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1956 Deal

Everyone fell into a strange silence. Bringing some guests over… You say it so easily! How could he bring so many legendary warriors with him?! How could they be guests? He is clearly here to fight!

Chu Liuyue was stunned for a moment before the corners of her lips curled up, and she smiled. “How could that be? You came at the right time!”

As she spoke, her gaze quickly swept past the people behind Shangguan Jing, and she realized that most of these faces were very unfamiliar.

Judging from their auras, they shouldn’t be weak. But at this moment, they were all standing behind Shangguan Jing and looked amiable. Moreover, Chu Liuyue acutely sensed that they seemed to respect Shangguan Jing.

Her mind raced, and she roughly guessed the identities of these people. She immediately smiled and bowed politely. “Greetings, seniors.”

“Haha! Brother Shangguan, I heard that you’re very powerful, but I didn’t believe it. Now that I’ve seen you, you’re indeed extraordinary!” A middle-aged man in his 40s chuckled.

“For thousands of years, countless aristocratic families have tried to seize Peach Blossom Dock, but without exception, they all returned in defeat. Now, it was easily taken down by a junior like you… Tsk, young people these days really can’t be underestimated!”

As soon as he spoke, he was immediately echoed by many people around him.

“That’s right! The previous incidents have spread like wildfire in the God Residence Realm. I thought that you were secretly helping me to build momentum. Who knew… that we had underestimated you!”

“Sigh, it’s a pity that our group of useless people can’t even compare to half of them! I’m really angry!”

“I’m really envious… Brother Shangguan, what kind of luck did you have?”

The middle-aged man who spoke first chuckled. “Listen to what you’re saying. Brother Shangguan is a hero to begin with, so his descendants are naturally extraordinary! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to win the love of the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace, right?”

Shangguan Jing raised his eyebrows smugly. “Of course! The children of my Shangguan family are the best!”

When Chu Liuyue heard this, the tips of her ears heated up.

Anyone would like to hear nice words, but with so many elders gathered together and teasing her in front of so many people, she inevitably felt a little embarrassed.

Rong Xiu suddenly smiled and said, “Senior Zhao Song is right. It’s indeed my blessing to be able to marry Yue’er.”

Hearing this name, many people present were shocked.

Zhao Song?

This name was famous in the God Residence Realm! It was rumored that this person came from a lowly background and had lost his family when he was young, so he had been wandering alone.

It wasn’t until he was 12 years old that he was accidentally discovered to be talented in cultivation and began to cultivate.

Many children in the God Residence Realm started cultivating at the age of three or four. He had only started at the age of 12; it was really too late. However, he just happened to have the Tianjing Yuan meridian, And his comprehension was extremely high!

It only took him eight years to successfully break through to become a true god! At that time, he was only 20 years old!

Such a genius was rare even in the entire God Residence Realm. From then on, Zhao Song’s reputation rose!

But after that, he seemed to have disappeared and never appeared in front of everyone again.

In the beginning, the world had many guesses that he might have been in seclusion or been delayed by something else. But after a long time, he still didn’t appear.

Gradually, rumors spread that he had had an accident and was dead. Later, everyone gradually forgot this name and stopped mentioning it.

And these things had happened a thousand years ago!

A thousand years later, who would’ve thought that Zhao Song would suddenly appear here? Moreover, it seemed that he had an extremely good relationship with Shangguan Jing!

Generally speaking, people usually wouldn’t have deep memories of the people and things from a thousand years ago.

The reason why the Nan family and the Yi family reacted so quickly was partly because they had always thought highly of themselves and paid a lot of attention to such a genius. On the other hand, it was because many of them were actually old, so they had a clear impression of these things.

At Rong Xiu’s mention, they quickly remembered. From the looks of it, Zhao Song should’ve been familiar with Shangguan Jing long ago. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to support Shangguan Yue!

Yi Wenzhuo frowned and asked in a low voice, “Zhao Song, are you really going to go against the Yi family for the sake of the Shangguan family?”

Zhao Song laughed heartily. “I’m already here! Why are you still asking such an obvious question?”

Yi Wenzhuo’s expression darkened at the mockery, but at this moment, he couldn’t fight head-on with the other party. He could only endure it for the time being.

The other party had brought many legendary warriors. In fact, together with Nan Suhuai and Shangguan Jing, there were almost more legendary warriors than the two families combined!

Not to mention that there might be other experts hidden in Peach Blossom Dock!

Because of this group of people’s arrival, the situation at the scene changed drastically.

If they faced them head-on, they might be the ones at a disadvantage!

At this moment, Yi Wentao also turned around. Compared to the others present, his expression and reaction were much calmer. “Zhao Song, I don’t know how Shangguan Jing persuaded you to come, but as long as you’re willing to leave now, my Yi family can offer a higher price.”

Many of the people who came were actually people Yi Wentao knew.

Most of these people were loose cultivators. There weren’t many who had the backing of top aristocratic families, and they had basically not come out much in recent years.

It was difficult for Shangguan Jing to invite them all, and the reason why Shangguan Jing could invite so many people was none other than his status as a supreme Armory Refinement Master.

However, the Yi family didn’t lack such experts.

As for the various treasures and Yuan instruments, the Yi family had a rich foundation and wasn’t something a mere Shangguan Jing could compare to. That was why Yi Wentao was so ‘rich and overbearing.’

At this point, he wouldn’t let anyone or anything become an obstacle to him!

Hearing Yi Wentao’s words, Zhao Song looked interested. “Oh? Really?”

“I, Yi Wentao, have always kept my word,” Yi Wentao said calmly.

Zhao Song looked back at the crowd and then at Shangguan Jing, seemingly hesitant. Then, he nodded. “Alright, if you can satisfy my conditions, I’ll agree to leave now. I’ll also bring the people behind me along.”

Yi Wentao smiled. Shangguan Jing is powerful, but he is still fighting alone. How could he resist the entire Yi family? These people will be useless even if they come—

“As long as Master Yi agrees to give each of us five supreme Yuan instruments, we’ll leave immediately!” As Zhao Song spoke, he extended his hand and spread his five fingers.

The smile on Yi Wentao’s face froze!

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