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1959 Probably Crazy

Peach Blossom Dock’s Shangguan Yue—Fight!

A clear voice spread from afar and landed clearly in everyone’s ears!

After a short silence, gasps could be heard! Is Chu Liuyue crazy?! She actually wants to go up personally to fight Yi Wentao? Isn’t this courting death?!

Even though she is indeed stronger than many true gods of the same level, she is still only a true god! Yi Wentao is one of the best among the legendary warriors! She has almost no chance of winning against him!

Yi Wentao was also stunned. It was rare for him to react slowly.

“Are you… sure?” His gaze swept across Chu Liuyue suspiciously. Just based on… her?

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and smiled. “No regrets. What, does Master Yi think it’s not good?”

How could it not be good? This is simply great! It wasn’t that Yi Wentao hadn’t thought of this possibility, but he didn’t have much hope.

He could tell that she valued this Peach Blossom Dock very much. If she had any rationality, she wouldn’t have chosen to do it personally. Besides Zhao Song and the others, she still had some people to choose from.

Wasn’t Cen Yi an excellent candidate?

But in the end, she actually chose to do it herself?

Apart from being shocked, Yi Wentao couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious. Could Chu Liuyue have some other trump card?

At the thought of this, he couldn’t help but look at Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu’s expression was indifferent, and there was a faint smile on his lips. He seemed to be rather impressed and affirmative of her choice.

But more than that, he couldn’t tell.

Yi Wentao’s mind raced, but in the end, he suppressed this thought. Even if she really has any tricks up her sleeve, they are useless in front of absolute strength. As long as I defeat her quickly, this matter will be over! It’s now or never.

Yi Wentao laughed. “How bold. I admire you. Please enlighten me then, Princess Consort!”

He paused and looked around. “Where do you want to start, Princess Consort?”

He was asking about inside or outside the barrier.

Chu Liuyue laughed. “My Peach Blossom Dock has just been tidied up recently, but it can’t withstand any more torment. It’s better to be outside!”

With that, her figure moved, and she actually flashed out of the barrier!

Everyone’s gazes were fixed on her. Shock, curiosity, worry, and confusion…

Chu Liuyue turned a blind eye to them. In the blink of an eye, she was outside the barrier and facing Yi Wentao!

She moved so quickly that when she appeared, the expressions on many people’s faces were still there.

She smiled and didn’t mind. “Please make room. It’s too crowded here.”

There seemed to be amusement in her voice.

Other than Yi Wentao, the people closest to him were the people from the Nan family and the Yi family.

Upon hearing this, they almost subconsciously retreated a distance. But, when they took action, they came back to their senses. We actually subconsciously did as Chu Liuyue said? She isn’t anyone to us. Why do we have to listen to her?!

For a moment, many people were extremely embarrassed. But halfway back…

“A little further,” Chu Liuyue said. “This battle is between me and the Yi family’s head. Swords and knives have no eyes; it won’t be good if we hurt everyone.”

Her words made everyone speechless, and they could only retreat again!

In the end, there was a large empty space in the middle with Chu Liuyue and Yi Wentao as the center.

Behind her stood Shangguan Jing, Zhao Song, and the others.

Behind Yi Wentao, although the Yi family and the Nan family were standing together, there was still a distance between them.

“Can you do it now?” Yi Wentao asked indifferently.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

At this moment, she held a shield in her left hand and a sword in her right. She already looked quite imposing.

Yi Wentao’s gaze calmly swept across the shield.

The corners of her lips curled up imperceptibly. Previously, I had felt that something was wrong with Yi Wentao as if he were trying his best to force me to take action. Now, it seems that they’re here for the Celestial Shield…

“Go ahead,” Yi Wentao replied.

With that, he staggered slightly, and his aura suddenly soared!

At this moment, Rong Xiu flew out of the barrier.

However, he didn’t go forward. He only came to the side of Shangguan Jing and the others and stood with them.

He greeted Shangguan Jing, Nan Suhuai, and the others in turn.

Zhao Song couldn’t help but say, “It’s been a long time since we last met. Your Grace is even more glorious than before. The Princess Consort is indeed extraordinary, but… Are you really not worried?”

Rong Xiu chuckled and said calmly, “Peach Blossom Dock is Yue’er’s territory, so she can do whatever she wants. Since she made this choice, she must have her reasons.”

All he needed to do was respect and support her decision.

Zhao Song and the others looked at each other in surprise. They had long heard that Rong Xiu doted on this princess consort, but they didn’t expect it to be to this extent.

On the one hand, Rong Xiu said this because he liked and respected her. On the other hand… he probably has sufficient confidence in her, right? However, a true god versus a legendary warrior… No matter how we think about it, she won’t win!

At first, they thought that Chu Liuyue would also talk about some conditions. Unexpectedly, there was nothing, and the battle began directly.

If she lost… With Rong Xiu, Shangguan Jing, and the others around, Yi Wentao would definitely not be able to take her life. However, they definitely couldn’t make a move unless it was a critical moment.

Wouldn’t Chu Liuyue still lose the entire Peach Blossom Dock?

Rong Xiu knew what they were thinking, but he didn’t explain. He just put one hand behind his back and looked ahead.

After all, Yi Wentao was a legendary warrior. At this moment, he was prepared to attack with all his might, and the aura on his body became stronger!

Behind her, many people whispered. “I really don’t know what Shangguan Yue is thinking to actually agree to this. Moreover, she personally accepted the challenge! Isn’t it obvious who will win or lose?”

“Hmph! She’s still young, but she can’t avoid being young and impetuous! With some strength and reputation, she doesn’t know who she is… There will be times when she cries!”

“How long do you think it will take for Master to take her down? Three moves? Don’t tell me she won’t admit defeat after losing?”

“How is that possible? This is in front of so many people! Even if she can’t bear to, she has to admit defeat! It won’t be long before… she regrets it! Unfortunately, there’s no medicine for regret in this world!”

The group laughed softly. Obviously, in their opinion, Yi Wentao would definitely win.

The only question was how long it would take to end this battle.

Chu Liuyue’s expression was indifferent as if she didn’t care.


A ball of golden flames suddenly surged out of her body!

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