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Chapter 294: He’s Here

“W-what’s that?” The crowd was shocked beyond words. Why is a fiend’s shrill coming from within Jiuyou Tower?

Only Sun Zhongyan’s brows were tightly furrowed, and his pale face was contorted. “All Xuan Masters listen, activate the Locking Heaven Formation! Everyone else, evacuate immediately!”

Once Sun Zhongyan said this, everyone looked at him in shock.

The Locking Heaven Formation was the formation used to lock Jiuyou Tower, and it hadn’t been activated in thousands of years.

Now, nobody knew what would happen if the Locking Heaven Formation was activated.

“Elder Sun, I thought only the director could activate the Locking Heaven Formation,” said Bai Chen hurriedly.

Sun Zhongyan looked stern. “I’ve already informed Uncle-Master previously. We can only hope that he will exit his seclusion as soon as possible and rush over. The strange happenings in Jiuyou Tower are urgent, and dealing with them can’t be delayed any longer! We must activate the Locking Heaven Formation. Uncle-Master has already passed me the Locking Heaven Formation’s formation eye, so I can activate it too!”

Sun Zhongyan spoke as he flipped his wrist. A silver needle then appeared in his palm.

At first glance, the silver needle didn’t look any different from an average needle. But if one took a closer look, one would see the elaborate pattern engraved on it.

In actual fact, the pattern on the silver needle was exactly the same as the pattern in front of Jiuyou Tower’s door.

After hearing what Sun Zhongyan said, everyone also knew that this was the only way left.

Nobody knew when the director would come, but the situation in Jiuyou Tower couldn’t wait a minute longer.

Seeing the needle in Sun Zhongyan’s hand, everyone felt more secure. “Elder Sun, please instruct us!”

Sun Zhongyan floated in the air, and he flung the needle out from his hands!

The needle grew as it met with the wind, and it quickly expanded until it was the size of a person’s arm.

From afar, it looked like a silver pestle!

The silver pestle immediately landed on top of Jiuyou Tower and quickly turned on its own!

“Locking Heaven Formation… Activate!” hollered Sun Zhongyan as countless silver rays of light flew out from his hands and entered the silver pestle.

The next moment, shrill sounds were gradually heard, and the pattern on the silver pestle became even brighter.


Silver light shot out from within and landed on a certain position.

Sun Zhongyan shouted, “Bai Chen! Xi San!”

Without another word, Bai Chen immediately flew over and stood on the star.


The second star quickly appeared and flew to the other side.

“Wen Yan! Nan Qi!”

“Chen Xiao! Don Liu!”

“Qi Gao! Bei Si!”

Sun Zhongyan quickly uttered commands, and all the Xuan Masters took action.

A gigantic Xuan formation quickly formed above Jiuyou Tower.

Countless silver lines flew out from the silver pestle and intersected each other as the many stars shone brightly like a Xing Luo chess piece.

All the Xuan Masters were separated, and they started preparing themselves.

The Locking Heaven Formation was a sixth-grade Xuan formation. Nobody in the academy could activate it on their own, so they had to join hands!

When everyone was in their places, Sun Zhongyan then yelled, “Activate!”

The moment he yelled, all the Xuan Masters took action simultaneously and injected their force into the galaxy of stars beneath their feet.

Rays of light flew out and followed the large intersection of lines in mid-air, gathering within the silver pestle.


A crushing sense of pressure exuded!

The Locking Heaven Formation was activated on top of Jiuyou Tower.

Below Jiuyou Tower, the other teachers had already started to evacuate.

At this point, the only thing they could do was to ensure the safety of the other people in the academy.

“Rong Xiu! Let’s go, quick!” advised Elder Wei Yun in a hurry when he saw Rong Xiu stand rooted to the spot. He thought that Rong Xiu hadn’t recovered his senses. “It’s very dangerous. You can’t stay here.”

In this type of situation, nobody could tell what accidents would happen in Jiuyou Tower. The Locking Heaven Formation was already activated, and its suppression was formidable.

The forces from both sides met each other head-on, and the people at the side were right in the middle of it.

Rong Xiu didn’t have much cultivation, and his body was frail. How could he endure such formidable suppression?

If anything happened to Rong Xiu, they would have no way of explaining it to His Majesty.

However, Rong Xiu acted as if he didn’t hear anything as he looked up at Jiuyou Tower’s seventh floor.

“Rong Xiu?” Elder Wei Yun yelled again, but Rong Xiu still didn’t give any response. He couldn’t help feeling even more anxious.

Elder Wei Yun turned back and realized that the black karmic fire had already surrounded the entire first floor of Jiuyou Tower and that the entrance was completely blocked.

The more worrying thing was that the fire had no intentions of stopping, and it was spreading toward the second floor.

The scorching fire had already started to burn the surroundings. The air was fiery, almost as if it could scorch a person.

Elder Wei Yun was panicking. We must swiftly control this fire! If not, the consequences will be unimaginable if it starts to spread crazily!

“Yan Qing, hurry up and bring him away!” With much helplessness, Elder Wei Yun could only yell at Yan Qing.

Yan Qing looked up and glanced at Elder Wei Yun before shaking his head determinedly. “Please forgive me, Elder Wei Yun. I only listen to His Highness.”

Since His Highness wanted to stay here, he naturally had to follow. Even though Yan Qing knew it was dangerous, he had no other choice because that person was in even graver danger!

If anything happened to Chu Liuyue, Yan Qing couldn’t imagine what his master would do.

Upon seeing the stubborn master and subordinate, Elder Wei Yun couldn’t help cursing in his heart. These two fools! The others have already left! Do they really want to sit here and wait for death?


A ball of black karmic fire suddenly rose up and went straight to the third floor.

Elder Wei Yun was affected by this impact since he was distracted for a moment, and he staggered a few steps backward.


The fiend’s shriek sounded again, which shook one’s heart.

The entire academy seemed to be enveloped by this ferocious and shrill shriek.

The blood in Elder Wei Yun’s body started rising up, and he almost vomited blood.

He looked up at Jiuyou Tower in shock. What kind of fiend is suppressed in there? How is it so formidable? It was just a shriek, but it had such formidable suppression!

At the same time, even the students and teachers—who had evacuated to the distance—had suffered some side effects.

They widened their eyes in shock as they stared at Jiuyou Tower; their hearts were in turmoil.

“God! Jiuyou Tower is actually burning up?”

“What exactly is going on?”

“Elder Sun and the rest have actually activated the Locking Heaven Formation? This is the first time in thousands of years, right?”

“Weren’t the few of you cultivating in Jiuyou Tower earlier? Do you know what happened?”

“How would we know? Everything was going fine until a strong force chased us out. We didn’t even have any time to react.”

“Luckily you guys came out. If you were still inside, I’m afraid—”

“Wait! I heard Elder Wei Yun say that Chu Liuyue was still inside!”

“What? Then isn’t she—”

The crowd looked at each other and fell silent. Chu Liuyue probably won’t make it this time…

On the other end, Elder Wei Yun finally slowed down his breathing with much difficulty. That was when he saw a large figure walking toward Jiuyou Tower with long strides.

Elder Wei Yun was stunned. “Rong Xiu! Stand there!”

However, Rong Xiu didn’t stop, and he went forward without hesitation.

The next moment, the black karmic fire enveloped him completely!

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