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Chapter 291: Black Karmic Fire

Chu Liuyue looked at Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, do you want to stop? This is already the sixth floor.”

Very obviously, only stage-seven warriors could continue going up!

Tuan Zi blinked and looked up as if it was confused as to why Chu Liuyue would ask that. There’s nothing here. Of course, I’m going up!

Chu Liuyue gathered her focus and spoke after a moment. “Okay. If you can go over, I’ll follow you.”

Tuan Zi then happily shook its tail as it turned around, planning to head for the seventh floor.

Chu Liuyue lowered her head and saw that the spiral staircase seemed to have no end. Suddenly, her gaze focused on the side of her feet.

There was already a dried-up bloodstain there.

Since the bloodstain was dark red in color and was at a corner, she didn’t notice it when she came up previously.

This is the sixth floor. What kind of person can come here and leave bloodstains here? Chu Liuyue lowered her body, took a closer look, and furrowed her brows slightly. According to my experience, this bloodstain seemed to have been left not long ago, most likely during the past two days. Who could it have come from?

Chu Liuyue stretched out her hand and gently touched the bloodstain as she examined it closely.

A familiar aura exuded from the blood.

She was dazed. Th-this seems to be…

Chu Liuyue immediately scanned the bloodstain’s surroundings. After sweeping through the area for a while, she finally found a green feather at an unnoticeable corner.

She took one look at it and immediately recognized it as Hong Yao’s feather. Hong Yao came here?

Shock flashed across Chu Liuyue’s heart. Then, she suddenly remembered that there was blood beneath Hong Yao’s wings when she saw it previously, looking as though it was injured.

Back then, she was still too immersed in the shock of Hong Yao recognizing her, so she didn’t pay any attention to this.

But when thinking back about it, this was indeed weird.

As a seventh-grade fiend, Hong Yao was very strong and formidable. If one could hurt it, it proved that the other party wasn’t easy to deal with.

The main point was that, logically speaking, there shouldn’t be such an existence in Country Yao Chen!

It now seemed like Hong Yao had barged into Jiuyou Tower and even gotten injured here!

In here… Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but remember the ferocious fiend.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue did not follow it, Tuan Zi chased after her again.

When Tuan Zi saw the green feather in Chu Liuyue’s hands, contempt quickly flashed across its eyes. As expected, it really is useless if it can even get injured here!

Chu Liuyue glanced at it. “Tuan Zi, Hong Yao got injured here. Are you sure you want to continue?”

Even Hong Yao had suffered a loss. Tuan Zi and I might not be the other party’s match.

Upon hearing this, Tuan Zi’s face immediately contorted. How can that green sparrow compare to me?

Seeing that it was very stubborn, Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but sigh and honestly say, “I can’t help you if we meet with trouble later.”

I might even become your burden.

Tuan Zi grunted and walked forward as it threw away the green feather and held Chu Liuyue’s hands to go upward.

Tuan Zi had clearly made up its mind.

Chu Liuyue had no choice and could only take out her crystal barrier silently, preparing to deal with any sudden situation at any time.

The human and the fiend continued to walk toward the seventh floor.

Chu Liuyue felt as if her body was suppressed by something that was hundreds of kilograms, and every step she took was especially heavy.

Without Tuan Zi, she might’ve stopped walking long ago.

Finally, the two of them arrived at the barrier to the seventh floor.

It was different from the previous transparent barrier; the one in front brightly shone silver.

The light shone on the barrier, and it looked like a sky filled with stars.

However, Chu Liuyue wasn’t in the mood to admire it. She stiffly stood in front of the screen, and the blood in her body seemed to be frozen as only her heart was beating wildly.

She took a deep breath in before slowly stretching her hand out and reaching in tentatively.

Tuan Zi sat on the back of her hand, and its round eyes were wide open as it stared at the shining silver screen in front of it excitedly and expectantly.

Chu Liuyue clearly saw her fingers going into the silver screen slowly.

The silver screen felt like an actual object—Chu Liuyue could clearly feel the strong resistance coming from it. It felt like she was sinking into mud!

Very quickly, Chu Liuyue felt as though a type of force was crazily trying to drag her in.

She was stunned, and she subconsciously tried to extract her hand. However, the force also rapidly increased, and the screen swallowed even more of her hand.

Very quickly, the barrier had already pulled Chu Liuyue’s entire arm into it.

Half of Tuan Zi’s body was already inside.

At this point, a black karmic fire suddenly shot out from the screen.

Scorching pain abruptly overwhelmed Chu Liuyue, and she immediately wanted to move backward. But at this point, she was already trapped in the silver screen, and she couldn’t move at all.

In the next moment, the black karmic fire had already spread around Chu Liuyue’s body, surrounding her.

Chu Liuyue immediately threw out the crystal barrier. However, she quickly realized that the crystal barrier had no effect at all.

This was because her hand was already immersed in the silver screen, and the crystal barrier couldn’t break through the screen. Thus, the crystal barrier wasn’t able to protect her completely.

Helpless, Chu Liuyue could only put away the crystal barrier and think of other ways to escape.

The scorching fire made her entire body feel like it was burning.

She even smelled something burning, but at this point, Tuan Zi’s entire body had been completely sucked into the barrier.

Chu Liuyue realized that her arm—which had been sucked into the barrier—had become completely numb. She couldn’t feel anything from it any longer.

Thus, she had also lost connection with Tuan Zi at this moment.

“Tuan Zi!” Chu Liuyue yelled at the top of her lungs, but Tuan Zi did not respond!

At this point, the black karmic fire on the barrier started to spread even more.

Chu Liuyue stood rooted to the ground, looking as if she was in hell.

Just as Chu Liuyue became very anxious, she heard a crisp sound.


She was shocked, and she immediately looked over.

The black karmic fire in front of her suddenly seemed to have met with something formidable as it quickly escaped to the surroundings from the middle.

This revealed a crack in the light barrier.

Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows and noticed that the crack expanded in the next moment.


The barrier broke!

A small claw suddenly stretched out from inside the barrier—it was Tuan Zi!

Chu Liuyue heaved a sigh of relief. She then saw Tuan Zi grabbing the edge of the broken barrier and pulling on it harshly.


A piece of the light barrier was actually pulled off by Tuan Zi as though it was a piece of broken ice.

Chu Liuyue suddenly predicted something in her heart.

As expected, she heard a very crisp sound of someone biting something the next second.


Kacha kacha!


Through the hole in the middle, Chu Liuyue clearly saw Tuan Zi stuffing the last piece of the barrier into its mouth and eating it.

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