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1963 Gaining the Big with the Small

In a moment of desperation, Yi Wentao made a prompt decision—he threw the Great Green Sun Axe in his hand fiercely and quickly retreated!

The sharp blade brushed past the tip of his nose and barely missed!

Even though Yi Wentao’s physical strength was extremely good, he still felt a sharp pain when his sword swept past. Half of his face was almost peeled off!


The Great Azure Sun Axe went straight for Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue raised her sword.


A crisp collision sounded.

Her hand went numb.

The Great Azure Sun Axe changed direction and flew out!

At this moment, Yi Wentao suddenly stopped. With a thought, the Great Azure Sun Axe returned to his hand!

It was cold to the touch.

Yi Wentao’s heart sank. The power of the Great Azure Sun Axe has been completely sealed!

He wanted to break it by force, but the frost covering it contained extremely powerful pressure. He couldn’t completely break it in a short period of time.

In other words, as soon as Zi Chen attacked, he directly removed one of his handy Yuan instruments!

Yi Wentao was puzzled and gritted his teeth in hatred. He really didn’t know how Zi Chen had frozen the Great Azure Sun Axe even though he didn’t seem to have done anything.

This battle has just begun, but I have already suffered heavy losses. The situation will probably be even worse later…

Chu Liuyue quietly rotated her sore wrist.

After all, the Great Azure Sun Axe was one of the top ten holy weapons. Coupled with the power of Yi Wentao, the collision just now was really very powerful.

Fortunately, her Holy Body had reached completion, and Zi Chen had already helped freeze most of the power on it. Otherwise… she might not be able to take this blow head-on!

“Master Yi, I think your Great Azure Sun Axe doesn’t seem to be very useful in your hands now. Why don’t… you show it to me?” Chu Liuyue smiled and said very sincerely.

Yi Wentao’s forehead throbbed in anger. How can I not tell that she is coveting my Great Azure Sun Axe? She hasn’t even won yet, but she is already so arrogant!

He snorted. “If you want to see it, come over yourself!”

With that, he held his breath and waved his hand. Immediately after, a ball of green light surged out of his palm like a river!

The light quickly spread and turned into stars floating in the air. Wherever it passed, space froze!

“Master actually unleashed his God Realm directly!?” An exclamation came from the Yi family’s crowd.

They couldn’t be blamed for making a fuss. The development of the matter in front of them was completely different from what they had expected.

Almost everyone from the Yi family and the Nan family thought that Yi Wentao would definitely win against her. As long as he attacked, it was very likely that he would take her down in three moves.

Even when they saw Tuan Zi and Zi Chen appear, they still felt that she wasn’t Yi Wentao’s match.

With the help of Tuan Zi and Zi Chen, she would at most be able to last longer, but it still wouldn’t affect the outcome. If three moves didn’t work, then maybe ten would?

As they were still a distance away from Chu Liuyue and Yi Wentao, these people couldn’t personally experience the immense pressure that Zi Chen had placed on Yi Wentao after he attacked. Therefore, when they saw Yi Wentao summon his God Realm after failing in one strike, many people were shocked.

Is Chu Liuyue really so powerful that she actually forced the family head to summon his God Realm directly?

Green light spots floated and quickly enveloped the surrounding space! An indescribably heavy pressure suddenly descended!

Chu Liuyue instantly felt as if there was a mountain pressing down on her, making every step extremely laborious.

In fact, under the influence of this pressure, the force in her body slowed down.

This God Realm was different from the pressure caused by Yi Wentao’s Great Azure Sun Axe. In this space, almost everything was under Yi Wentao’s control!

“Hmph, Big Brother’s God Realm is extremely powerful. Not to mention a true god like Shangguan Yue, even many legendary warriors might not be able to break free from it! This time, she shouldn’t be able to do anything…” Yi Wenzhuo was speaking, but before he could finish, he was interrupted.

“Look! What’s that?”

Yi Wenzhuo frowned and glanced over impatiently. What he saw shocked him too.

Chu Liuyue stood there with her back straight and with her eyes gently closed. Then, a silver-red stream of light surged out of her body!

In an instant, it surged like a river!

The dazzling stream of light was like a sharp blade that cleanly cut through the frozen space!

“That’s her God Realm!?” someone muttered in shock. “Isn’t she a true god?! How—how can this God Realm compete with Master’s?”

The silver-red divine domain was still spreading and quickly surrounded Chu Liuyue.

When the last green light beside her was dispersed, she finally opened her eyes again!

At this moment, Yi Wentao also looked up in surprise and met her eyes.

His heart suddenly jumped!

There was no fear or cowardice in those dark and calm eyes. There was only crazy fighting spirit!

In his life, Yi Wentao had fought countless cultivators, including all kinds of geniuses and experts. However, he had never seen such a gaze.

It was like a sudden explosion of flames under a cold mountain! It had a powerful aura that devoured everything!

It was as if everything in front of her was just a fleeting cloud and floating in the water. It wasn’t worth mentioning at all!

Yi Wentao didn’t know how to describe this feeling. I’m clearly the one with a higher cultivation. I’m clearly the one who should look down on everything!

But at this moment, in the face of her seemingly indomitable aura, he actually felt a little…

He couldn’t describe his current mood—it was shock, surprise, and confusion. There was also a hint of… nervousness and worry that even he didn’t want to admit.

Such a gaze shouldn’t belong to someone like Chu Liuyue…


The silver-red God Realm surged continuously! Like waves hitting reefs, abundant energy surged and emitted waves of sound!

After a while, the God Realms of both sides formed a standoff!

Actually, from the outside, Chu Liuyue’s God Realm only occupied a small space, surrounding her, Zi Chen, and Tuan Zi.

As for Yi Wentao’s God Realm, it still occupied a larger area.

It seemed that Yi Wentao had the upper hand, but in reality, the area around Chu Liuyue was forcefully obtained from Yi Wentao with her God Realm!

Even though Yi Wentao’s God Realm was more powerful, he was stopped outside and could no longer break through her God Realm!

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