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2004 Strange

Hong An immediately became vigilant. “Oh? You’ve seen it before?”

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Back then, I accidentally saw a similar wooden token at a stall. At a glance, it really looks like it. However, that one is far less exquisite than yours. If you look carefully, the shape is also different.”

Only then did Hong An relax. So that’s how it is… What good stuff could the stall have? It is most likely just a wooden token that happened to look similar. After all, there isn’t much of a difference between wooden tokens.

“You have a noble status, so the items you’re carrying are naturally extraordinary. How can those crude things compare to you?”

Chu Liuyue’s calm words completely dispelled Hong An’s suspicions.

He laughed. “Alright, these are all small items; there’s nothing to care about. Hurry up and go in. Don’t delay.”

Chu Liuyue went with the flow.

Rong Xiu was the first to take a step forward. When he passed by the barrier, he lowered his eyes, and a dark look flashed past his eyes.

“Yue’er,” he turned around and shouted.

Chu Liuyue held his hand and followed him in.

A thin ripple spread in all directions.

Rong Xiu calmly raised his hand.

The wave was instantly annihilated and completely dissipated. It was as if it had never appeared.

The entire process happened in an instant, and Hong An’s gaze happened to be looking elsewhere, so he didn’t notice it at all.

The two of them quickly disappeared inside the barrier.

He Ziji and his sister quickly followed.

After passing through the barrier, Chu Liuyue stood still and looked forward.

The mountains were lush and verdant.

There was a valley below, and a river meandered past.

The Heaven and Earth Force was abundant, and it wasn’t inferior to the Sky-Cloud Empire!

However, this wasn’t what shocked Chu Liuyue the most. She focused her gaze and stared at the scenery in the distance.

The sky was blue and cloudless.

A screen of light descended from the sky! It was really… a realm gate!

When the people who had arrived one after another saw this scene, they were all stunned on the spot. They looked at the mighty light screen that was the realm gate like a miracle, their eyes filled with excitement and agitation.

“Realm gate! That’s the realm gate?!”

“Lord Hong An is right! The Heaven and Earth Force here is abundant—it is several times denser than outside!”

“As long as we cross that realm gate, we’ll be able to reach the God Residence Realm, right? This place is already such a paradise-like existence. I wonder what kind of scene will be inside the God Residence Realm?”

All kinds of discussions could be heard. Most of them were sighs of admiration and yearning.

Evidently, everything before their eyes had given them a huge impact!

Even He Zilan—who was a little unwilling before—was stunned when she saw this scene after entering. She couldn’t help but sigh. “So this is what’s inside…”

After a short daze, she shook He Ziji’s arm excitedly. “Big Brother! Fortunately, we didn’t leave! Otherwise, we would’ve suffered a huge loss! This challenge—it really lives up to its reputation!”

He Ziji couldn’t hide the excitement on his face. “Otherwise, why would so many cultivators come here one after another? How rare is such a cultivation treasure land!?”

Oh yeah. How could such a cultivation ground that is comparable to the first-rate families in the God Residence Realm appear outside the God Residence Realm?

Chu Liuyue’s expression slightly converged as countless thoughts flashed across her mind. The reason why the God Residence Realm is coveted by countless cultivators is that it has abundant Heaven and Earth Force and all kinds of resources. It has produced countless experts for a long time.

Outside the God Residence Realm, it is extremely difficult to break through to become a true god. But with such a cultivation environment, what is the difference between this place and the God Residence Realm?

The realm gate can even be considered a meaningless decoration. The appearance of such a place is obviously abnormal.

Rong Xiu squeezed her palm. “Be careful. There is more than one legendary warrior here.”

The voice entered her ears and hammered her heart.

Chu Liuyue nodded calmly.

The moment she entered, she felt several obscure and powerful auras around her. But because she had yet to break through, she wasn’t very sure.

But since Rong Xiu said so…

The more Chu Liuyue looked, the more she felt that this place was strange.

At this moment, as the last person, Hong An also entered the barrier.

He raised his hand and put away the wooden token. However, the barrier behind him didn’t dissipate.

This was because it existed in the first place. The wooden token from before had only summoned it.

Suddenly, a figure flew over from the distant mountaintop.

That person was extremely fast. In a few breaths, he had already arrived in front of everyone!

This was a man who looked to be about 30 years old. He was dressed in a black robe and was tall.

There was a scar on his face.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly. This is also a true god.

“Hong An, why did you let them in so early?” Scarface frowned. His already serious and cold face became even fiercer.

The excited crowd fell silent when they heard this, and they shot glances at each other. Who is this person? Why does it seem like we aren’t welcome?

Hong An stepped forward. “Something happened at Taiyang Mountain, so I brought them here in advance. Anyway, they will come eventually. It shouldn’t matter if they come earlier.”

As he spoke, he winked at the scar-faced man.

However, the scar-faced man didn’t buy it. Instead, his frown deepened. “What problem can there be in Taiyang Mountain? Even if there is, you should’ve sent a message back first. How can you bring them back so rashly?”

Being reprimanded like this in front of everyone, Hong An felt a little embarrassed.

The expression on his face also faded a little. “These are all extremely talented cultivators, and a few of them are even outstanding. If Master sees them, he will definitely be happy.”

At the mention of ‘Master,’ the scar-faced man was clearly much more afraid. He looked at everyone again and said impatiently, “You’re the one who brought them here. You’re responsible!”

With that, he turned around and left.

Hong An gritted his teeth and wanted to curse, but he held back in the end. At this time, there is no need to waste my mood on such trivial matters.

However, the words between the two of them aroused the suspicion of many people.

“Master? What master?”

He Zilan asked in a daze. “Big Brother, didn’t we come here to go to the God Residence Realm? Why did a ‘master’ suddenly appear?”

Hearing Hong An’s words… Could it be that we still have to meet that master? This wasn’t mentioned before!

He Ziji shook his head, indicating for her to stop talking. In fact, he felt a little uneasy at this moment.

After the scar-faced man left, the scene fell into a strange silence.

Hong An turned around as if he didn’t notice this strange change and said, “Everyone, just follow me.”

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