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2002 Go Forward

Hong An furrowed his brows and then quickly relaxed them. “It’s just a small wound. You’ll recover in about ten to fifteen days.”

As he spoke, he looked at the injured young man. “You can choose if you want to go down the mountain now and give up on the chance of entering the God Residence Realm, or to continue persisting.”

Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart. This is so interesting. Those who have come here are naturally here for the God Residence Realm. He purposely said this to tempt the others.

As expected, when the rather hesitant young man heard this, his expression instantly became more determined. “I choose… to stay.”

Even though the injuries weren’t minor, with proper cultivation, he could completely recover within a month.

He passed the challenge with much difficulty and arrived at the peak of Taiyang Mountain. If he gave up now and chose to leave, he would be indignant.

Hearing his answer, Hong An revealed a look of admiration. “That’s right! It’s not easy if you want to become a strong warrior, so you have to put in an enormous amount of effort and pay a big price. If you become a coward because of a small incident and don’t go forward, then you won’t have a bright future!”

With these continuous sentences, quite a few people’s expressions changed.

Wasn’t this indirectly targeting them!? But Hong An’s status was distinguished, and his words were logical, so the crowd fell silent.

“Okay! Everyone, stay here properly!” Hong An surveyed the surroundings and walked to the side with this sentence. This time, he did not go up again and stood not far away from the crowd.

It seemed like he planned on guarding them even more strictly.

The crowd could not say anything further, and they walked to their seats and waited quietly.

He Zilan tugged her brother’s sleeves and lowered her voice. “Big Brother, don’t you feel like this place is very weird… Why don’t we go back?”

He Ziji would naturally not agree. We’ve prepared so long for this challenge and put in an inestimable amount of effort. How could we just give up?

Seeing that his sister seemed rather fearful, He Ziji patted her hands and patiently advised, “Okay, Zilan, don’t think so much. Look, isn’t Lord Hong An at the side? Nothing will happen.”

He Zilan’s lips moved. Seeing her own elder brother’s determined expression, she knew that she could not convince him.

Hence, she could only let it slide. “Okay.”

He Ziji stroked her head in comfort and retracted his gaze.

However, this comfort could not reassure He Zilan.

She looked down and rubbed her hands together. Big Brother doesn’t know, but I am clear. Previously, someone definitely attacked me! Besides, the other party’s abilities are definitely above mine. No, it should be above Hong An!

Being able to avoid his surveillance and silently take action twice… It is terrifying!

Of course, I want to go to the God Residence Realm, but I have to be alive to get there!

He Zilan was extremely frustrated, and her mind was a mess. She could not calmly cultivate and kept glancing toward the surroundings from time to time.

And there were quite a few other people present who had the same thoughts as her.

Those who could come here were not ordinary. Once they thought deeply about some things, they would faintly realize that it was amiss, and it would send a chill down their spines.

The day gradually passed with everyone’s discomfort and doubts.

Time flew past until the second night.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged and closed her eyes lightly.

When the bright moon rose, the sense of familiarity came again. This time, she was long prepared and instantly realized something was amiss the moment her force was absorbed.

Her heart tingled. There is a Xuan formation beneath the mountain! It wasn’t clear yesterday, but today’s energy vortex was apparent! I wonder if it was originally like this or whether Hong An did something because he was worried.

But no matter what, Chu Liuyue finally confirmed her previous guess.

The corner of her lips curled up slightly, and a faint smile flashed across before it disappeared.

The moon was high in the sky, and the night breeze was cooling.

Everyone’s uneasy hearts finally relaxed slowly. It seems like yesterday’s incident was really an accident…

However, they weren’t happy for long as another young man’s body shook, and he directly vomited blood!



That young man’s face flashed white as he directly collapsed on the ground with a thump! This was especially clear in the originally quiet mountain peak.

“Third Brother!” At the side, a young man—who looked slightly older—was instantly taken aback as he hurriedly went forward to help him up. “Third Brother! What happened?”

Everyone looked over. When they saw the messy bloodstains on the young man’s face and body, their expressions changed.

Hong An also immediately rushed over. “What’s happening!?”

That young man supported his body, and his mouth was filled with blood as his face flushed white. “I… I…”

The moment he said these two words, he suddenly coughed.

That disheveled appearance was frightening.

The young man at the side took his pulse. Then, his expression turned ugly. “Third Brother has internal injuries and probably won’t recover without a month or two…”

As he spoke, he directly tore that young man’s clothes.

Suddenly, an additional purplish-red mark appeared on his back! This was clearly a wound that had just appeared, and it was this force that caused his internal injuries.

Upon hearing this, the young man’s expression turned dark.

One or two months was a positive outcome. Anyway, no matter what, he could not continue participating in this challenge.

Wasn’t it courting death if he went to the God Residence Realm with an injured body?

Hong An’s brows were knitted together, and there seemed to be a fire burning crazily in his heart! How did this happen? I stayed at the side the whole time and guarded very closely. Whenever those people moved, I would be the first to notice! But now, this matter just happened, and I didn’t notice it at all!

The surroundings were silent.

The crowd’s gazes shuttled back and forth between Hong An and that young man with varying emotions.

Hong An felt that there were daggers on his back. There can be a first or a second but never a third! The same thing happened again, and it is even more serious than the previous time!

Very clearly, the people present are already faltering. I definitely can’t use the same perfunctory sayings as before.

That young man hesitated for a moment, clenched his teeth, and said, “Lord Hong An, I would like to bring my Third Brother down the mountain. His injury cannot be delayed any further…”

That young man instantly stopped him. “Second Brother, I can go down myself! You don’t have to delay your—”

“Look at yourself. How can you go down alone?” That young man interrupted his injured third brother and did not allow himself to be questioned.

Even though it was extremely pitiful to give up on this chance, his own third brother’s life was more important.

Hong An took a deep breath in as if he made a huge decision. “You don’t have to leave. I’ll bring you to a place to rest.”

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