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2003 Familiar Wooden Token

Once this was said, the crowd was taken aback.

Hong An directly stood up and whipped his sleeves.

The surrounding red barrier instantly dissipated. Following that, a wooden token flew out of his hands!


With a whir, a gigantic silver barrier appeared before the crowd! A strong suppression kept spreading from above.

Everyone on the mountain peak was stunned by this scene, and they had shocked expressions.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes lit up. It’s here!

“Behind this barrier is an individual small space, and it’s the closest existence to the realm gate of the God Residence Realm! Only by passing through this barrier and entering it can you truly see the realm gate and enter the God Residence Realm.”

“Originally, this barrier should’ve only been activated a month later. But since you don’t want to stay here, you should go over in advance.”

These short few sentences overwhelmed the crowd. This Taiyang Mountain is extremely strange, and weird things keep happening. We can’t stay here any longer. If we can go there in advance, that will be great!

Hong An looked at the two brothers. “The Heaven and Earth Force is rich in that small space, and it contains quite a few treasures. After you go over, you can rest properly. When your body is better, you can leave at any time. Of course, if you still want to go to the God Residence Realm then, the chance is still here.”

“Thank you, Lord Hong An!” Once the two brothers heard this, they were instantly elated and thanked him continuously.

There was not a better outcome than this!

Hong An waved his hand.

Actually, he was very frustrated.

Originally, he should get these people to stay here for a month. But only two days had passed now, and he didn’t get anything, yet he had to send them there.

He really suffered a huge loss. But with the current circumstances, there was not a better solution.

It was fine if they suffered, as long as it did not affect the big picture. Besides, there were quite a few decent ones in this batch. In the end, he might even have a reward.

With this thought, his heart became much more relaxed.

He first went on his toes and flew to the silver barrier. “Now, everyone line up and enter one by one!”

Almost immediately, someone walked forward. “I’ll go first!”

This huge chance was filled with temptations toward them.

Who didn’t want to be first? Who didn’t want to become stronger?

In front of huge benefits and temptation, almost nobody could maintain their rationality.

Other than Hong An, there were a total of 50 people here.

The process was rather fast. In no time, one-third had already gone in.

That young man held his own younger brother and went in. Everyone could see the excitement and emotions on their faces.

Rong Xiu laughed lightly. “He’s so seriously injured, yet he refuses to give up. He’s really… amazing.”

Chu Liuyue watched coldly from the side.

She rarely helped strangers. This time, she helped because she wanted to find out Hong An’s plans.

At this stage, those two brothers still chose to stay… Nobody could help such people.

“Let’s go too?” said He Ziji. He instinctively looked toward Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue at the side.

For some reason, he felt that it was unknowingly assuring to follow them.

He Zilan’s feet seemed to be nailed to the floor as she hesitantly asked, “Big Brother, can we not go in? I-I just feel that something’s wrong…”

He Ziji just thought that she was still worried about the previous incident and replied, “There’s nothing wrong—you’re just scaring yourself. Don’t worry. With Big Brother around, I’ll definitely protect you. Hm?”

He Zilan stomped her feet. She knew that they were presently caught between a rock and a hard place.

She could not fight against her big brother, and she could only agree.

At this point, more than half had entered.

Chu Liuyue laughed out loud and glanced at Rong Xiu. “Let’s go! Let’s see what it looks like inside!”

Rong Xiu nodded, held her hand, and walked forward side by side.

He Ziji and his sister followed closely behind. After experiencing whatever happened previously, they had already instinctively taken Rong Xiu as their core.

Little Zhou arrived before the silver barrier.

The soft and thin hair covered his eyes. At this point, nobody saw his slightly knitted brows and the hatred and disgust that quickly flashed across his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Hong An stood before the barrier and found it weird when he saw Little Zhou stopped slightly. He asked, “Do you still want to go back on your word this time?”

He had a very deep impression of the golden-haired boy. If not for his outstanding talent and abilities, he would not give Little Zhou so much face.

“Let me tell you… There is no chance of going back on your word this time, okay?” Hong An was very frustrated by these incidents. His last bit of patience was already exhausted when he activated the barrier. Hence, he was not so polite when talking to Little Zhou now.

Little Zhou’s gaze flickered, and he nodded lightly. “I know.”

Then, he directly lifted his leg and stepped in.

Outside the barrier, a ripple flashed across and instantly disappeared.

Hong An glanced over and felt that something was amiss for some reason, but he couldn’t say in detail what had happened.

Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice sounded and interrupted his thoughts.

“Lord Hong An, you’re very kind to activate the barrier in advance for everyone.” Chu Liuyue had a smile plastered on her face, as if she was very thankful. “I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Seeing her, Hong An’s expression became better and laughed. “I should do all of this! After all, everyone gathered here are top cultivators!”

He raised his chin. “Quickly go in too!”

Chu Liuyue acknowledged him and was about to enter when she suddenly paused.

She looked up at the center of the barrier. Over there, a wooden token floated quietly.

Hong An just threw this out, and it summoned the gigantic barrier.

Hong An followed her gaze and furrowed his brows slightly. “What’s the matter?”

What’s there to see about a wooden token?

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up, and she said in a seemingly smiling manner, “Nothing much. I just feel that your wooden token looks… rather familiar, Lord Hong An.”

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