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Chapter 296: Break!


Another shrill sounded again!

Dark clouds gathered in the skies, and thunder could be heard repeatedly. Such strange signs would occur when rare treasures or high-level fiends appeared in the world.

“There’s actually a fiend trapped under Jiuyou Tower?” said Fu Yunshan in shock.

Cheng Han’s face darkened. “Rumor has it that there’s a Pit of Heavenly Origins below Jiuyou Tower. If this kind of place hid a fiend… Then, there’s an 80% chance that it has already become a ferocious fiend!”

However, we had never heard of this in the past.

“The ferocious fiend looks extraordinary. Not to mention the big commotion it caused, but it seems like it’s about to escape from Jiuyou Tower! I’m afraid that Sun Zhongyan and the rest’s Xuan formation can’t last for long…” muttered Cheng Han as many emotions flashed across his eyes.

Fu Yunshan immediately said, “We have to hurry over and help them! If the ferocious fiend comes out, I’m afraid—”

“Afraid of what?” Cheng Han suddenly interrupted Fu Yunshan and raised his brows with a strange expression. “This is Jiuyou Tower. If anything really happens, it’s Tian Lu Academy’s own business. It’s not up to outsiders like us to care about them.”

“That Xuan formation is clearly the seal for Jiuyou Tower, which means that they long knew about the ferocious fiend hidden under Jiuyou Tower and had prepared for it. So what if we help them now? We might even cause trouble for ourselves in the end.”

Fu Yunshan looked at Cheng Han. “You mean…”

“I don’t mean anything. Brother Yunshan, if you wish to help them, do as you wish. However, I don’t want to get involved in this sticky situation.” As Cheng Han talked, he took a step back. “Brother Yunshan, go ahead!”

Fu Yunshan instantly became very awkward. Actually, he had just mentioned it casually, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit cowardly after seeing Cheng Han’s attitude. Who knows what’s under that thing? It is indeed dangerous if I head over now, and I have no plans of sacrificing my life for Tian Lu Academy.

Cheng Han’s words were logical. At the end of the day, this was Tian Lu Academy’s own business, and it had nothing to do with them. It was better to silently observe the situation first.

“Then… I’ll see what’s going on first. The Xuan formation has already been set up. If I suddenly go over, I might even cause trouble for them.” Fu Yunshan coughed and also planned to watch the situation.

Cheng Han sneered in his heart. He had previously heard some people from Tian Lu Academy saying that Chu Liuyue was still trapped in Jiuyou Tower. This is really a gift from heaven! If I can take this opportunity to get rid of Chu Liuyue completely, it will save us a lot of effort!

He looked at the black karmic fire that kept spreading as undetectable sinister smiling intent flashed across his eyes. It’s really such a pity that a good talent is about to fall…

Sun Zhongyan and the rest quickly discovered that their forces weren’t enough to suppress Jiuyou Tower, even though they had successfully activated the Locking Heaven Formation.

Not only did the fire have zero intention of stopping, but it was also burning even more wildly.

The two forces battled fiercely, and the Locking Heaven Formation gradually fell short. If this continued, the Locking Heaven Formation would break sooner or later. By that time, the situation would be completely irreversible.

However, Sun Zhongyan felt another movement from the Xuan formation at this moment. Rong Xiu actually went up to the third floor!

Sun Zhongyan opened his mouth, but he was too shocked and was at a loss for words. He didn’t know what was going on with Rong Xiu, like if he was injured or hurt, but he could confirm that Rong Xiu had directly passed through the barriers on the second floor and third floor.

How exactly did he do it?!

At the side, Elder Wei Yun noticed that Sun Zhongyan didn’t look right, and he could vaguely guess what had happened. “Rong Xiu is still going up?”

Sun Zhongyan nodded with much difficulty.

There was a Chu Liuyue in front of him, so whatever Rong Xiu did wasn’t as shocking anymore. But…

“Why must Rong Xiu go in?” This was something that Elder Wei Yun couldn’t understand at all. He definitely knows how dangerous it is!

Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind. “Could it be… It can’t be because of Chu Liuyue, right?”

When Sun Zhongyan heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh. “If not, what else…? I can’t believe I didn’t notice this at all before…”

Previously, he only thought the two of them knew each other, but it seemed like it clearly was not so…


A crisp breaking sound was suddenly heard.

Sun Zhongyan looked over, and his eyes narrowed!

A crack had actually appeared in the middle of Jiuyou Tower!

Jiuyou Tower actually broke!

Black karmic fire crazily spun out from within. This move caused the fire to engulf half of Jiuyou Tower!

Sun Zhongyan’s face turned pale.

Jiuyou Tower had existed for thousands of years and had been through all sorts of storms, but it was never damaged before. However….


Along with the fierce shrill, the black fire suddenly rose into the air.

The fire in the air swiftly became a gigantic eagle, which then charged toward the Locking Heaven Formation atop of Jiuyou Tower.

“It’s the apparition of the ferocious fiend!” Elder Wei Yun was stunned beyond words.

The eagle apparition was exactly the same as the engraving on Jiuyou Tower’s door.

Elder Wei Yun had watched over Jiuyou Tower for many years and was very familiar with it. Hence, he instantly recognized it the moment he saw it. However, he never expected such a ferocious fiend to be hidden under Jiuyou Tower!


Its speed was very fast, so the crowd only saw a black figure spin across. The next moment, it had already crashed into the Xuan formation.

“Seal!” hollered Sun Zhongyan as all the force in his body emanated outward.

The other elders and teachers were also stunned by this scene, but they finally recovered their senses when they heard Sun Zhongyan’s voice. They then put in more strength.


A loud sound of impact was heard again!

Countless rays of light started spreading everywhere!

The silver pestle right in the middle also seemed to be affected as it swayed violently. This movement caused the entire Xuan formation in the sky to shake as well.

The Xuan formation seemed like it would break at any time!

“Elder Sun, this side can’t hold on any longer!” yelled a teacher loudly.

The moment the teacher shouted this, the stars under his feet abruptly exploded.

The terrifying force attacked him instead, and he had no time to escape. He spat out blood, and his entire body flew outward.

The position he was at before darkened immediately.

The apparition formed from the black karmic fire seemed to have found this weak spot as it immediately changed its direction and charged toward it.

“Stop it quickly!” shouted Sun Zhongyan anxiously.

However, it was too late!

The Locking Heaven Formation was huge, and it was only forcefully activated with all the Xuan Masters in the academy here.

Everyone was responsible for one part. Now that one person was suddenly missing, the others simply had no time to fill in the gap.

In the blink of an eye, the black apparition had already rushed to the dim hole.

The petrifying aura on its body was dominating! This one move might just completely destroy the Locking Heaven Formation!

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