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2070 Why Are You Hiding?

This action immediately shocked everyone.

“Is she crazy? She actually wants to force her way into the sea of lightning?”

“Those lightning bolts contain extremely shocking power. She’s really not afraid of death by doing this!”

“Previously, Wei Ze only scratched it with his hand and was burned directly. She’s really reckless to rush over so rashly!”

“She probably feels indignant after seeing that those lightning bolts were forcefully snatched away by Wei Ze, right? She’s indeed very capable, but she’s still young and frivolous. That sea of lightning is undoubtedly a dangerous place for human cultivators! Does she think that she can travel freely inside like the red-gold heavenly phoenix?”

Clearly, everyone wasn’t optimistic about Chu Liuyue’s actions.

Some people shook their heads secretly, as if they had already seen the outcome.

The few people standing beside Shangguan Jing couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Shangguan, are you really not worried at all?”

There was no expression on Shangguan Jing’s face. No one could tell what he was thinking.

He paused and said, “Yue’er never does anything she’s not confident in.”

Have a death wish? I don’t think so. She must have her own reasons for daring to do this!

“I believe her.”

In the eyes of the surrounding people, Shangguan Jing was just being stubborn. After all, Shangguan Yue was his most beloved junior.

How could he not be worried?

This wasn’t Peach Blossom Dock, where she could do whatever she wanted!

They couldn’t tell anything from Shangguan Jing, so some people turned their gazes and looked at Rong Xiu.

At this moment, Rong Xiu raised his eyes and looked up.

His thin scarlet lips curled up slightly. His smooth jaw was raised, like a jade carving.

There seemed to be waves surging in those deep phoenix eyes. From afar, not only was he not worried at all, but he even seemed… interested.

Needless to say, this person seemed to be more ambitious than Shangguan Jing!

Many people looked at each other. Perhaps because Chu Liuyue defeated Yi Wentao previously, it gave them a lot of confidence in her? So much so that they even feel that Chu Liuyue can easily deal with such a situation?

After the initial shock, Wei Ze quickly regained his senses.

His pale and colorless lips were pursed tightly, and there was a cold expression between his eyes. There was even a hint of cold mockery at the corners of his eyes. “Insolent!”

It’s true that she has contracted a red-gold heavenly phoenix, but this doesn’t mean that she has the same astonishing physical strength as the red-gold heavenly phoenix!

In the previous battle with Yi Wentao, it was said that she relied on the two legendary fiends to win to a great extent.

As for herself… After all, she was only a true god! How could a mortal body withstand the endless lightning bolts!?

Wei Ze looked up and smiled coldly, waiting for Chu Liuyue to fail to achieve.

Countless pairs of eyes were also staring at that figure.

Chu Liuyue flew into the air and stood in the middle.

Countless bolts of lightning slowly passed by. Layers of pressure spread out from them, almost suffocating people.

Chu Liuyue’s figure seemed inconspicuous and extremely small here.

Her figure was slender and slightly thin. It was as if any lightning bolt could easily pierce through her!

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and looked at the lightning that flowed around her body.

These lightning bolts would dodge by themselves. As long as she didn’t take the initiative to touch them, she wouldn’t be injured.

Previously, Wei Ze’s palm had been burned because he had reached out to touch the lightning out of curiosity.

When the others present saw that he had learned his lesson and was acting carefully, the same thing didn’t happen again.

But if this continued, these lightning bolts would be snatched away by Wei Ze. Thus… she had to come!

Chu Liuyue calmed herself down and stretched out her hand.

Countless people followed her actions and held their breaths. They didn’t blink, afraid that they would miss something.


A bolt of lightning was caught by Chu Liuyue. For a moment, sparks flew everywhere!

But just as everyone thought that Chu Liuyue was going to be injured, they saw that her expression didn’t change and that her heart didn’t beat as if she wasn’t affected at all.

Then, she exerted strength with her hand, and the lightning bolt directly shattered, turning into countless fine streams of light that surged into her body!

Just like that, a bolt of lightning was crushed and devoured by her bare hands!

Everyone was stunned. W-what’s going on? Not only did the lightning cause her zero harm, but it also transformed into her own strength!?

“No! What’s that in her hand?” someone in the crowd suddenly shouted.

Everyone subconsciously looked over and saw that Chu Liuyue’s hand seemed to have a dazzling light flickering.

That was…

“Holy Body?!” Wei Ze suddenly realized something. His eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

Upon hearing his words, many people immediately reacted. Yeah! Apart from her Holy Body, what else can help her block this terrifying lightning?

Looking carefully, Chu Liuyue’s body was indeed covered in a layer of gorgeous soft armor.

She floated in midair, her body flickering with a faint light.

In the sea of lightning, she was so small and dazzling. She was like a star that couldn’t be ignored!

“Holy Body… There are so many Holy Bodies in the world. Why don’t I have any impression of hers?”

“That’s right! I’ve been looking at it for a long time, but I can’t tell what kind of Holy Body she has cultivated…”

“The light is gorgeous, and the armor is soft. This… Wait! Could it be…” Some people seemed to have guessed something, but they also felt that this guess was too ridiculous.

For a moment, they hesitated and didn’t dare to speak.

At this moment, Chu Liuyue had already raised her hand and grabbed the second bolt of lightning.

Although everyone had already consumed a lot of lightning previously, there were too many lightning bolts here.

Chu Liuyue was still in the center, and the density was extremely high. In front, behind, left, and right—as long as she stretched out her hand, lightning bolts would be within reach!

This saved her a lot of trouble.


The second bolt of lightning shattered in her hand again!

Her movements were very fast. In a short while, she had already dealt with the seven to eight lightning bolts around her.

The aura around her also intensified significantly!

Chu Liuyue curled her lips slightly when she sensed the force in her body rapidly recovering. “If I had known that it would be so convenient, why would I have spent so much effort before?”

Using a holy weapon to trigger the lightning bolts had consumed a lot of my energy and spirit. If I attack directly, I can replenish my physical strength.

What a loss! What a loss! Fortunately, I came to my senses in time. Otherwise, it would be a huge loss! Thinking of this, she lowered her head and waved at Wei Ze. “Thank you, Family Head!”

If he hadn’t forced me to this point, I wouldn’t have discovered this.

As she spoke, she held a bolt of lightning in her hand, her eyes shining brightly.

Wei Ze felt a sharp pain in his eyes, his heart, and his entire body! “You! Shangguan Yue, don’t go overboard!”


Chu Liuyue crushed the lightning in her hand and smiled nonchalantly. “Family Head, how did I go overboard? Didn’t you start fighting with me first? If I didn’t have no choice, I wouldn’t have done this, right?”

Wei Ze almost spat out a mouthful of blood. So it was all my fault?! But no matter what, I wasn’t as overboard as her, right? This is equivalent to directly snatching the lightning bolts from the source!

Chu Liuyue quickly swept the surroundings clean. How can this amount be enough?

Chu Liuyue took a step forward. Almost at the same time, the lightning in front of her actually moved a step back!

Chu Liuyue paused and raised her brows with a faint smile. “Yo, what are you hiding from?”

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