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1960 Foreign Aid?

A loud and clear phoenix cry sounded from afar! Immediately after, a small figure walked out of the flames!

It was a little girl who looked to be no more than three or four years old. She was wearing a red-gold lotus leaf dress and had two round buns on her head. She was barefoot and looked cute.

In particular, those big black grape-like eyes flickered and were very lively.

When she walked, the golden bells on her head would ring crisply.

Many people looked over. When they saw the little girl’s appearance, they were first stunned, then suddenly came back to their senses. “Red-gold heavenly phoenix?!”

“This is her contractual legendary fiend?”

“No! This red-gold heavenly phoenix is so young. Logically speaking, it can’t transform into a human form!”

“Didn’t you say… that this is the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress? It’s probably a little different, right?”

Although the news of Chu Liuyue contracting Tuan Zi had long spread throughout the entire God Residence Realm, only a handful of people had actually seen the latter. Therefore, when Tuan Zi appeared, it immediately shocked everyone.

Tuan Zi was already used to this situation. She stood in front of Chu Liuyue with one hand on her waist and the other pointing at Yi Wentao.

She frowned and asked angrily, “It’s you, old thing, who wants to harm our A’Yue?!”

She was still young, so even when she spoke, she still had a strong childish aura. To everyone, not only was it not intimidating at all, but it also sounded a little funny.

Some people couldn’t help but laugh. It’s good that the red-gold heavenly phoenix is an ancient legendary fiend. The person in front is the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress, and her status is even better. However… she is too young!

What combat strength can such a small thing have?

Against ordinary cultivators, she might be a little intimidating. But against someone at Yi Wentao’s level… it’s really useless.

Yi Wentao looked at Tuan Zi steadily and frowned. She has transformed into a human form at such a young age… No wonder she was chosen as the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s young mistress without breaking the contract with Chu Liuyue. Her innate bloodline power should be extremely powerful…

Unlike the others, Yi Wentao had always been careful. Therefore, when he saw Tuan Zi now, he didn’t ignore her like the others.

“We only agreed to fight this battle to determine the ownership of Peach Blossom Dock,” Yi Wentao said calmly.

Putting everything else aside, the other party’s identity wasn’t to be trifled with. He didn’t want to really summon Yi Zhao and the others.

It would only be more troublesome then!

Tuan Zi couldn’t be bothered with Yi Wentao’s words. “You want to snatch A’Yue’s things? That’s even more unforgivable!”

It wasn’t easy for A’Yue to obtain this Peach Blossom Dock! How long has it been? Someone has actually come over to snatch it openly? They still have the cheek to say it?

“You’re already so old. How shameless! Pfft!”

Yi Wentao frowned. Even if he didn’t take these things seriously, it was really embarrassing to be insulted by a little girl in front of so many people.

It would be strange if he still wasn’t angry.

“Cut the crap. Let’s see who’s stronger!” His voice turned colder as he looked at Chu Liuyue. There is no point in being so unreasonable. I have to end the battle quickly and take down Peach Blossom Dock. Then, all my problems will be resolved!

However, Chu Liuyue suddenly laughed. “Master Yi, what’s the hurry? I’m not ready yet.”

Yi Wentao frowned. Not ready yet? Isn’t it just a fight? What is there to prepare?

The weapon she uses is already in her hand, and she has also summoned the red-gold heavenly phoenix. What else does she want to do?!

Just as Yi Wentao was getting impatient, Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. “Zi Chen, I’ll have to trouble you this time too.”

There’s more?

Yi Wentao couldn’t help but say, “Shangguan Yue, this battle between us is a one-on-one battle. We can’t ask for external help—”

Suddenly, his voice stopped.

The scene in front of him shocked him!

A tall figure silently appeared beside Chu Liuyue—it was a young man who looked to be in his 20s. He was extremely tall and wore a black robe. His facial features were handsome, and his expression was cold.

He just stood there quietly, and cold air kept spreading from his body.

His aura was extremely strong, and his pressure was impressive. It was obvious that he wasn’t weak, but most importantly, there was a purple-gold mark between his brows!

At a glance, it looked like an eye…

Yi Wentao suddenly held his breath. That’s his eye!

Yi Wentao had interacted with the three-eyed legendary eagle race before. Therefore, the moment he saw Zi Chen, he acutely sensed that the aura on his body was quite familiar. This is indeed the aura of a three-eyed legendary eagle! Could it be that this young man isn’t human, but… a three-eyed legendary eagle!?

As soon as this thought appeared in her mind, Yi Wentao rejected it. How is that possible? Although the three-eyed legendary eagles are of a high level among legendary fiends, only the two ancient legendary fiend races can transform into human form!

After so many years, there has never been a three-eyed legendary eagle that can transform into a human form in the God Residence Realm!

For a moment, Yi Wentao almost thought that this was just an illusion cast by the other party with a trick. However, he quickly realized that this wasn’t the case!

This was indeed the body of a human!

Yi Wentao was shocked. Wasn’t everyone else present the same?

The originally noisy crowd instantly fell silent.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Master Yi is right. Since the two of us have agreed to fight one-on-one, we naturally can’t ask for any external help. However… Zi Chen isn’t external help because… he’s also my contracted legendary fiend!”

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