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2069 She’ll Steal It Herself!

His sudden movement took everyone by surprise because this was too sudden.

For such a long time, no matter what happened, Wei Ze had always been very stable. No one expected him to suddenly attack at this time.

“Could it be that he’s anxious because he’s about to be caught up to?”

Many people guessed so. This was also the most reasonable explanation.

The warm blood landed on the hammer and was absorbed in the blink of an eye, leaving no trace. Then, the patterns on it seemed to light up a little.

A shocking aura spread out from it!

The lightning above seemed to have been summoned by some force and began to surge over quickly. It even gradually formed a silver vortex, and Wei Ze was the center!

No—to be precise, it was the hammer in front of him.

Chu Liuyue also placed the holy weapons in front of her, but the feeling they gave off was very different.

On Chu Liuyue’s side, everyone could clearly feel that she had activated these holy weapons and Yuan instruments to attract those lightning bolts.

But on Wei Ze’s side, it was more like the hammer had guided the lightning bolts to fall one after another. Wei Ze seemed dispensable…

The wind howled like thunder.

This commotion also alarmed Chu Liuyue. She turned around and narrowed her eyes dangerously.

At this moment, Wei Ze’s condition was very strange.

His face was very pale, and large beads of sweat fell from his forehead. There was also a trace of blood slowly seeping out of the corner of his mouth, which he quickly wiped away.

The aura on his body was also much weaker than before.

In the eyes of others, perhaps they only thought that he was like this because he had suddenly erupted and used all the power in his body to trigger the lightning.

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t think so. This was because Wei Ze’s current appearance… was definitely not a simple exhaustion of force and mental energy!

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned slightly, and she looked at the hammer in front of him in deep thought. For some reason, I feel that Wei Ze is the one being controlled…

“Family Head,” Chu Liuyue suddenly called out to him.

Wei Ze didn’t seem to hear her and didn’t react at all. His eyes were still fixed on the hammer in front of him.

“Family Head?” Chu Liuyue raised her voice.

This time, Wei Ze finally turned around.

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank.

Wei Ze’s face was as pale as a ghost, and his aura and spirit were very declining.

Compared to before, he was like a completely different person! All of this was because he had cut open his palm and left a trace of blood on the hammer.

What shocked and worried her the most was Wei Ze’s eyes.

The moment he turned his head and looked over, his eyes were completely devoid of light as if they were enveloped by a thick fog.

Even though his expression quickly returned to normal and only the deep fatigue in his eyes remained, Chu Liuyue still felt that something was wrong.

“Family Head, I’ll return everything you said to me just now. Although the competition is important, your health is the most important,” said Chu Liuyue word by word.

There seemed to be a trace of anger and resentment in Wei Ze’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything. He just turned around and ignored her.

This time, Chu Liuyue was even more certain of her guess. However, what she didn’t understand was that if she could sense that something was wrong, Tang Ke could definitely do the same.

But why hadn’t he said anything until now?

More and more lightning bolts surged toward Wei Ze!

It wasn’t easy for Chu Liuyue to tie the scores, but now that Wei Ze suddenly did this, the gap widened again.

When they saw that the situation on the battlefield had changed again, the surrounding crowd subconsciously quietened down and held their breaths as they waited.

They could see that the two of them had already used their final trump cards. Whether they won or lost would be obvious soon!

Shangguan Jing slowly clenched his fists. The crux of the problem now isn’t only that Wei Ze is devouring the lightning faster than Chu Liuyue, but more importantly, Wei Ze has clearly started snatching the lightning!

The lightning bolts that were rushing toward Chu Liuyue seemed to be attracted by some force on Wei Ze’s side. They all changed their direction and went straight there.

On Chu Liuyue’s side, the number of lightning bolts decreased.

Even if she could still persevere… If she was powerless to compete with Wei Ze, the final outcome would still be the same!

Not only Shangguan Jing, but many other Armory Refinement Masters who were watching the competition also noticed this.

“I didn’t expect Wei Ze to be so domineering. He can actually forcefully snatch those lightning bolts from Shangguan Yue! If this continues, he’ll have a monopoly! At that time, Shangguan Yue will definitely lose!”

“Normally, when two people compete for the power of lightning, only when one party’s level and strength are much better than the other party can they be so domineering. However, Wei Ze’s strength in this aspect isn’t the best. Moreover, Shangguan Yue has several holy weapons presiding over the situation. How could this be?”

“No wonder Wei Ze was so arrogant just now. So he had such a powerful trump card… This time, he’s probably really going to win. Even if Shangguan Yue has holy weapons, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for her to compete with him!”

All sorts of noises entered her ears.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and lightly closed her eyes.

Of course, she understood what they were saying.

At this moment, the lightning was no longer surging toward her. Even the Great Azure Sun Axe and the other Yuan instruments still had a lot of leeway.

If this continues, it naturally won’t work… After thinking for a moment, she raised her hand and recalled all the items in front of her.

Soon, there was only emptiness around her.

When everyone saw this, they subconsciously fell silent. Is she… going to admit defeat?

“Taking drastic measures. The family head is really impressive,” said Chu Liuyue.

Wei Ze looked over again, and a strange smile appeared on his face. “It’s not too late to admit defeat.”

Chu Liuyue smiled and ignored him. She clapped her hands, dusted herself off, and looked up. “I hate it the most when others snatch my things.”

Her voice was very soft as if it would be blown away by the wind at any moment.

“Family Head, since that’s the case, why don’t we take a gamble and see who’ll snatch more away?”

Wei Ze was stunned for a moment before he frowned. “You’re not my match—”

The next moment, the woman suddenly tapped her toes and flew out like an arrow! She headed straight for the endless sea of lightning above!

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