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1961 Fear

It wasn’t a secret that Chu Liuyue had two contracted legendary fiends. As early as when Rong Xiu was choosing his consort, many people had witnessed her summoning two legendary fiends at the same time.

One of them was a red-tailed phoenix, and the other… was a three-eyed legendary eagle!

As long as someone asked around, they would know about these things.

Before Yi Wentao came, he had specially investigated Chu Liuyue. Seeing Zi Chen, he was stunned for a moment before immediately understanding. There is no need to ask about this little girl—she is the red-tailed phoenix that had broken through.

And the black-robed young man beside her… He is definitely that three-eyed legendary eagle!

He has actually transformed into a human… this is simply unheard of!

It wasn’t that Yi Wentao had never considered the fact that she had the help of a contracted legendary fiend. But even with the help of the legendary fiend, Chu Liuyue’s cultivation level was limited, so the strength they could unleash wouldn’t be too strong.

At the very least, it was incomparable to him.

The moment she agreed to fight alone, Yi Wentao already thought that he would definitely win.

Unexpectedly, her two contracted legendary fiends had actually transformed into human forms! There was too much information contained in this!

To be able to do this… On the one hand, it proved that these two legendary fiends were extremely talented and powerful. On the other hand, Yi Wentao was almost certain that they had definitely encountered a shocking opportunity!

Perhaps Chu Liuyue still has some shocking trump card!

Zi Chen’s appearance also caused the expressions of the surrounding people to change a few times.

Everyone present was powerful; they were definitely famous in the entire God Residence Realm. However, they—who had seen countless things—were also stunned.

“No way? This is the three-eyed legendary eagle that Shangguan Yue contracted? It transformed into a human?”

“…Didn’t they say that only the two ancient legendary fiend races can do this? What’s going on now? I’ve read many ancient books, but there doesn’t seem to be anything similar…”

“Wait! Don’t you think that the aura on Zi Chen’s body is a little strange? Apart from the aura of the three-eyed legendary eagle, he seems… seems to… also have a faint pressure?”

“I feel it too, but I just can’t remember…”

Just as everyone was discussing, Jun Jiuqing suddenly thought of something. He tilted his head slightly and looked at Miao Fushan.

In an instant, something seemed to flash through his mind, and he blurted out, “It’s the great phoenix dragon!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the group of people beside Jun Jiuqing heard him clearly.

The expressions of Yi Wenzhuo and the others changed.

“Great phoenix dragon? How can this—” Someone subconsciously wanted to refute, but he stopped before he could finish.

This was because the faint aura emitting from Zi Chen’s body… was indeed extremely similar to Miao Fushan!

It was as if a thread had strung the pieces together.

A hint of understanding flashed across Jun Jiuqing’s eyes. “Could this be… the reason why Miao Zhen went to the Sky-Cloud Empire?”

When Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue got married, Miao Zhen—the clan leader—personally went to congratulate them.

The world was extremely shocked, but they were also filled with doubts. They didn’t know when these two people had become friends with the great phoenix dragon clan.

Jun Jiuqing had always been very puzzled by this. At this moment, when he saw Zi Chen, he finally understood!

Zi Chen definitely has the bloodline power of the great phoenix dragon clan in his body!

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, Miao Fushan flew out of the barrier and arrived beside Rong Xiu. He looked at Zi Chen, stroked his beard, and chuckled. “Zi Chen, it’s been a while since we last met. Your strength has increased again!”

Zi Chen bowed respectfully. “It’s all thanks to Senior Miao Zhen.”

Those two simple sentences instantly froze the surrounding atmosphere.

What does that mean? Not only is Zi Chen related to the great phoenix dragon race, but… he is also related to Miao Zhen?! Then, this—

Miao Zhen is now the great phoenix dragon clan leader! Doesn’t that mean that we can’t even afford to offend Zi Chen?

“Master Yi is a respected legendary warrior, while I’m just a small true god. The difference in strength is huge. If I don’t make some preparations and go all out, I’m afraid I won’t have any chance of winning,” Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly and said.

Yi Wentao’s face was ashen. Miao Fushan’s words just now were clearly a clear indication that he wants to support Zi Chen!

No wonder they had inexplicably formed a relationship with the great phoenix dragon clan.

No wonder Miao Fushan would rather break the contract than not stand on Chu Liuyue’s side!

Now, Miao Fushan’s attitude is Miao Zhen’s attitude and the attitude of the entire great phoenix dragon clan!

He suppressed the anger in his heart and stared at the three figures in front of him.

Chu Liuyue stood in the middle, with Tuan Zi and Zi Chen on both sides.

On the surface, the aura and pressure of these three people were much inferior to his, but in fact, the power behind them forced Yi Wentao to be extremely cautious!

On one side was the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, and on the other was the great phoenix dragon clan…

Yi Wentao had never thought that he would one day face such a situation of being surrounded by two ancient legendary fiend races at the same time!

“Princess Consort… you’re really capable!” Yi Wentao sneered, his eyes cold.

Ordinary people can only contract one legendary fiend, but she has contracted two at the same time. They are both legendary fiends too! More importantly, one is a red-gold heavenly phoenix, and the other is a three-eyed legendary eagle that is inextricably related to the great phoenix dragon clan!

Who doesn’t know that the relationship between these two ancient legendary fiend races has always been very subtle? Now, they are actually serving the same master!

As for Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen, they don’t seem to care about this matter! How did Chu Liuyue do it?

And the Celestial Shield in her hand…

Looking at those dark and bright eyes that weren’t smiling, Yi Wentao felt inexplicably uneasy. He vaguely felt that he had underestimated Chu Liuyue previously…


The Chi Xiao Sword in her hand suddenly rose! A short and sharp sound tore through the air!

“Master Yi, please!” Just as Chu Liuyue finished speaking, she tapped her toes and jumped up!

The surrounding natural energy began to quickly gather toward the Chi Xiao Sword!

Yi Wentao’s expression darkened. This girl is really bold! At this moment, not only is she completely unafraid, but she even chose to take the initiative to attack! It seems that she has quite a bit of confidence in herself…

Relying on those two legendary fiends?

Yi Wentao sneered in his heart.

The appearance of Tuan Zi and Zi Chen did make him worry, but that was all.

One had to know that the strength that a contracted legendary fiend could unleash was largely determined by its contracted master. She was still a true god, so what if she tried her best?

Yi Wentao was furious. “Great Azure Sun Axe!”

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