearance was rather sudden, but I felt it. For example… I seemed to feel that beast’s fear. It seemed like it wanted to… surrender?

Chu Liuyue sensed that she could control that red fire. She raised her hand, and the red fire flew back into her palms.

The originally aggressive black karmic fire had shrunken. It was clearly not a match for Chu Liuyue’s red fire.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but look down; a small flame was dancing on her palm.

If she hadn’t seen it for herself, she wouldn’t have believed that there would be so much power in the red fire!

The red fire clearly came from the water droplet, and its color resembled the red writing that had appeared before.

Chu Liuyue set aside all her thoughts and looked forward. “Will you surrender, or shall we continue?”

Fifth floor of Jiuyou Tower.

The black karmic fire was quickly spreading upward from below.

Jiuyou Tower was scorching hot from inside to out—it was like hell on earth. However, one person was slowly making his way up in this sea of fire.

This person was slender and dressed in white. Every step he took was nonchalant and relaxed. He was the only bit of white in the sea of black.

With every step he took, the fire before him would part to make way for him.

The contrast between the two colors as he made his way forward was like a painting.

The man quickly arrived at the barrier on the sixth floor. He stood before the stairs, his dark eyes glancing at the barrier.

He then stretched out his palm and placed it on the barrier; he could still feel a little warmth.

It’s her. Rong Xiu sighed. I thought that she would stop on the sixth floor, but…

Rong Xiu curled his fingers slightly, and the barrier silently spread open.

He then continued upward.

“Rong Xiu’s already on the sixth floor?!” Ye Zhiting—who had been observing the situation in Jiuyou Tower—cried out suddenly.

Sun Zhongyan’s eyelid twitched. Chu Liuyue was enough. How did Rong Xiu… How did the two of them do it?

He spoke up after contemplating for a while. “Uncle-Master, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The bottom five floors of Jiuyou Tower have been surrounded by the black karmic fire. If they flee to the top, they might be able to avoid…”

“Zhongyan, I believe you’ve been to the fifth floor, right?”

Sun Zhongyan nodded confusedly.

Ye Zhiting sighed. “Then, which do you think is more dangerous? The fire below, or the top floors?”

Sun Zhongyan was speechless. He remembered that the pressure would increase with every floor. Neither Chu Liuyue nor Rong Xiu had enough ability to support…

“Director, the fire seems to have become small!” Bai Chen suddenly cried out.

The others looked up hurriedly and saw that the fire—which had spread to the fifth floor—hadn’t continued moving upward. It also did seem weaker than before.

Ye Zhiting stared at it for a while, but his expression was still as tense. Conversely, he knitted his brows together even tighter.

Sun Zhongyan was just about to rejoice when he saw Ye Zhiting’s expression. His smile froze. “Uncle-Master, what’s wrong?”

“That’s not right…” Ye Zhiting muttered.

Sun Zhongyan took another look, confused. “Not right? What’s not right? Hasn’t our Locking Heaven Formation suppressed the beast? The fire has subsided by quite a lot as well!”

This should be a sign that we’re winning!

Ye Zhiting didn’t say anything but shook his head. Something is really wrong. The Locking Heaven Formation hasn’t exerted its power. The beast’s transformation was too sudden! Could it be that… something happened within Jiuyou Tower?

For some reason, Ye Zhiting felt uneasy as if something was going to happen.


At this moment, a clear screech came from afar!

Everyone looked up and saw a palm-sized green sparrow flying toward Jiuyou Tower! It was moving fast, and its body was burning blue! From afar, it seemed like a flying blue ball of flames!

“That’s… a seventh-grade fiend, the green sparrow?!” Ye Zhiting was stunned.

Sun Zhongyan hurriedly explained things to him. “Uncle-Master, that’s the fiend of Tianling Dynasty’s envoy, Mu Qinghe!”

Ye Zhiting had been in seclusion, so he was unaware of outside affairs. However, he heard the words ‘Tianling Dynasty’ loud and clear.

Ye Zhiting was stunned and looked closer. He saw a young man following behind the green sparrow.

This man wasn’t dressed extravagantly and looked rather dashing, but the scar on his left eye made him seem rather stern and authoritative.

What shocked Ye Zhiting the most was that he should see through the other person’s level!

Hong Yao was livid when it saw the burning black karmic fire. It flapped its wings and headed straight for Jiuyou Tower!

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