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1962 Siege

Yi Wentao was a legendary warrior after all. As soon as he raised his hand, his aura began to strengthen crazily again!

Soon, the pressure around him suppressed Chu Liuyue greatly!

Her speed began to decrease at a visible speed. However, Tuan Zi’s bloodline was noble, and she wasn’t hindered by this pressure at all.

She turned to look at Zi Chen, rubbed her nose, and looked up. “Let’s compete today and see who can deal with him first!”

Zi Chen narrowed his eyes.

He really wasn’ interested in such competition, but seeing that Tuan Zi was in high spirits, his lips moved slightly. The rejection on the tip of his tongue suddenly stopped.

Tuan Zi didn’t notice this and thought that Zi Chen had agreed. Her figure moved and transformed into a golden stream of light that headed straight for Yi Wentao!

“I’ll beat you to death today!” Tuan Zi shouted and arrived in front of Yi Wentao in the blink of an eye. Then, she hurled out a punch!

Her palm was white and fleshy, and clenched into a small fist, it was like a ball of soft white cotton. From afar, it was really not a threat at all.

Yi Wentao didn’t take Tuan Zi’s attack to heart, but the closer she got, the more surprised he was to discover that the power contained in Tuan Zi’s fist far exceeded his imagination!

He frowned and swung the Great Azure Sun Axe!

A green ball of light quickly gathered! The sharp and burning aura immediately made the surrounding air hot.

Energy surged and kept approaching Tuan Zi!

A totem appeared between Tuan Zi’s eyebrows, and a dazzling purple-gold light instantly erupted from her body!


The power of both sides collided fiercely! The intense energy vibration instantly left a huge pit on the ground!

Then, Tuan Zi’s figure flew back.

A terrifying impact swept over, and her body fell to the ground uncontrollably!

Tuan Zi felt suffocated. From the corner of her eye, she realized that she was about to fall to the ground.

Her eyes widened. That won’t do! It would be too embarrassing to fall in front of so many people!

She gritted her teeth and was about to save herself when she felt a gentle force lift her up.

This force cushioned her speed. After stabilizing her, it quickly withdrew.

Tuan Zi turned around in a daze and saw a black figure flash past! Just now… it was Zi Chen who attacked?

Tuan Zi was stunned for a moment and blinked. Aren’t we… competing? Zi Chen is actually helping me?

Looking at the tall back in front of her, Tuan Zi bit her finger thoughtfully. Hmm… He should be doing this for the sake of Master? That’s true. Relatively speaking, getting rid of that annoying old fellow is the most important thing! As for competitions and whatnot, they are all incidental.

Of course, everything still has to focus on A’Yue.

Tuan Zi thought seriously, But if I accept his help for no reason, won’t I be lowering myself?

Tuan Zi clenched her fists, her eyes burning with excitement!

With a tap of her toes, she quickly rushed up again! She surrounded Yi Wentao from the other side! I can’t lose!

Tuan Zi was sent flying.

On the other side, Yi Wentao’s situation wasn’t any better. Under the impact of the shocking violent power, he took half a step back and sank his feet into the ground! Only then did he finally stabilize himself.

Although compared to Tuan Zi, he had the upper hand, Yi Wentao wasn’t happy at all.

He was a legendary warrior!

As for Tuan Zi? She was just a red-gold heavenly phoenix!

He had thought that this blow would directly finish off Tuan Zi. At the very least, it would make her lose her combat strength. However, the result was completely the opposite!

After Zi Chen caught Tuan Zi, Yi Wentao hurriedly took a look and was shocked to discover that Tuan Zi didn’t seem to be injured!

Such high physical strength… has already surpassed many adult red-gold heavenly phoenixes! How did this happen?

Yi Wentao couldn’t figure it out, and he was puzzled and angry! However, he didn’t have much time to think about this because Zi Chen soon caught up!

Like Tuan Zi, he chose to attack head-on!

A cold aura spread from Zi Chen.

He suddenly raised his hand, and a cold black mist spread from his palm!

Just as Yi Wentao was about to move, he was shocked to discover that a layer of frost had already formed his Great Azure Sun Axe! Moreover, the cold air on it was still accumulating at this moment, causing the frost to thicken!

Under the influence of this cold air, Yi Wentao quickly realized in shock that his force was gradually unable to enter the Great Azure Sun Axe!

“This—” He waved the Great Azure Sun Axe in disbelief and tried to resist the cold air with the force in his body, but he realized that the effect was minimal.

Yi Wentao almost gasped. What the hell! He is just a three-eyed legendary eagle. How could he restrain the Great Azure Sun Axe? This is one of the top ten holy weapons!

What Yi Wentao didn’t know was that Zi Chen’s body was forged from the bones and blood essence of a real great phoenix dragon that was extremely powerful to begin with. Coupled with Miao Zhen’s strength… His strength far exceeded that of an ordinary three-eyed legendary eagle!

To a certain extent, he had borrowed Miao Zhen’s pressure to naturally suppress Yi Wentao!

What frightened Yi Wentao even more was that the cold air was still spreading toward him!

At this moment, a snow-white silver light flashed over!

Chu Liuyue’s sword slashed down! The sharp blade slashed straight at Yi Wentao’s face!

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