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2071 Admit Defeat

She beckoned. “Come over.”

The lightning in front of her didn’t move.

There was a cold look in her eyes. “I said—come here.”

When the people below saw this scene, they were all confused. “What’s Shangguan Yue doing?”

“She seems… to be summoning those lightning bolts?”

“…Are you kidding me?”

“It’s true. When she went forward just now, didn’t you see that the lightning bolts retreated a little? For some reason, I keep feeling that those lightning bolts seem to be a little afraid of her…”


Hearing this, everyone’s first reaction was absurdity and unbelievable.

They had only heard that people were filled with reverence for the lightning bolts. When had they ever heard that the lightning bolts were afraid of people?

Wasn’t this too ridiculous?

However, the situation above really didn’t seem right.

Just as everyone was filled with doubts, they saw a silver snake-like heavenly lightning hesitantly step forward.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and easily caught the lightning bolt!

Her red lips curled into a satisfied smile. “Listen to me.”

She moved her finger as soon as she finished speaking, and the lightning bolt instantly exploded, turning into countless fine streams of light that surged into her body!

“Continue.” She raised her eyebrows slightly and moved her fingers.

Then, everyone saw an unforgettable scene.

In the sea of lightning that filled the sky, the slender woman stood in the air.

The lightning bolts seem to have lined up as they went forward one after another and landed in her hands. Then, they exploded one after another.

The shocking power contained in them surged into her body!

In a short period of time, the aura around her had already intensified rapidly, and it didn’t show any signs of stopping!

This scene that exceeded everyone’s understanding stunned everyone present, and they were unable to regain their senses for a long time.

They couldn’t be blamed for making a fuss—it was just that such a scene was too rare!

Even if they racked their brains, they would never have thought that Chu Liuyue’s ‘snatching’ was really snatching with her bare hands!

Shangguan Jing’s tightly clenched hands slowly relaxed, and he secretly heaved a long sigh of relief. This girl’s trump card is really strong!

Rong Xiu’s lips curled up slightly as he shook his head helplessly. There was also a doting smile on his face. Her playfulness is really greater than Tuan Zi… In fact, with her strength, she can completely devour these lightning bolts in succession. However, she just had to make them line up and step forward one by one. She is clearly doing this on purpose for the people below.

Rong Xiu turned his gaze slightly and looked at Wei Ze.

At this moment, Wei Ze was looking up with a dazed expression.

“Family Head,” said Rong Xiu suddenly.

Wei Ze was shocked and turned around. The shock in his eyes had yet to completely fade.

Clearly, Chu Liuyue’s move had far exceeded his expectations.

Rong Xiu raised his chin, and his voice was low and pleasant to the ear. “Yue’er is almost catching up. Aren’t you going to hurry?”

Wei Ze’s face turned green and white instantly—it was very interesting. Of course, I knew this! Do I need anyone to remind me?! Rong Xiu is clearly mocking me when he said those words!

Wei Ze took a deep breath and suppressed the surging emotions in his heart. He said coldly, “Master Yue’s strength is indeed outstanding, but I’m a little worried. With her current realm… If she forcefully devours too much lightning, I’m afraid that before the competition ends, her body won’t be able to…”

“It looks like the family head doesn’t know yet.” Rong Xiu interrupted him and smiled. “Yue’er’s Holy Body was condensed from devouring the God-Destroying Tribulation! Although these lightning bolts are also powerful and fierce, they should still be slightly inferior to the God-Destroying Tribulation, right?

“If you have the time to worry about Yue’er, why don’t you think about it more? What will you do if you lose this round?”

Wei Ze’s pupils constricted, and a hint of deep shock flashed across his eyes!

After a short period of silence, gasps rose and fell. God-Destroying Tribulation? Isn’t that something that only legendary warriors can summon? Moreover, only the top-notch ones can do this.

There are even fewer who can successfully transcend the God-Destroying Tribulation.

It has been too long since anyone has summoned the God-Destroying Tribulation in the God Residence Realm! But just now, Rong Xiu actually said… Not only did Chu Liuyue summon it, but she even used the opportunity to refine her Holy Body!?

Many people’s first reaction was disbelief, but Rong Xiu looked calm and composed with a smile on his lips. He didn’t look like he was lying at all.

Besides, whether this was true or not, they would know once they gave it a try!

Now that Chu Liuyue was in the sea of lightning and could effortlessly crush and devour those lightning bolts, didn’t that already explain everything?

“Beautiful soft armor… It’s indeed the God-Destroying Tribulation!” someone couldn’t help but mutter in shock.

Most of the people present were top-notch Armory Refinement Masters and had some understanding of the God-Destroying Tribulation.

Looking at Chu Liuyue now and thinking about her previous and current behavior, what else was there to suspect?

How powerful was the God-Destroying Tribulation? Compared to these lightning bolts, it won by more than a little!

Chu Liuyue could solve the God-Destroying Tribulation, let alone these lightning bolts.

“No wonder… No wonder she beat Yi Wentao!”

With such a Holy Body, her combat strength is indeed comparable to a legendary warrior! Naturally, she can easily snatch all these lightning bolts!

At the moment, Wei Ze was the most upset.

Chu Liuyue’s actions were equivalent to cutting off his path of triggering the lightning.

Whenever a bolt of lightning wanted to come toward him, Chu Liuyue would quickly move and swallow it before he could. The key was that she had to attack directly—it was simple, fast, and straightforward!

He didn’t even have time to react!

In a short while, all the lightning was intercepted. The sky above Wei Ze was empty.

At this moment, not only did Chu Liuyue seem to be able to withstand the power of the lightning, but she also seemed to be in better spirits.

The surrounding lightning bolts fell into her hands in an orderly manner and became her power one after another!

Wei Ze’s entire body trembled as if something was surging crazily in his chest! He finally couldn’t help but stand up.

At this moment, the number of lightning bolts that Chu Liuyue devoured had already surpassed him! More importantly, as long as she was still fighting for it, he wouldn’t be able to obtain even one bolt of lightning!

Was there a need to continue this competition?!

Seeing his actions, Chu Liuyue also stopped and asked with a smile, “What, is the family head going to admit defeat?”

A strong taste of blood rose in Wei Ze’s throat, but he forcefully swallowed it.

He said with difficulty, “You… are ruthless! This time, you win!”

The power in his body had been exhausted, and he really couldn’t continue. If he forced it, he would probably die here today.

He wanted to obtain Tang Ke’s inheritance, but he wanted to live more!

Chu Liuyue’s smile deepened. “Family Head, thank you for letting me win.”

Wei Ze didn’t want to talk to Chu Liuyue anymore. He stretched out his hand and planned to put away the purple-black hammer.

But at this moment, a reddish-gold figure suddenly flew past him and took the hammer away!

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