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1955 Bringing Some Guests

Chu Liuyue laughed. Of course, I want such a treasure. They have openly come to snatch my Peach Blossom Dock. Can’t I think about a Yuan instrument? However, it’s still unknown who will win in the end.

“If you need my help, just let me know.”

Rong Xiu wasn’t interested in these things, but since she liked them, he naturally had to snatch them.

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook her head. “No need.”

I can get what I want by myself. It is dangerous this time, but it is also a rare opportunity. As long as I resolve today’s troubles, I should be able to have some peace and quiet for a long time after that.

With that, she quickly circulated the force in her body.

A turbulent and vast power surged out of the gorgeous water droplet in her dantian! Almost at the same time, the power of Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier increased again!

The crack—which had just been split open—was repaired in the blink of an eye!

The dazzling green sun was blocked outside again.

The power of both sides fought fiercely, and the surrounding void collapsed continuously! But under such a strong energy impact, the barrier was still very stable!

The Yi family watched from behind with complicated expressions.

“It seems that this Peach Blossom Dock has really undergone a huge change. I remember that when I came here in the past, the barrier was unstable, and I could enter and leave at will. Moreover, the slightest movement might cause the void to collapse… Who knew that it would actually become like this now…”

“I didn’t expect that even Master can’t directly split open this barrier… How did Shangguan Yue do it?”

“How strange… Are we going to be trapped outside forever this time? Then…”

That would be too embarrassing!

Previously, when the Nan family tried repeatedly but failed, most of the Yi family members were still very disapproving. It was only at this moment, when Yi Wentao encountered an extremely strong obstacle, that they finally understood that this barrier was much stronger than they had expected!

The reason why Yi Wentao had such a position in the Yi family was that his fists were strong enough! If even he couldn’t do it… Then, they would probably suffer too.

Moreover, from now on, the entire Yi family would lose all face! They would no longer have the face to establish themselves in the God Residence Realm!

Yi Wenzhuo reprimanded coldly, “What nonsense are you talking about? No matter how powerful Shangguan Yue is, can she still fly?! Just because she can hold on for a while doesn’t mean she can really protect Peach Blossom Dock! I want to see how long she can still be arrogant!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a deep and powerful voice came from the distant sky. “My disciple will naturally be as arrogant as she wants!”

That voice was like thunder, crashing through the thick clouds and rolling over!

Yi Wenzhuo’s heart sank, and he immediately turned around!

At the same time, many people were also disturbed by this commotion and looked up!

An old man in a gray robe was approaching from where the world met!

He was extremely fast. In just a few flashes, he appeared in front of everyone!

The person who came was none other than the dean of Ling Xiao Academy—Nan Suhuai!

The crowd exchanged glances. He has indeed come!

Nan Suhuai is Chu Liuyue’s master and has always doted on her. If he knew about the situation here, he would definitely rush over. However, how did he get here so quickly!?

One had to know that this time, the Nan family and the Yi family came quietly and only completely appeared upon reaching Peach Blossom Dock. Along the way, their whereabouts were hidden. Logically speaking, there was no possibility of being exposed.

Even if Chu Liuyue had directly sent out a distress signal after knowing that we were here, this place is thousands of miles away from Ling Xiao Academy. He shouldn’t have arrived at this time, right?

Nan Suhuai floated in the air and quickly glanced around. His gaze lingered on Yi Wenzhuo and Jun Jiuqing for a moment before he snorted. “I even said that I haven’t seen your whereabouts recently. I originally thought that you had gone out to train and cultivate alone. Who knew that… you actually bullied a student from your own academy? Yi Wenzhuo, you’re really ‘dutiful’ as the vice-director!”

Yi Wenzhuo’s heart trembled unconsciously under Nan Suhuai’s gaze, but he quickly suppressed these emotions. Nan Suhuai is powerful, but now, the Yi family has the advantage in numbers. Could it be that I’m afraid of him?

In the past, I had always endured it for various reasons. But now that we’ve fallen out, there is no need to pretend anymore!

Yi Wenzhuo smiled coldly. “Nan Suhuai, do you think I really care about this position? Your position as the director should’ve been mine back then! You’ve occupied it for so many years, and now you want to lecture me from above… Are you worthy?!”

Nan Suhuai’s expression turned cold. “I know you’re brooding over what happened back then, but this was Master’s decision! Besides, every injustice has its perpetrator, and every debt has its debtor. If you’re dissatisfied with me, feel free to say it! Why transfer all of this to Yue’er?! Have you thought about the consequences of attacking someone from your academy…?!”

“Consequences?” Yi Wenzhuo seemed to have heard a joke. “Isn’t it just the vice-director position of Ling Xiao Academy? Today, I’ll tell you that I’m not going to be the vice-director anymore! From now on, I—Yi Wenzhuo—have nothing to do with Ling Xiao Academy!”

He had the Yi family behind him. If not for the fact that he wanted to prove that he wasn’t inferior to his eldest brother, he wouldn’t have gone to Ling Xiao Academy.

But there was no point in arguing about that now.

Nan Suhuai looked down at him and said word by word, “Yi Wenzhuo, this time, it’s not that you took the initiative to resign from your position as vice-director. Instead, you’re expelled from Ling Xiao Academy!”

Yi Wenzhuo’s face suddenly turned pale!

At this moment, several more figures rushed over from behind. “Haha! Yue’er, it’s so lively here! Are we late?”

Everyone looked over.

It was Shangguan Jing, and behind him were several legendary warriors!

Everyone was stunned. There are at least 20 of these legendary warriors! Where did Shangguan Jing find so many helpers?!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Shangguan Jing stroked his beard and chuckled. “I brought some friends over as guests. Yue’er, you’ll welcome me, right?”

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