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1958 Personally Fighting!

“Pfft.” An undisguised snort suddenly sounded.

Nan Suhuai looked at Yi Wentao with a faint smile. “Master Yi, you really have a good plan. When I came just now, you ignored me and said that you wanted to break this barrier no matter what. Why did you suddenly change your mind the moment Senior Shangguan and the others arrived?”

Anyone could tell that with the change in the situation, even if Yi Wentao joined forces with the Nan family, it would probably be difficult for them to gain any advantage.

The legendary warriors invited by Shangguan Jing weren’t just for show. If they really fought, it was obvious who would win!

Moreover, after this battle, the Nan family and the Yi family would probably suffer heavy losses.

Yi Wentao didn’t want to take such a risk, so he changed his mind at the last minute and raised another suggestion.

Yi Wentao was furious at Nan Suhuai’s public mockery and contempt, but he quickly suppressed his anger. These aren’t the most important things now. Only by breaking the stalemate will we have the possibility of turning the tables! And this is also the only big way for me to take down Peach Blossom Dock!

He took a deep breath and looked straight at Chu Liuyue. “Shangguan Yue, do you agree?”

He didn’t care what others thought because it didn’t matter.

Since everyone was certain that she was the master of Peach Blossom Dock, she was the only one they had to ask! Whether she agreed or not was up to her!

Countless gazes landed on Chu Liuyue.

They then saw her red lips curl up slightly, and her eyes moved as she nodded slightly. “Okay!”

Okay!? Did she… agree?

Almost everyone was stunned. Even the people at Peach Blossom Dock were mostly shocked. This suggestion—she should’ve rejected it. Why did she agree?

In this situation, they clearly had the advantage. There was no need to compromise with Yi Wentao at all!

“Master… why would you agree?” Thirteen muttered in a daze.

As he asked, he couldn’t help but look at Cen Yi beside him.

The latter was calm as if he wasn’t surprised.

“Big Brother?” Thirteen couldn’t help but ask, “What do you think Master is thinking?”

Cen Yi’s expression was indifferent. He paused for a moment before explaining, “Nothing. Master indeed doesn’t want to dirty the new territory that has just been cleaned.”

Thirteen was speechless.

“If we can solve the problem in the easiest way, why waste so much effort?” Cen Yi continued.

Thirteen nodded thoughtfully. I probably understand what Big Brother means. Although there are more legendary warriors on our side, and we have a higher chance of winning… If so many people really fight, it would be earth-shattering. Even if we won in the end, we would pay a considerable price.

If they could defeat Yi Wentao one-on-one, it would naturally save time and effort. But the point was—

“That Yi Wentao is powerful and is very likely to fight personally. Who will Master choose to be confident of winning?”

Yi Wentao took a step forward and smiled at Chu Liuyue, but his eyes were still cold. “How bold!”

Initially, he was still a little hesitant and felt that she might not agree. After all, it was too risky.

Fortunately, she made this choice in the end.

“Since I took the initiative to provoke them this time, the person who will fight should naturally be me.”

As soon as Yi Wentao finished speaking, there was silence. They had long expected this.

Then, they heard Yi Wentao continue, “Similarly… Shangguan Yue, everyone is fighting for Peach Blossom Dock, so the person you choose should be your own person. No outsiders are allowed to interfere. Do you have any objections to this?”

The crowd was dazed.

What Yi Wentao meant was that she couldn’t ask Zhao Song and the others for help. Instead, she could only choose one of the people she trusted the most to fight.

Then. the range of options she had narrowed significantly.

Yi Wentao clearly said this to restrain Chu Liuyue further.

This theory wasn’t wrong, but it was opportunistic. Moreover, it came from someone with Yi Wentao’s status and strength. It was even more degrading and despicable.

Zhao Song clicked his tongue and couldn’t help but say, “Brother Shangguan, we’ve been away from the world for a long time. I actually didn’t know that the people outside are actually so shameless now.”

Shangguan Jing was also suppressing his anger as he smiled coldly. “They’ve done things openly and righteously to snatch someone else’s territory. What else can’t they do?”

Many people in the Yi family had ugly expressions.

They had always been high and mighty with a noble status. Even those first-rate families would be very polite and respectful to them, so when had they ever been humiliated like this?

Most importantly, they had no way to refute!

But compared to these people’s restlessness, Yi Wentao remained calm. It was as if he couldn’t hear these words at all.

He just kept staring at Chu Liuyue, waiting for her answer.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. As expected of someone who has been in charge of the Yi family for many years. Such a temperament isn’t something that ordinary people can have.

She nodded. “What Master Yi said makes sense.”

Everyone became even quieter.

Some people from the Yi family and the Nan family secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

On Peach Blossom Dock’s side, many people were worried. This is a losing choice. Even if she didn’t agree, Yi Wentao couldn’t say anything. Therefore, why did she agree?

Yi Wentao narrowed his eyes slightly. “Then… have you chosen the person?”

The corners of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up as she took a step forward. “I’ve chosen. Peach Blossom Dock’s Shangguan Yue—Fight!”

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