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Chapter 293: Burning Jiuyou Tower!

Rong Xiu—who was currently heading toward Jiuyou Tower—furrowed his brows when he saw the light beam. I’m still too late! She has already reached the seventh floor!

Rong Xiu hastened his steps and hurried forward.

Yan Qing—who was following behind Rong Xiu—was also stunned when he saw the commotion, and he didn’t dare to utter a single word. Ms. Liuyue is too daring. How dare she cause such a big commotion in Jiuyou Tower?

The two people walked forward and quickly met with the evacuating students.

“Prince Li?” The few women were all shocked when they saw Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu’s gaze was calm as he nonchalantly nodded; he kept going forward without pausing.

“Prince Li, there’s danger in front!” The few women looked at each other and hurriedly rushed to Rong Xiu, planning to stop him.

Rong Xiu quietly looked at the few of them. He clearly looked very calm, but the few girls felt coldness spreading from their feet and rushing to their heads.

The excitement and happiness that resulted from meeting Rong Xiu dissipated quickly. The few of them looked at each other, and their faces were all pale.

This Prince Li indeed has a special aura…

Yan Qing immediately said, “His Highness still has something to do. Ladies, please don’t block our way.”

The few girls then recovered their senses and hurriedly made way for them.

Rong Xiu raised his leg and walked forward, not even taking another glance at them.

However, the few girls hesitated for a while, and they still couldn’t help but shout, “Prince Li! There are strange changes in Jiuyou Tower! It’s very dangerous if you head there now! Elder Wei Yun has already commanded everyone to evacuate; you shouldn’t go there!”

Rong Xiu was unmoved and continued advancing.

Yan Qing felt very helpless. Can’t these people tell that Master is bent on going there? The true danger for them is if they stop and delay Master’s matters.

Yan Qing turned around, and his gaze swept past the few of them. “His Highness knows what to do.”

The few girls’ faces turned even paler, and they didn’t dare to say anything else.

Gradually, even more people left that area. Everyone was moving away from Jiuyou Tower, but only Rong Xiu was moving against the crowd.

Quite a few people were shocked to see him. Why did the sickly Prince Li suddenly come over at this time? Besides, he looks different from before…

Some people couldn’t help but remind him, but Yan Qing blocked all of them.

Finally, Rong Xiu arrived in front of Jiuyou Tower.

Elder Wei Yun was currently staring at Jiuyou Tower anxiously. When he subconsciously turned around, he saw Rong Xiu walking toward him.

He furrowed his brows even more. “Rong Xiu, why did you come at this time? All of the students have already evacuated; the elders and the teachers will personally deal with this matter. You should hurriedly leave—”

“There’s still someone inside,” interrupted Rong Xiu.

Elder Wei Yun was stunned, and he was about to ask who it was when his heart skipped a beat. Right, there’s still Chu Liuyue! I actually forgot about her! I had even congratulated her when she came in the afternoon. Thinking back about it, Chu Liuyue really wasn’t amongst the children that had left previously. She’s still inside!

“What happened? Jiuyou Tower has strange changes, and all the students were chased out just now. Why is Chu Liuyue the only one left inside?” Elder Wei Yun started to become nervous. Chu Liuyue has just taken first place in two aspects of the Qing Jiao Competition! She’s an absolute talent in the academy! Should something happen to her, we won’t be able to bear the loss!

Rong Xiu looked up at Jiuyou Tower. “I’ll go in to bring her out.”

Elder Wei Yun clenched his teeth and immediately rushed in.

But at this point, Jiuyou Tower’s door slammed shut with a loud bang—it stopped Elder Wei Yun outside the tower.

“W-what…” Elder Wei Yun widened his eyes. Won’t Chu Liuyue be completely trapped in Jiuyou Tower?

Elder Wei Yun tried to open the door, but it didn’t budge a single bit. He then realized that things were much more serious than he imagined. “What exactly is going on?”

Just as he was anxious, Sun Zhongyan and the rest finally rushed over.

Elder Wei Yun speedily explained the entire incident to them. “…There were no signs before the strange changes in Jiuyou Tower occurred. I also have no idea what happened, but the door can’t even be opened now!”

Sun Zhongyan furrowed his brows and asked, “Is there anyone else inside?”

Elder Wei Yun swallowed his saliva with much difficulty. “Chu Liuyue is still inside.”

“What?!” Sun Zhongyan was stunned and immediately looked at Jiuyou Tower with knitted brows. Afterward, his hands overlapped each other in front of him.

Countless light rays intersected each other, and a Xuan formation quickly appeared. At the same time, stars started appearing in Jiuyou Tower’s surroundings.

This was the Xuan formation built into Jiuyou Tower!

Sun Zhongyan studied the Xuan formation in front of him closely. “That’s not right… There’s no sign of her in Jiuyou Tower…”

This Xuan formation was connected to Jiuyou Tower. Even if one couldn’t go in, they could still see something from the Xuan formation.

Sun Zhongyan examined the Xuan formation for quite some time, but he didn’t detect Chu Liuyue’s presence.

Elder Wei Yun said in confusion, “That’s impossible! She clearly entered the tower in the afternoon, and all the other students came out together except for her! She should still be inside!”

Sun Zhongyan gathered his focus and checked the Xuan formation again, but he still shook his head. “There’s nothing.”

The crowd looked at each other, and they all fell silent. This incident is too strange!

Anxious, Elder Wei Yun walked in circles. “Why can’t you find her? She’s clearly inside!”

Rong Xiu suddenly asked a question from the side. “Elder Sun, how many floors can this Xuan formation see?”

Sun Zhongyan was dazed for a while as he subconsciously answered, “Until the fifth floor. This Xuan formation has existed alongside Jiuyou Tower for many years, and we could always see the first five floors… Wait! Do you mean—”

A ridiculous thought flashed across Sun Zhongyan’s mind. Could Chu Liuyue not be on the bottom five floors?

“That’s impossible!” blurted out Sun Zhongyan. “Nobody in Tian Lu Academy can ever go above the fifth floor! How did she—”

Sun Zhongyan’s voice trickled off halfway through the sentence. Other than this, there is no other answer. Besides… Something is also very amiss about the sudden strange changes in Jiuyou Tower.

The crowd fell into dead silence.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd gasped. “Quickly, look at the door!”

Everyone looked over, and shock was written all over their faces.

They saw the engraved lines on Jiuyou Tower starting to move. In the blink of an eye, the lines turned into black karmic fire and started burning fiercely.

“H-how is this happening…?” muttered Sun Zhongyan in disbelief as his eyes widened.

While the crowd was in a trance, the fire started to spread rapidly.

In the next moment, the black karmic fire enveloped Jiuyou Tower’s entire first floor.


A ferocious shrill suddenly sounded from within Jiuyou Tower, and it reverberated throughout the area!

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