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Chapter 292: Strange Change in Jiuyou Tower!

This scene was really too familiar. But when Chu Liuyue saw it, her heart still skipped a beat uncontrollably. How can Tuan Zi eat this as well?!

Previously, she had already thought that Tuan Zi eating Heng Jingchuo’s force was enough to make people dumbstruck. However, she had never expected that Tuan ZI could even eat such a barrier—which was filled with a stern aura—easily.

This wasn’t an osmanthus cake!

As Chu Liuyue was too shocked, she couldn’t say anything for a short period of time. She could only dazedly stare at Tuan Zi as it took down the barrier piece by piece and stuffed the pieces into its mouth.

Chu Liuyue could even see the black karmic fire still burning on one of the pieces. However, Tuan Zi seemed not to care about it at all.

As Tuan Zi was careless, a strand of its whiskers near its cheek was burned off. However, Tuan Zi had luckily changed to another angle in time and had successfully placed the item into its mouth, eating it happily.

The surrounding black karmic fire was still burning wildly, but Chu Liuyue suddenly felt that it wasn’t that formidable anymore. No matter how fiercely it burned previously, Tuan Zi still managed to swallow it whole.

As Chu Liuyue watched Tuan Zi take down another piece diligently, her eyelids twitched. If someone else saw this, their jaws would definitely drop.

“Tuan Zi, does it taste good?” She endured it for a while, but she couldn’t help it in the end.

Upon hearing this, Tuan Zi stopped in its actions as it looked up at her with twinkling eyes and hurriedly nodded. Delicious! Super delicious! It tastes much better than Heng Jingchuo’s so-called Moon Devour! In comparison to this, everything else I ate before was trash.

Chu Liuyue was taken aback by Tuan Zi’s enthusiasm, and her eyelids couldn’t help but twitch. What exactly did I pick up…?

After the previous few incidents, Chu Liuyue had already guessed that Tuan Zi wasn’t an ordinary blood ferret and that it also wasn’t similar to the rest of the fiends.

She had never heard of a fiend eating force as food.

Previously, she hadn’t noticed it, but she later realized that Tuan Zi seemed like it didn’t like to eat.

The thing Tuan Zi liked the most was force, especially the powerful ones—such as the current silver barrier.

This silver barrier was also made by combining forces, and it had a strong suppression within it.

Without a doubt, Chu Liuyue knew that this barrier could restrict warriors below stage seven. Thus, Tuan Zi’s behavior seemed even weirder.

As Tuan Zi kept eating the barrier crazily, the hole in the barrier grew bigger and bigger. The black karmic fire—which had previously been spreading arrogantly—also seemed to have noticed something amiss as it hurriedly moved backward.

However, Tuan Zi was much faster and ate the entire burning barrier piece by piece.

Chu Liuyue watched on silently, but the ripples in her heart couldn’t be appeased for a long time.

The originally large silver barrier quickly became scraps before Tuan Zi totally destroyed it in the end.

Meanwhile, Chu Liuyue’s hand—which had been swallowed—was also long released at some point.

Tuan Zi finally rubbed its round belly and burped in satisfaction when it finished the last piece. “Burp…”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. If Heng Jingchuo saw this, he would definitely rest in peace. In this world, how many people’s force can receive the same treatment as such a formidable barrier? This way, it seems a bit aggrieved for Tuan Zi to be willing to swallow his force.

Looking at the barrier—which was in broken pieces—Chu Liuyue couldn’t return to her senses for a long time.

After a while, she slowly looked at Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, tell me honestly—did you come here to eat this?”

Tuan Zi suddenly sneezed. “Ah-choo!”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. It seems like… it’s guilty?

Chu Liuyue held her forehead in exasperation. Tuan Zi ate the barrier to the seventh floor just like that. This incident will definitely attract the attention of the academy’s elders. Not long later, they will all rush here. Of course, it is another question if they can reach this floor.

However, Chu Liuyue felt that she really couldn’t explain this matter if someone found out about it. Am I supposed to tell the public that Tuan Zi brought me up and it ate the barrier?

Tuan Zi saw that Chu Liuyue seemed to be very troubled and worried, so it hurriedly flew over, pounced into her arms, and rubbed against her cheek lovingly.

Chu Liuyue’s neck felt itchy, and she couldn’t help laughing. Amused and slightly angry, she took Tuan Zi down and said, “Stop acting cute. Say, what should we do now?”

How am I supposed to explain such a large hole?

Tuan Zi opened its eyes wide and thought for half a day before raising its claws and pointing upward.

Chu Liuyue’s brows twitched harshly as a bad feeling overwhelmed her heart. “Y-you still want to go up?”

Tuan Zi heard the slight threat in Chu Liuyue’s voice as it nodded fearfully. This is nowhere… If we don’t continue to go up, I would’ve come here for nothing.

Chu Liuyue’s hands trembled slightly, and she kept repeating a mantra in her heart. This is my fiend; if I beat it to death, I won’t have any left… This is my fiend; if I beat it to death, I won’t have any left… This is my fiend; if I beat it to death, I won’t have any left…

But I don’t want to die! Chu Liuyue finally couldn’t take it lying as she harshly squeezed Tuan Zi’s fat cheeks. “Tuan Zi, do you know that your master only has one life? If I lose it, I’m really gone!”

Tuan Zi blinked its eyes and put its two claws together, looking extra obedient in a fawning manner.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes. “Let’s go!”

When Tuan Zi ate the seventh floor’s barrier, Elder Wei Yun—who was dozing off in his chair outside Jiuyou Tower—suddenly opened his eyes. He then looked up at Jiuyou Tower in shock. “This is…”

This commotion isn’t right! I have watched over Jiuyou Tower for many years, but I have never felt such a commotion before! In this half-year, Jiuyou Tower has had some strange movements from time to time, but these movements were all controlled. Hence, even the director didn’t take it to heart. But now…


Jiuyou Tower’s door suddenly opened.

A strong force directly threw out countless figures—these were the students cultivating in Jiuyou Tower!

Gasps of shock filled the air because these people clearly hadn’t understood what had happened.

Some of them couldn’t withstand the side effects of this force and had even vomited blood. They looked terrible.

Elder Wei Yun’s heart suddenly hung high. This kind of situation has never happened at Jiuyou Tower in so many years!

Elder Wei Yun abruptly stood up and hit the black jade in front of him without hesitation.

A bright light beam suddenly shot into the sky.

“Jiuyou Tower has strange changes! Other than teachers and elders, all students are to evacuate!” hollered Elder Wei Yun, and his voice spread far and wide.

When the students—who were chased out of Jiuyou Tower—heard this, they were stunned and hurriedly backed away.

At the same time, the other students in the academy saw the light beam. “First-level warning? What happened to Jiuyou Tower?”

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