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Chapter 295: Threat!

Rong Xiu is a lunatic! This thought flashed across Elder Wei Yun’s mind. How dangerous is Jiuyou Tower now? However, Rong Xiu isn’t leaving; he’s even barging into it! Isn’t he courting death?

Elder Wei Yun clenched his teeth and rushed forward, planning to drag Rong Xiu out. However, a ball of black karmic fire suddenly exploded in front of him, causing him to stop outside!

Elder Wei Yun hurriedly turned around to look, but he saw that Yan Qing didn’t follow Rong Xiu in.

He was just about to shout at Yan Qing, but Yan Qing abruptly turned around to leave—he disappeared in the blink of an eye!

This… At this point, Elder Wei Yun couldn’t consider so much. With much helplessness, he could only jump into the sky and told Sun Zhongyan, “Rong Xiu went into Jiuyou Tower!”

Sun Zhongyan knitted his brows tightly. “I know!”

This Locking Heaven Formation was specifically used to suppress Jiuyou Tower. After activating it, he would know everything that happened within Jiuyou Tower like the back of his palm. However, the regretful thing was that he could only see the bottom five floors. Hence, he still couldn’t find Chu Liuyue’s whereabouts.

“I tried to stop him just now, but I couldn’t,” said Sun Zhongyan solemnly as he glanced at the blazing black karmic fire.

Elder Wei Yun was shocked. “How can this be?”

Sun Zhongyan held the silver pestle and could control the entire Locking Heaven Formation. If he really could stop Rong Xiu, how could Rong Xiu have entered the tower?

Sun Zhongyan knew what Elder Wei Yun was thinking as well. In actual fact, he was very shocked and confused.

When he detected Rong Xiu’s aura, he knew that there was something wrong, and he immediately sent out some force to stop him. However, it seemed like the force didn’t have any effect on Rong Xiu.

Sun Zhongyan suddenly became shocked. “Rong Xiu has already entered the first floor.”

Elder Wei Yun opened his mouth wide, but he started stuttering because he was too shocked. “W-why… Isn’t the door tightly shut? How did he go in?”

He had personally seen Jiuyou Tower’s door close on its own. Even he was blocked on the outside and could not enter. How did Rong Xiu—who had no cultivation at all—open the door?

Besides, the entire first floor was burning!

“I don’t know, but he did go in. And… he’s going upstairs!” Sun Zhongyan looked at the bright lights flashing in the Xuan formation in front of him, and his entire heart hung high in his throat.

The two people currently in Jiuyou Tower were people they absolutely couldn’t afford to lose. Besides, even if it was out of selfishness, he didn’t want to see something happen to either of them.

“Rong Xiu should have a protective Yuan instrument on him; this is why he could enter the tower safely. However, it shouldn’t last for too long…”

Elder Wei Yun thought for quite a while and felt that this was the only logical explanation.

“But no matter what, we still need to think of a way to bring them out! They—” Sun Zhongyan suddenly gasped.

Upon seeing his facial expression change, Elder Wei Yun’s heart sank.

“He actually went up to the second floor!” exclaimed Sun Zhongyan in shock.

“How can this be? His body is frail, and he can’t cultivate. It’s already a coincidence that he could enter the first floor! How can he go up to the second floor? He’s not a stage-two warrior!”

“Liuyue is a stage-two warrior, but there’s no trace of her on the second floor!” said Sun Zhongyan with clenched teeth.

Elder Wei Yun instantly lost his voice. After a long while, he asked hesitantly, “Then… Are you saying that she’s indeed above the first five floors?”

Sun Zhongyan closed his eyes. If he hadn’t seen it for himself, he wouldn’t have believed it at all.

Jiuyou Tower was very strict with its levels. Every floor had its own barrier to stop other people, so nobody had managed to exceed their cultivation level and go up. But the truth was lying in front of him, so he had to believe it.


Just when the two of them were talking, the fire burned even more strongly at the bottom of Jiuyou Tower.

Sun Zhongyan circulated all the force in his body and inserted it into the silver pestle.

The gigantic Xuan formation in the sky shone even more brightly and exuded a great suppression.

The two forces were in a crazy battle!

The commotion in Jiuyou Tower quickly attracted the attention of many strong people in the Imperial City.

Mu Qinghe—who was resting in his room—suddenly opened his eyes and looked in Jiuyou Tower’s direction.

He stared for a while and muttered, “It seems like a ferocious fiend is about to be born… I can’t believe that there’s such an existence in this place…”

This Country Yao Chen really has a lot of secrets.

At this point, Hong Yao suddenly flew over. Its ruby eyes stared straight at Jiuyou Tower.

Mu Qinghe looked down at it.

Ever since Hong Yao came back the day before, it had always been unhappy, and it wouldn’t say what was wrong when he asked it. Hong Yao only stubbornly buried its head underneath its wings and did not move.

Mu Qinghe knew that Hong Yao was throwing a tantrum, but he didn’t want to coax it.

Hong Yao’s temper is getting bigger and bigger. In the past, it would always complain to that person, causing me to have no choice but to give in several times. But times have changed, and that person is no longer around. If Hong Yao continues in its ways, it will definitely bring about greater trouble sooner or later.

Thus, Mu Qinghe had already decided to correct Hong Yao’s bad temper. If Hong Yao didn’t move, he wouldn’t do anything either. He would just let it sulk.

Seeing the alertness in Hong Yao’s body and the anger burning in its eyes, he suddenly understood and furrowed his brows. “You went there previously?”

Upon hearing this, Hong Yao didn’t care about him as it waved its wings, about to fly away.

Mu Qinghe encircled his chest and said lightly, “It seems like your cultivation is indeed worsening by the day. Now, even a suppressed ferocious fiend can hurt you.”

Hong Yao turned around in anger and harshly glared at him. He doesn’t even know what happened, yet he’s spouting nonsense here! That beast is indeed suppressed under Jiuyou Tower, but that doesn’t mean that it’s weak!

Besides, I hadn’t even made any preparations back then. Hence, I was hurt by the beast. If it happens again, I can definitely beat that beast into a pulp.

Seeing Hong Yao’s reaction, Mu Qinghe squinted. Hong Yao has always been arrogant, and it wouldn’t even take a second look at a normal fiend. Hong Yao having such a big reaction is enough to prove that the suppressed fiend has a decent cultivation level.

His heart tingled, and his figure immediately disappeared on the spot.

Hong Yao widened its eyes. Again!? He didn’t allow me to go, but he went there himself?

Green fire burned around Hong Yao’s body as it speedily dashed toward Jiuyou Tower. I must take this chance to take my revenge!

On the other end, Fu Yunshan, Cheng Han, and the rest had also noticed the strange change.

When they discovered that the commotion was coming from Tian Lu Academy, they were stunned and hurriedly rushed there.

It wasn’t because they were worried that something would happen to the people in Tian Lu Academy, but rather, they were shocked about the commotion’s side effects.

When they reached outside the academy, they could clearly see the tall Jiuyou Tower burning crazily from afar.

The black fire had already enveloped the bottom few floors of Jiuyou Tower completely, making it look like a prison.

In the sky above Jiuyou Tower, Sun Zhongyan and the rest were working together to suppress the fire. However, the gigantic Xuan formation was crumbling!

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